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Letters to the Editor

April Fool's Day again?


When we read the June 9 Park Record, there were a couple of articles that made us check the date on the paper, thinking it must be the April Fool’s edition.

On page A-3, Councilman Kernan suggested building a tunnel from the Mayflower Exit on U.S. 40 to Snow Park or the roundabout. This is a ludicrous idea. Mr. Kernan stated it would not be "appealing" to widen Kearns Blvd. Is it any less appealing to widen that road than to build the densely-packed housing/hotel developments already approved by our city? Much of S.R. 248 is already or nearly four lanes wide, so completing this project is the most cost effective and timely.

If the Council had listened to citizens who suggested rather than remodel the school for the umpteenth time, to sell that valuable property and build a new high school near the intersection of 248 and I-40, there would be much less traffic on 248. Most high school students do not live within the city limits. If the school were out by I-40, those students could drive I-80 to I-40 to Exit 4. The school could have also benefited by using the existing recreational facilities. But, we digress

The second unbelievable statement is on page A-5 by Mountain Trails Foundation’s Carol Potter, who said, "A non-motorized pathway connecting Snyderville to Salt Lake would work for Summit County residents who commute to the city daily." We can visualize businessmen and women, merrily pedaling down Parley’s Canyon with brief cases dangling from their handlebars. Or, construction workers, wearing hard hats, streaking down the canyon, followed by their attached tool trailer. The ride home up Parley’s might be tough after a long day’s work, but as Ms. Potter says, "if you build it, they’ll come. "Let’s be honest. It is the recreational bike riders who desire a safe bikeway, not the commuters.

So, if you run out of humorous subjects about which to write next April 1st, remember these two articles. We know we will laugh again.

Rob and Kerry Biddle

Park City

Global warming redux


Well I must admit I was entertained by Mr. Baker’s response to my notes about global warming, albeit over a year late.

I think where we differ is an apparent confusion on his and other advocates of the "Chicken Little Syndrome" between three issues; What are we as people doing to ourselves, what are we doing to the Earth and what is the Earth doing to itself.

Stupidly we are gassing our cities with hydrocarbon poison from our cars, poisoning our food with chemicals, killing off the very land we love and fattening ourselves up to terminal obesity. These and many other self-inflected maladies are not good for our futures, but what have any of them to do with "global warming?"

Next we must look at what we are doing to the Earth. We build in areas that are prone to floods, in deserts that are dry, on the edge of cliffs, near faults, in the historic path of hurricanes and tornadoes, in the middle of forests that burn and sometimes even in snowy mountains. Then we try to alter these places with dams, levies, clear spaces, deeply drilled supports and resort towns. When tragedy occurs and someone dies we blame it on; global warming, global cooling, ozone holes, the Osmond Family and/or multicolinearity. Hold on, what ever happened to common sense? Doesn’t it stand true that when your life on earth is about a nanosecond in the time frame of the world’s existence you should try to play by its rules? It is arrogant to think that we as measly human beings could even slightly affect this planet. So if we are plain ignorant and don’t respect the magnitude of the world how does that prove "Global Warming"?

Last, but not least, what is the world doing to itself, nothing that has not been happening for over a million years, it is changing. I am sure that a few zillion dinosaurs and other now extinct critters were pretty pissed off about the ice age, but they had nothing to do with it and they sure as hell could not stop it.

Roger Strand

Park City

Cows vs. cars


I know this report from the UN was November 2006, but I do not believe many people are aware of it. Reading your letters to the editor, it seems most people what to blame the automobile for all of the perceived global warming problems.

The Web sites listed below are references.

Question: Which causes more greenhouse gas emissions, rearing cattle or driving cars?

Surprise! According to a report published by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the livestock sector generates more greenhouse gas emissions as measured in CO2 equivalent 18 percent, than transport, which is all worldwide cars, trucks, etc.

Says Henning Steinfeld, Chief of FAO’s Livestock Information and Policy Branch and senior author of the report: "Livestock are one of the most significant contributors to today’s most serious environmental problems. Urgent action is required to remedy the situation."

Visit the following:

http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=20772&Cr=global&Cr1=environment and


Merlin Rudd

Park City

Citizen cleanup


To the Good Samaritan, I saw you doing the job my husband and I used to do before he became so ill. I should have stopped and yelled "thank you," but you were down in the bushes near McLeod Creek. I want to thank you publicly for picking up the litter on that stretch of road leading into Ridgeview. I appreciate your doing it and I’m sure all of our neighbors do, too!

Lee Sedgwick

Park City

Better late than never


My mother says that it is never too late to send a thank you note. All of the parents at Parley’s Park Elementary School made this year another pleasurable experience for the children and staff. The PTA provided many delightful treats for the teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. (Cost Cutters Hair Salon donated a beautiful basket of great products, which I enjoyed!) Mayor Dana Williams was kind enough to present our fifth graders with the Patriot Award on June 5. My gratitude goes out to all of the many willing and joyful volunteers, community members, and parents who made the whole 2006-2007 year a huge success.

With highest regards,

Jennifer Shane

Parley’s Park Elementary School

Thank you Wal-Mart


The directors of Rosey’s Car Seats for Kids would like to thank our local Park City Wal-Mart for their generous donation.

We are soon to be entering our third year, and through our community’s support, we have donated close to 300 new car seats to local families in need. It is our belief that no child should be unsafe in a car due to financial disadvantage.

For more information, or if you know of a family in need, please contact the Summit County Health Department 615-3910.


Naomi Doyle

Park City

Sharing the trails


I was thinking about how Round Valley has changed. The other day I was bike riding Round Valley when I saw someone had blocked the trail by two big rocks and a fence. The person that owns the land didn’t want people to be riding on his property. We had to take another trail that had a huge uphill to get around his property.

Well, you know that Park City is not New York. People in Park City have a very active lifestyle. We enjoy being outdoors and are respectful of our trails.

Round Valley is a popular kids trail. They use the Round Valley trail to learn how to bike and to be very active like their community.

If you could just let us go through your property we will do it very carefully and respectfully, so it won’t mess up your yard. Or, you could reroute the trail with an easier way that kids can do.

Thank you.

Julia Chahine

Young Rider and young writer

Age 8, Park City

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