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Letters to the editor

An unexpected tribute


I have to take this opportunity to thank my co-workers at The Park Record for the astonishing number of column inches (and photos) I was given in the June 30 edition, all due to my retirement. I have been overwhelmed this weekend by friends and not-’til-now acquaintances, who have approached me after having read the stories in the paper. I know I’ve blushed a lot.

After reading the paper, I’ve thought, "Is this me they’re talking about?" My epiphany was realizing that this is why I moved to Park City 29 years ago and why I’ve stayed here. I’ve been so fortunate to have witnessed the growth of this tiny town, with its local legends and characters — I guess I am one now — to the now-larger community, which has attracted so many personalities for the reasons that brought us all here in the first place. Most of the great friends I have made over the years remain here, and I can’t imagine another place so accepting and embracing. My family is in California, but my friends are here.

I must state at this point, I’m am NOT leaving Park City. I merely downsized from a big house to a manageable condo, and I’m not going anywhere (for more than, say, a week at a time). A few folks have asked where I’m going… so NO! I’m staying here!

Thanks, Nan, for the unexpected A-2 accolade, to Steve Phillips for the well crafted profile (and Sarah Ause for the flattering photo) and Tom Clyde for his column’s final-paragraph compliment (I was always looking for a typo in his column and rarely found one). I have truly enjoyed working at The Record… It amazes me how the time has flown by. I have learned so much, been exposed to such incredibly intelligent, insightful and creative writers (any not mentioned — you know who you are), and feel honored that they have relied on me for proofing, spelling and grammatical advice. Ain’t that just the kat’s meow??? With much love and appreciation, Kat James Still Park City P.S. I will look forward to an equally colorful obituary — just not any time soon.

Take bomb scare seriously

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Two or three cars, bomb cars, with a combination of gasoline, cylinders of compressed gas and blind nails (blind being that there is nor preference in the choice of victims: men, women, kids, black, white, Asians, Christians, Jews or Muslims, for that matter) were discovered by chance, by a stroke of luck and many lives and even more maiming, were spared us all. The dire effect is a multi-national, cross-border event.

I will treat it as an attack that took place and look at some different angles that come to mind.

1. On a 1-10, we have zero intelligence- not good! 2. The main part, the media is describing in detail what clues the criminals left behind for the forensic police to track down, and if there was a small detail they ( the terrorists) did not already think of, for the next attempt- the media with the logo " The public has the right to know" provides them. The New York Times is not innocent. They should know better, behave more responsibly.

For one, I am sick and tired of reading these details and the school for criminals the media so lamely dishes out. It also shows itself in the CSI shows that are giving us a 35-minute "thrill", 25-minute commercials.

The restraint needs to start here and now, beginning with TV, radio and print. We the citizens are the police, we are the ones need to walk around and be aware, pay attention and not bury our heads in the sand thinking it would not happen here. It has on 9/11 and I am sure in some remote areas, some more plans for our demise are contemplated this very second.

Consider the plot in London as if succeeded, get angry as if it worked, and grieve as if you lost an innocent loved one.

Jack Karmel

Park City

Thanks to Mike

As a parent of a Park City High School Soccer alumnus, I would like to say thank you to Mike Guetschow for all his years of service and dedication to the Park City High School Boys Soccer team. I appreciate the hard work and time that he dedicated to my son’s team. My son was a 2001 graduate and Mike led this team to a State Championship.

My son respected Mike as a person and a coach. Today, my son considers Mike as friend and has played soccer with him on the PC Men’s soccer league.

Although I am not familiar with the dynamics or the circumstances of his dismissal, I am certain that he loved the game of soccer and he had an interest in the players and the success of his team. Thanks again Mike for your commitment to Park City Soccer. Sincerely, Brenda Miller

Park City