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Watching the disgraceful antics of self-hyped Bode "Loser" (more important how I feel about myself than winning); "Hot Dog" Leslie (I grabbed the board to stabilize myself); Chad Hedrick and Shani Davis were bad enough. But, to have U.S. Ski Team President Bill Marolt gloss over this reprehensible behavior with the politically correct quote, "some individuals had made poor judgments," ignores the adverse impact that such behavior can have on youngsters who look to top athletes as role models not to mention augmenting stereotypes of Americans as being smug and arrogant.

It is unfortunate that the wonderful performances and gracious behavior of most of the U.S. medalists will, in historical perspective, be overshadowed by the self-centered antics of a few gifted, but character flawed, athletes.

President Marolt should not gloss over bad behavior — he should excise it from the team (look to Austria) or step down himself.

Steve Taylor

Park City


water issues


We have all frequently heard Commissioner Bob Richer profess to desire resolution between Mountain Regional and Summit Water. Mr. Richer has even said he "would dust off a chair at the mediation table for Hy Saunders (Summit Water President)." Yet in almost every interview Mr. Richer gives, he continually demeans Mr. Saunders or Summit Water.

I think that whatever the outcome of the legal difficulties between Mountain Regional and Summit Water, the process would be more amicable and better served if Bob Richer was eliminated from the proceedings.


Annie Alden

Park City

Protecting our

quality of life


I have known Bob Richer for more than 20 years. I watched tireless Bob’s efforts in his elected roles and his work with the community’s nonprofit and service organizations.

We are very lucky that an individual who is as hardworking, honest and intelligent as Bob is willing to make the sacrifices needed to serve as a county commissioner, particularly in these times of unprecedented challenges.

Almost all of those I have heard criticize Bob are individuals who either do not live in Summit County or who have something to gain financially.

Developers who do not think they need to observe local ordinances are challenging our development code and zoning laws. If the developers prevail in the courts, our quality of life could be greatly lessened. We need someone such as Bob to stand up and see that no harm comes to our community.

I think the voters will see through the efforts of those who are trying to enrich themselves at our expense. We enjoy a high quality of life and we need public officials who are willing to do all they can to protect it, either through strong ordinances or in court if need be.

If you hear a criticism of Bob, please ask yourself, does this person live in Summit County and what does this person have to gain if Bob is not re-elected.

I’m confident that when the voters understand the great work Bob is doing to protect our quality of life, he will be returned to office.

Jan Wilking

Park City


for Bob Richer


It is my pleasure to support Bob Richer in his re-election bid as a Summit County Commissioner.

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Bob for almost 20 years and can state without reservation that he has been and continues to be one of the very best public officials I have ever met.

Bob combines a remarkable grasp of complex public policy issues with a sense of commitment, tenacity and integrity that are the very essence of what every citizen hopes for in their elected officials.

Bob’s record of fairness, caring and accomplishments as a former Park City Council member, a community activist, chair and/or president of numerous nonprofit organizations, and as a Summit County Commissioner are, I trust, obvious to everyone taking an interest in our community.

This past year, Leadership Park City bestowed its prestigious Community Leadership Award on Commissioner Richer, recognizing his excellent, long-standing and selfless service to Park City and Summit County.

In these litigious times, when the media is filled with accusations and bombast, I am confident our citizens understand that Bob has bravely and eloquently stood for the "quality of life" issues he was elected to support. He made good on his campaign promise of four years ago to vigorously and fairly nurture and protect our growing community.

I am proud and honored to support Commissioner Bob Richer and I hope you will join me in voting for his re-election.


Myles C. Rademan

Park City




I am writing regarding Senator Chris Buttars’ statements regarding the gay-straight alliance clubs. I think this whole gay/lesbian issue is totally ridiculous. Not only on the school level but with the various states as well. What is wrong with our society? How can so many people who consider themselves to be so "moral" and so "religious" be so judgmental? How can our politicians come up with so many ridiculous laws? Just because it’s the law doesn’t mean its right.

This "moral" society that we live in puts such emphasis and so much judgment on the little things and is apathetic to the larger issues. Here we are spending all this time and money arguing over a stupid club while millions are suffering all over the world from AIDS, earthquakes, wars, etc. Such a big deal is made about a club that, by the way, reflects a lot of people in our society. What gives these "moral" people the right to be judge and jury? "The elimination would hinder a discussion of sexuality?" Give me a break what do you think most kids in high school discuss? They discuss everything and do a lot of things, whether or not it’s a club and whether or not it meets people’s "morals." I think discussing issues is healthy. Judging people or trying to inflict your morals is not.

I hope that when these "moral" people come to those pearly gates, they have to walk in the "immoral" shoes of everyone they have hurt and then they are judged — or at least see the mistakes they have made. To all those people that are so "religious" and yet so judgmental, you are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. Take your ignorant blinders off and wake up to reality. Not everyone is the same as you and not everyone should be!

Ann Kruse

Park City

Swede Alley

garbage dump


I want to thank Wendy [Van Reyper] for her letter regarding the dumpsite on Swede Alley. I appreciate the fact that the city responded to her letter by doing a cleanup, even though it’s not their responsibility. I also understand that this season has made trash removal difficult due to the construction of the new parking garage. However, I think that the restaurateurs and bar owners on Main Street should always take a greater interest in how their refuge impacts the looks of their back door alley, which is now an alley only in name. It is pretty easy to require employees to break down the boxes and double bag the wet garbage. The alley behind Cisero’s is especially egregious with its empty kegs and slime.

Thank you to Grappa and the Wasatch Brew Pub who do not contribute to the mess because they get their Dumpsters emptied every day, and they break down their boxes.

Carole Fontana

Park City

Swim lessons

for students


For the past eight weeks I have been working with 15 Hispanic children in our community, offering them swim lessons free of charge at Ecker Hill. This would not have been possible without the generosity of the Ecker Hill Aquatics Center and their staff. Their patient staff was overly accommodating, and their assistance in lifeguarding was greatly appreciated. Also, thank you to the ESL staff as well all other faculty members from Jeremy Ranch for their donations of swimsuits, goggles and their assistance in organizing the swim lessons.

Finally, a big thank you to the Etheridge family for volunteering their time, and their charitable donations of 10 pizzas, drinks and other food on the final day of lessons.

These lessons would not have been possible if it weren’t for the generous members of our community. Thank you!


Jennica Labertew

PCHS student

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