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Letters to the editor

Golf club shouldn’t be exempt


The sign coming into city limits reads "Slow the Flow" and "Stage 1 Drought." Maybe it should also state "Golf Courses Excluded."

The fact that Park Meadows Country Club is not worried because they have their "own" water makes my stomach turn. Just because it’s "yours" and it’s "free" does not translate to waste of 840,000 gallons of water each day! WOW and, you are far from suffering as you stated last week! On Independence Day the owners of Holiday Ranch were stripped of their water rights due to PMCC and Weber Basin’s downstream needs. It would be fine to cut off the flow IF the entire community, county, state and neighborhood was taking action to conserve during our water crisis and possible effects of global warming, too.

I find it appalling that PMCC (and the athletic fields) can abuse precious water as witnessed by us all only to have their excess flow downstream where it is needed so badly. But how could it possibly be justified to shut down natural running water for only three blocks of our community when some of the surrounding businesses and residents continue to be so wasteful?

Also, local environmental groups have been working for years to save and keep our wildlife and surroundings where and how they belong. We have natural seeded trees already losing leaves and turning color. And, endangered cranes, deer, birds, fox, and other wildlife who survive on our natural stream flowing down Lucky John Drive that are now leaving the area to find other water sources.

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When I have a dry stream bed on my property and I hike PC hill at noon last Sunday only to see the acreage south of the NAC property (downstream) blasting with high powered sprinklers in the heat of the day such as the golf courses do .It just doesn’t make sense. We are ALL sharing this world and need to work together. It’s not about money. The locals, tourists and sport enthusiasts alike know that the West is in an obvious crisis. So, stop being concerned over the looks of lushness and focus on the priorities of our future and possible continued drought.

The rules of daytime sprinkling and/or excessive water waste at any time MUST BE ENFORCED for everyone and entity without exception. This should be part of everybody’s daily thoughts, lifestyle, morals and work ethic thus eliminating the need to cut off anyone’s supply.

Susan Johnson-Mougenot

Resident of Holiday Ranch

In defense of Park Meadows


The Park Record led the water users down a bleak path.

The Park Meadows C.C. doesn’t use any potable water to water their golf course. Their water comes from Spiro Tunnel mine and cannot be used for drinking purposes. Any water use is flushed down the toilet. The city and county are extremely short on water. Enough so, if we had a major forest fire, Deer Valley would be gone and many county properties would be burned to the ground.

It’s always interesting to me that the city and county have never had enough "chutzpah" to sit down with the Summit Water Company and make a deal. Summit Water has enough water rights for another 14,000 homes and a state of the art water purification plant. They are providing all the water to Jeremy Ranch, Kimball Junction and the Canyons Resort at far below the cost of city and county water. It is a private non-profit water company that delivers.

It has been alleged the county has been stealing water out of the Weber River. The county made an effort to steal Summit Water Company and failed. The city wants

you to stop asking for drinking water at restaurants, so they can conserve water. Is it not time to stop buying open space for millions of dollars and concentrate tax dollars directly towards water.

Rob Morris

A 30-year resident

Happy 80th to Eamon Murnin


On July 18, 2007 Park City native Eamon DeValera Murnin turns 80! Happy birthday to one of the greatest Irishmen to ever grace this planet!

Our father, our friend, gentle husband to Beverly Jean, your love of life and infectious laughter inspire us all. Here?s a toast to you my good man: May you live to be 100 years, with one extra year to repent. Sincerely, Terence Murnin