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Letters to the Editor,

Hockey player takes a shot at ice rink management


Quinn’s Junction Ice Facility will not allow talented hockey players to join any adult hockey league. The facility that hopes for anther tax-funded ice sheet can’t even cater towards local, high-quality hockey players, many of whom coach hockey at the rink.

Imagine that here in Park City, the home of some of the greatest athletes in the world, the ice facility located next to an Olympic training facility says a 40-year-old man is too good to play hockey in any league that they offer. This is a direct insult to everyone who lives in this town. Does this policy carry over to the basketball, softball, tennis, and flag football leagues as well?

Imagine the MARC saying no, sorry sir, you once played high school basketball you can’t play here in Park City, sorry. That would never fly and never should. The rink can’t fairly run one sheet of ice, don’t expect them to manage two sheets of ice. The facility is a mess and has been since the start.

Jeff Jacobs

Park City

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Rain in February is cause for sleepless nights


February 3 it rained all night at my house at 6800 feet. February 3! I listened to the rain on the metal roof, hoping it would change to snow. It didn’t. The question for me is not whether we can weather this weather, but whether this weather signals a change of climate.

When the seasons become unreliable or extreme, as it seems they have, our climate changes internally and externally. Anxiety grows and dependability fades. All this because of our inability, so far, to say no to ourselves, to admit that we are the problem.

Actions have consequences. Inaction also has consequences. We have the power to change the climate around climate change. May we choose to act for the sake of others.

Jeffrey Louden

Park City

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Record article grades teachers unfairly


Bubba Brown’s news article, "A Tax Bill Rejected: Increase would have funded education" is classic disinformation and unworthy of The Park Record.

The lead paragraph states: "A bill that would have increased income taxes to fund education was shot down in committee Monday."

That bill would not have funded education. It would merely have increased the compensation of existing teachers.

Increasing the pay of existing teachers might or might not be a worthwhile thing to do, but it would not have any effect in the classroom. Teachers regard themselves as skilled and ethical professionals; ask any such ethical professional if they would do a better job in response to a pay increase, and they would respond in the negative, as they are professionals.

Increasing the compensation of teachers is worthy of a discussion, but it should not be cloaked in "funding education."

Phil Palmintere

Park City

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