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Letters to the Editor


During a recent ski experience at The Canyons Resort, I was approached in the parking lot by a very unprofessional sales person soliciting me to take a free ski ticket for the day, if I was willing to come that afternoon to a one-hour presentation for The Westgate timeshare development there in The Canyons Village. I politely refused. As I got off of the Canyons Cabriolet, which takes you to the plaza, where you then board the gondola to the top of the mountain, I was again approached by another such sales person with the same sales story and I again declined. Before I could reach the gondola I was again approached, and then again at the top of the gondola. now, I have had my fill of Westgate, and I have not even been able to make a ski run. Needless to say this process began all over as I headed down at the end of the day.

What is wrong with The Canyons Resort and American Ski Company to allow this type of harassment of their guests? One thing is for sure, this is no Deer Valley, and The Canyons never will be. It certainly shows a lack a respectable management on their part. I would never go back, and advise those of you considering it to take a hard look.

Jerry Kee

Park City

Trash in Swede Alley


I find it unnecessary to point fingers when we are all trying to find a solution to the trash problem in Swede Alley. We are all tired of the daily eyesore. Being responsible means we all have to be this includes the vehicles that cruise Swede Alley, pulling up to various Dumpsters and think it is all right to dump construction material, furniture, unbroken-down boxes, etc. Also, there’s the person who consistently leaves buckets of grease in thin trash bags, next to the Dumpster we usually use, which spills all over the concrete. We have spent countless hours power-washing this slime! Don’t we all wish we had our own personal Dumpsters that we could keep locked! We use double-mil trash bags and break all of our boxes down. The trash in Swede Alley is picked up daily, including ours!

Thank you to the city for installing new trash compactors in the new parking garage. Let’s all continue to pitch in.

Debbie Hansen, general manager

Cisero’s Ristorante

Cisero’s Nightclub

Bistro 412

Treasure Hill project dangers


I live on Lowell and travel to work every day up and down Empire and Lowell and, when it’s not dangerous, Crescent. This winter I probably could have hit at least 35 cars sliding toward them and they sliding toward me. I consider myself very lucky… Also this winter, especially down at the bottom of Lowell, towards the ski resort and Manor Drive, I could have hit and killed at least 15 people. When I drive, I am very careful, I haven’t had an accident or hit someone, ever. I don’t want that to change!

My point is I’m worried that these roads cannot handle the traffic now, let alone if the Treasure Hill project happens. If you don’t live up here and travel up here, you really don’t have a good concept of how bad it really is.

Please let the planning commission read this and think about the danger — let alone if there were any emergencies and how the city would handle them. I’m very concerned and I’m speaking for all of us who live up here.

Thank you,

Leslie Herning and

Old Town residents who care

Ability vs. experience


This is in regard to The Park Record’s "Campaign rumblings prevalent" article.

The article states that decisions Republican Sheriff Dave Edmunds has made during his first term in office have enflamed Democrats, the Democratic Party Chair Rob Weyher doesn’t like the sheriff’s uniforms or the color of their cars. He believes that it sends out the wrong message. Weyher hopes for a community-oriented Sheriff’s Department similar to the Park City Police Department.

My question is is it the fact that Sheriff Dave Edmunds is a Republican or that he is actually doing a fantastic job enforcing the law that bothers Weyher and his Democratic Party? What "right" message does Weyher hope to send with a community-oriented sheriff’s department? Could it be a catch-and-release program for criminals that are "really, really sorry" or happy color sheriff vehicles with friendly looking dummies for traffic control?

The problem with Sheriff Dave Edmunds is that unlike most elected experienced or inexperienced officials, he has actually accomplished what the people elected him to do. Sheriff Edmunds should be praised for the restructuring of the sheriff’s department and for fighting those that resisted positive change within the department. Sheriff Edmunds has a very large area to protect and he has made his deputies noticeable and available in areas that had been without prior to his control. Our neighborhoods, schools and roadways are much safer today because of a once-inexperienced sheriff with ability who has proven that ability is the best experience.

Rick Halliday

Park City

Skiing for a cure for MS


I am grateful to be able to participate in the Heuga Center’s "Vertical Express for MS" again this year. It’s a dual giant slalom event bringing skiers together from all over North America to benefit the Heuga Center.

The Heuga Center was named for Jimmy Heuga, 1964 Winter Olympic Slalom bronze medalist, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1970. He started this nonprofit organization dedicated to improve the lives of people with MS through educational and wellness programs and ongoing research.

Many thanks to Parkites Mel and Peggy Fletcher, Bob Lewis, Susan Wade, Peter Najar and Connye Crump who supported my solo race efforts last year. This year, a Park City team of Rip Griffith, John Haney and myself will race at Solitude on March 12.

Friends and supporters of MS are invited to a "Race Fee Fundraiser Happy Hour" (to raise $1,000) on Saturday, March 11, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Call (407) 491-1894 for location.

Can’t come but want to support the team? Send a check made out the Heuga Center to: The Heuga Center (attn. TeamAnnie), 27 Main St., suite 303, Edwards, Colo. 81632; call 1-888-DO-IT-4-MS; or visit http://www.heuga.org.

Thank you,

Annie Bowman Sundquist

Park City Ski Patrol, 1974-78

(Living well with MS since 1998)

Endorsement for Richer


We don’t pretend to understand the complexities of Summit County’s water issues and related lawsuits. However, we do understand when a public official is being unjustly criticized and inaccurately portrayed. When this happens to someone like Bob Richer, it’s clearly time to speak out.

We have known and worked with Bob over the last 20 years in business, in government, on volunteer boards, in Rotary and as a friend. This is a man with the absolute highest level of integrity, intelligence and sense of fairness. He has always spoken kindly and dealt fairly, even when he hasn’t been given the same courtesy.

Many of us believe that growth in Summit County needs to be governed. Bob is an elected official who listens, thinks, engages his constituency and then represents. Sometimes, that’s not good enough for people who have financial interests on the line. At times they want more, often at the expense of the general public. Hence, a balanced approach is needed and that’s what Bob gives this community.

We are lucky that Bob is our county commissioner and that he is willing to serve another four years. Please join us in supporting Bob Richer for re-election to Summit County Commission.

Paul Kirwin and Alison Child

Park City

Early morning hockey


I just wanted to share an experience I had last Friday morning at the new Park City Ice Rink. At 6:30 a.m. five hockey players and I enjoyed a great drop-in hockey game. There was one "A" player, one "B" player and four "C" players. Everyone had a wonderful time. We shared strategies, gave skating and game tips, moved players around to balance the lines and made it enjoyable for all.

I want to invite all of you early risers who would like to start their day with a slap shot, or wrist shot, to come and join in the fun. The cost is $8 for a 1 1/2 hour session or you can buy a 10-punch card for only $70.

I encourage men and women of all ages and skills to share this early morning activity. To take a line from "Apocalypse Now," there’s nothing like the smell of hockey in the morning. The rink is open at 6 a.m. and if you hurry you can be on the ice by 6:15 a.m.

If you have questions, call 615-5700, or stop by. While you’re there, drop off you skates and one of our "skate master" pros will give you the sharpest edges in town.

Roger Strand

Park City

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