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Letters to the Editor


This week, the Lutheran, Methodist and Episcopal congregations will gather for Maundy Thursday worship at the Park City Community Church at 7 p.m., even as our Jewish sisters and brothers gather that same night and time for Passover and the Seder meal.

On this night we will give our joint offering to Temple Har Shalom as a small gesture of reconciliation between the Christian and Jewish communities. Religion is in the news daily as a source of violence and rigidity here and abroad. But it need not be. Old wounds can be healed. New ways can be found. Relationships can be broadened. And mercy can multiply. May Temple Har Shalom prosper and grow in their new building as a vital part of this community and of the communities of faith.


Pastor Jeffrey D. Louden

Shepherd of the Mountains Lutheran Church

Pastor Bob Kaylor,

Park City Community Church

Father Charles Robinson,

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

Regrettable actions


During the week of March 12-19, the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation had several of our elite freestyle skiers participate in the USSA Freestyle Junior Olympics held at Park City. Our team members were using the public bus system to move between the mountain and their condo. On one of those rides two of our team members got into an argument, threw punches at each other, and used inappropriate language. Upon returning home they were disciplined. Part of the discipline required them to write a letter of apology.

On behalf of everyone in the SVSEF community I apologize for our athletes and hope those involved know we take their actions seriously. Their actions do not represent what is considered appropriate and acceptable by this organization.

I hope you can publish my intro and their letter.


Don Wiseman

SVSEF Executive Director

A letter of apology

To whom it may concern:

We apologize for the outburst on one of your buses. Neither of us was thinking about the consequences or the representation of our team. We realize the crude language that was shouted was extremely inappropriate and offensive for the other people on the bus as well as the driver. We understand that the public transportation service is open to anyone and we feel like we have abused and taken this service for granted. We also take responsibility for our actions and apologize again for any damage done involving your services.


McClain Porter

Austin Bourret

SVSEF athletes

Field of dreams


On Monday, April 10, the Park City High School boys soccer team played Morgan in the first-ever game on the new Sportexe field at the Quinn’s Junction recreational complex. This fantastic new field for Park City is nearing completion, and without the time and efforts of Park City Municipal to overcome many of the end-of-construction challenges, this event would not have been able to take place. Our team would like to thank Karen Yocum, Stacey Noonan, Colin Hilton and the many other city employees whose help made this game possible.

Mike Guetschow

Park City High School

Boys Soccer Coach

What happened to ‘thank you?’


Am I the only person that has noticed that after spending tens or even hundreds of dollars at Kamas Valley and Park City merchants, my gratitude is expressed with "there you go" in lieu of a simple "thank you?"

The theme is troubling to anyone who frequents these businesses. Is it too much to ask that a teller, a checkout person or clerk say those words? Or is it a deeper problem of owners and management to make certain that every employee say it, no matter how trivial or redundant it might seem?

That phrase has caused me to stop doing business. We should be upset with the 17 year old, and ungrateful I might add, that spills those words as though they really cared if you ever returned. I make it a point to kindly and politely ask if they were ever taught to use the old-fashioned "thank you" as a form of payment after the check has cleared. Most do not know or care that the statement means more than they will admit.

"There you go" does not represent my culture or age group nor does it ask me to come back.

"There you go" needs to be left for the idiots talking to idiots speaking about the manure they shoveled into a trailer, and not the diverse group of citizens that live, work and do business.

My opinion is just that, but I refuse, with not only a no, but "hell no" when it comes to ever returning as a customer.

Take a stand and expect a "thank you" for your hard-earned dollars!

Doug McClelland


Anti-consumer amendment


I am writing this letter to express my frustration over the Wright Amendment that forces consumers to pay higher-priced airline fares to "protect" the third largest airport in the world, DFW, (Dallas Fort Worth) and the biggest airline in the world, American Airlines. Please visit http://www.SetLoveFree.com to learn more about the Wright Amendment, and how it affects Texas air travelers.


Iris Durfee

Park City

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