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Letters to the Editor


Words cannot describe the disbelief I had when I read Father Flynn’s recent letter to the editor [Park Record, May 3]. I have read it several times to make sure I did not misunderstand him. But, yes, it is true. He actually compares U.S. law enforcement officers who arrest illegal immigrants to the "death squads" of Latin America.

First of all, I think all of us acknowledge that there is very little arresting of illegal immigrants going on at all. If there were, then there wouldn’t be 12 million here seemingly working and living quite peacefully. So Father Flynn’s assertion that there are, in fact, officers "going after" illegal immigrants would seem to defy the evidence.

Secondly, to compare enforcing any country’s immigration laws to mass murder is quite offensive. This assertion is an affront to all honest and decent men and women who serve in this thankless role of law enforcement.

Thirdly, Father Flynn blames the economic plight of Latin America on NAFTA. I’m pretty sure Latin America was an economic basket case long before NAFTA and there were millions of illegal immigrants then, too. To blame NAFTA, which has only existed for 10 or so years, for a problem that has existed for 50 years, is a bit bizarre.

Finally, I would hope that Father Flynn recognizes his position in the community and that his words reflect on all Catholics in Park City. To make such offensive and unsupported statements only goes to alienate and embarrass many of us.


Grant McFarlane

Park City

Another plea to dog owners


My dog died earlier this year when another dog in our neighborhood bit him. Yes, my dog was on a leash, the other end of which my husband held as they strolled down Lower Evergreen in Summit Park. No, the other dog was not on a leash. The other dog ran out from its yard while the owner stood in his driveway.

Here’s my philosophy: Dogs shouldn’t be running out of yards for many reasons. Cars, for example, that’s a good one. Also sniffing, confronting or otherwise meeting another dog — especially cute, orange, curly-tailed dogs who don’t deserve to die senselessly.

People often ask me what happened to the other dog. The short answer? Nothing. There is no difference between a dog bite and a fatal dog bite. The other dog still lives just around the corner from our house.

I would give anything to have my dog back. I wish I could have given the other dog’s owners a fence, invisible or visible, or a 79-cent cord from Wal-Mart, topped with just a sprig of responsibility for keeping their dog restrained.


Kari Egan

Park City

Grammatical mauling


Just recently, our great fearless, feckless Leader has labeled himself "The Decider." That sounds like quite an honorable title, one that we citizens are probably expected to hold in great awe. Too bad it really isn’t a term we generally use in the English language.

Maybe we shouldn’t continue to smirk and scoff at this Poor Soul’s repeated mangling of our language. I’ve been thinking that we as a nation can use The Decider’s public gaffes to our advantage. Apparently the extensive laundry list of our Leader’s social and political wrongdoings have not the merit for impeachment. I contend that His reckless and abusive use of English syntax and rhetoric in the public domain is certainly grounds for impeachment. I say let us work toward that goal; restore common sense and good diction to our culture, and stop these insults to the intelligence of a potted plant.


Bruce Bicksler

The People’s Republic of Park City

The Ecker Hill experience


As our son prepares to leave Ecker Hill International School in June, we would like to say thank you to the administration, teachers and staff for all they do. Our other son graduated from Ecker Hill two years ago and, with the close of this school year, our family will not be back to the halls of this great school as we move on to Treasure Mountain.

With all the changes that have occurred over our tenure (construction, restructuring, integration of students and families), the entire team of administrators, teachers, and staff have handled it with professionalism, focus and without ever forgetting what they are there for — the students. It is evident that from Greg Profitt to every person there, that they truly care about the students and the quality of not only the education but of the experience. It is always exciting to move on to a new chapter but we did not want to do that without taking the time to thank everyone at Ecker Hill for a fabulous experience for both of our boys and our family.

Our hat goes off to everyone involved in education in the Park City area and our family thanks you for all you do.

Thank you, Ecker Hill, and our best wishes for continued success.


Becky Kearns

Park City

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