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Letters to the Editor

Double standard


It is deeply troubling to learn of Mike Guetschow’s dismissal as head soccer coach at Park City High School. Given his track record and history of being an excellent role model and coach, I find it distasteful and disgusting to learn of his dismissal without explanation or giving him a chance understand any concerns that the school may have. My son, as well as hundreds of others, experienced a coach who went above and beyond in his passion of coaching excellence. If his departure is one that is a confidential legal matter regarding actions Mike may or may not have committed, then at least it should have been made known to him. There have been other coaches at PCHS, whose behavior and conduct has been less than desirable and plain for all to see, yet they were treated differently than Mike.

I find it extremely ironic, when we can tell you of several specific religious discriminatory and political commentaries made by more than one over-zealous PCHS faculty member to students while in class and when these issues were made known to the faculty administration, they were brushed aside. The double standard exists, PCHS has more liabilities than a soccer coach to worry about yet it would currently appear that Mike’s dismissal is over style rather than substance. Rest assured all is not what it seems at Park City High School.

David Knoop

Park City

Crosswalk scare

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On Father’s Day, my family was riding the Rail Trail up to Main Street when I witnessed my six-year-old son almost get hit by a car at the crosswalk on Bonanza Drive and Ironhorse Drive. I crossed the intersection with some friends, then stopped and waited for my husband and son who were behind us. As I turned I saw my husband in the middle of the crosswalk stopped, turning to check on our son who was right behind him. He screamed as a Dodge Durango turned left from Ironhorse onto Bonanza and was heading right at the two of them. If he hadn’t yelled and the Subaru, which had stopped for them to cross, hadn’t honked, our son would have been hit. The car came within inches of him.

We want to thank the fellow Parkite in the dark colored Subaru for continuing to honk and for chasing down the Durango, as it appeared he was going to do. As we were on bikes and in shock, we couldn’t follow and don’t know if, in fact, the Durango was stopped. I can’t even begin to understand what the driver of that car was thinking. This intersection is too dangerous as we all know. I repeatedly see drivers ignore pedestrians and bikers waiting to cross.

Mayor Williams and City Council, I implore you to give great consideration to this intersection as you allocate funds for walkability improvements throughout our town. This is only one of several intersections that connect various parts of our town that are not safe. Band-Aid type changes will not solve these problems. This intersection in particular needs to be improved drastically. It needs to be done NOW before there is a fatality. I implore all drivers in Park City to take extra care when driving through this intersection and to please, please, slow down.

Jody Woods

Park City

Unbalanced journalism


In response to last Saturday’s article in The Park Record, titled "American Skiing co. dismantled," I would like to share some thoughts.

I was very disappointed to see that the article was, for the most part, centered on statements from someone back in Maine who seems to have a serious problem with ASC management.

For The Park Record to give a stock analyst from Maine so much ink to malign one of our well known assets in the community is a shame Who is this guy anyway? Has he ever seen The Canyons? Has he skied it? Does he know what it looked like prior to ASC purchasing it? Has he ever been farther west than Baaa Haaabor? In fact, who is he to "feel bad for the people of Park City to be left with this group."

While there is no denial that ASC has had a rocky financial tenure since we saw them venture west in the early ’90s to acquire Steamboat, Heavenly and create The Canyons. It is my opinion that the paper should be more balanced in its approach to he contributions that the company and the resort have given our community, and not base most of an article on the rantings of a disgruntled investor.

With The Canyons ranked a top-15 resort by the readers of SKI magazine, and a great contributor to another record-setting season, our community has been the recipient of a nice gift, no matter who owns it in the future. ASC has taken a sow’s and made it into a silk purse, and for that we should show some gratitude.


Bill Malone

Park City

U.S./Middle East policy


The recent developments in the Occupied West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, including U.S.-Israeli support, funding and arming of Fatah to carry out civil war against Hamas only compound the situation.

Such shortsighted policies do not reflect American values regarding democracy, justice, human rights and international law. It is unthinkable, that in a war-torn region like Occupied Palestine, where over 57 percent of the population are children and most families are food insecure (meaning they do not have their next meal in their home and do not have the means to secure their next meal) that our tax dollars would be used to train militias and send in weapons rather than food.

Equally serious, such policies undermine our standing in the international community, offer evidence of U.S. double standards on fundamental freedoms for other peoples, and add to the polarizing, radicalizing process our unconditional support of the Zionist Israeli government has created throughout the world, thus leaving Americans and Israelis even less safe.

Americans should support policies which hold both Israelis and Palestinians to exactly the same standards, use our tax-dollar aid to Israel ($10 million per day) as a tool to insist Israel end its 40-year occupation of Palestine, and support those burgeoning movements within Israel and Occupied Palestine that support equal rights, equal security and compliance with international law from all parties.

Frances ReMillard


PCEF thanks outgoing prez


On behalf of the Park City Education Foundation Board and staff, I’d like to both recognize and sincerely thank our outgoing board president, Dr. Cyndi Bainbridge. Cyndi’s tireless commitment to the foundation has not only benefited our organization but every student and teacher in the Park City School District. Cyndi’s collaborative and compassionate vision will continue to guide our organization as we pursue our mission of providing educational resources and opportunities to all students and teachers in Park City’s public schools.

Thank you,

Abby McNulty, executive director

Park City Education Foundation

NAC says thanks


The National Ability Center is fortunate and honored to have found its home in a compassionate community like Park City. During this month several companies and individuals have provided valuable support to our organization.

On June 2, the National Ability Center hosted a Thailand-based Coaches Training Team in Park City. The team spent 18 exciting days in Utah observing and studying the center’s programs and organizational structure in order to create a sustainable community-based program in Pattaya and Chang Mai, Thailand.

I want to thank the Park City Transit Dial-A-Ride program for their flexibility with their buses to ensure accessible transportation was available. This program is a role model providing accessible and reliable transportation. Their visit to the Park City Mountain Resort was one of the highlights of their visit, and we appreciate the extra effort from the resort’s staff to provide our coaches with disabilities a thrill of a ride down the Alpine Slide and coaster.

The community support continues as we launch our 12-week Summer Day Camps for children with autism, cognitive and physical disabilities. We appreciate the support of All Resorts Express filling a critical need in transporting our campers off-site to provide the children recreational activities at Jordanelle State Park.

Thank you very much for the continued enthusiasm and support of our programs.

Warmest regards,

Meeche White

Chief executive officer

Illegal aliens and misinformation


I would like to reply to a letter to the editor from reader Allen Hales, which you printed in your May 30 issue. In that letter, Mr. Hales states that 30 percent of federal prison inmates are illegal immigrants. This statement was also made recently by Lou Dobbs on his show Lou Dobbs Tonight on CNN. According to the Justice Department the percentage of illegal aliens in federal prisons is actually six percent.

Mr. Dobbs has made other misleading statements to support positions he has taken on his show, which cannot be relied upon for accurate information. To read similar stories Mr. Dobbs made up go to nytimes.com/leonhardt.


Dennis Lyons

Park City

No dog park is needed


The vast majority of dog owners have taken the law into their own hands and have turned the Rail Trail into a dog park letting their dogs run off leash.

When I confronted one person recently about her three dogs running off leash, her response was, "Well I have lived here for 30 years," as if she were above the law.

The bigger issue here is that a governmental body should not pass laws (rules) that it cannot enforce. I live next to the Rail Trail and use it daily for running and I have never seen a police person riding a bike on the trail enforcing the leash law. It makes a mockery of government and laws when the citizens can do whatever they like regardless of what the law is because the police are not looking. Sad that our society in Park City has regressed to this level.

Let the dog owners have the Rail Trail as their dog park and do away with the leash law. One less headache for the police department.


Clarence Wells

Park City

Decision on helicopters


Park City has been our quiet vacation mountain refuge for over two decades and now that is being ruined by the noise and dust pollution of a helicopter service just below our Grand Summit condo.

Over the years, we’ve admired and watched infrastructure and design developments that carefully maintain the unique sense of place that is Park City.

We are outraged that a helicopter service has been given permission to take off and land right below the Grand Summit. This is a residential neighborhood, despite the claims by the service that they will not be flying over residential areas.

Unlike the Park City municipal decisions we have come to respect in the past, this one is dead wrong.


Thea Chassin

Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.