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Letters to the Editor


As president of the Park City Professional Artists Association, I would like to express my support for the Park City Arts Festival and its organizer, the Kimball Art Center. I was saddened by several of the comments in last Saturday’s paper that reflected a lack of interest and financial assistance for the festival.

The Park City Arts Festival is a premier arts event in the Intermountain West. Where else can Park City families come and meet over 200 visual artists from around the country and discuss the details of the artist’s work with the artist personally? Where else can our children participate in arts activities right beside professional artists?

With the national trend of arts funding spiraling downward, the arts festival is one of the last remaining arts opportunities that brings together artists and the community. Most people don’t understand what a precarious place artists and art festivals are in right now. Any cut in funding would have to be made up somewhere else, usually at the expense of the artists. It would be a shame to discontinue the community and city support for the festival. I hope the mayor reconsiders and will continue the city support for the years to come.


Angie Price, President

Park City Professional Artists Association

Tail-wagging event


Friends of Animals second annual Hike Your Hound was a great success last Saturday. More than 100 dogs and their people came together on a beautiful Park City day for a hike down the Rail Trail followed by contests, prizes and good fun. The event raised funds to support Friends of Animals adoption center, Furburbia. Special thanks to our title sponsor, NOMA Business Alliance, as well as Mountain Trails Foundation.

Finally, two paws up to all of the volunteers, vendors and especially the Park City community and their four-legged friends who continue to support our vision of a time when there will be no more homeless pets.


Charlene Brewster

Summit County Friends of Animals Board of Trustees

Political shake up


Nice try, Bush, but a Rove by any other name is still a Rove.


Nick Wright

Park City

Fifth annual Water Festival


Recycle Utah would like to thank the teachers of all the Park City elementary schools for their contribution to making the annual Water Festival a great success.

Many thanks to Park City Transportation for providing buses to transport the children. We are indebted to St. Mary’s Catholic Church for providing the perfect space to foster the education of 500 children in water conservation issues and Earth stewardship.

From the kids upstream,

Insa Riepen

Recycle Utah, Park City

Water Festival adventure


I recently went to the Utah Water Festival presented by Recycle Utah. It was great because it taught us how to help save our environment.

The first presentation taught us that we can really help just by using less fertilizer, pesticides and oil.

Our next presentation was working with living aquatic insects. We could pick them up and look at them. There were leeches, mosquitoes and dragonflies.

I must say that the third presentation was the most interesting. We learned the difference between good plants and bad plants. We even learned how to stop bad plants from growing.

Then it was about mining and how dangerous it was. Many people died mining because of all of the stuff that was in the air.

Next it was about what you should and should not put down the disposal. You shouldn’t put eggshells, toothpaste, salt and many other things.

After that they taught us about how we are polluting our ground water. We learned about the water table and how it affects our lakes, reservoirs and ponds.

The seventh presentation taught us about native plants and how to tell which plant is which.

I think that was the best field trip ever. I would love to go back next year and tell them how much I learned and used what they had told me to help the environment, sewage system and water. I can’t wait to learn more.

Haley Ware

McPolin Elementary

Fourth Grade

Loss of health care


As a chiropractor who has seen my own patients overcome chronic and debilitating pain to lead healthy and happy lives, I know how critical prevention and proper treatment are to many families. Musculoskeletal problems, like back pain and headaches, keep millions of Americans away from work or unable to perform simple, everyday tasks. And many of these patients find relief only through chiropractic care.

Yet a bill working its way through Congress could take critical health care benefits like prenatal care, cancer screenings and chiropractic treatment away from many hardworking Americans and their families.

The Health Insurance Marketplace Modernization and Affordability Act, or S.B. 1955, would enable health insurers to bypass existing state consumer protection laws, resulting in the loss of critical health coverage that millions of Americans have come to depend on.

The bill would eliminate key health care benefits, including screenings for breast, cervical, colorectal and prostate cancer, well-child care, maternity care, emergency services, mental health care and diabetes supplies and education.

The full Senate could vote on S.B. 1955 during the second week of May. I strongly urge Senators Hatch and Bennett to stand up for the people of Utah and vote against this legislation.

We all want to make health care more affordable. But by taking away basic health care coverage we depend on, out senators will be doing more harm than good.


Dr. Matthew Zarit

HealthQuest Chiropractic

Park City

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