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It’s really disturbing to read DelRay Hatch’s comments in a recent Salt Lake Tribune. Hatch, an Oakley City Councilman, made the comment while at a county-sponsored meeting that "cyclists should be taxed or run off the road."

Think a little before you open that mouth. Last I checked, I cycle on Summit county roads, pay lots of taxes on my house and cars and imagine this, I just want to ride my bike without getting killed. And it happens to be the law that grants me this access to the open roads.

As for Summit County government — before this county gets turned into Sandy at 6,000 feet — people like to recreate here and want access to it in every way. The health benefits alone, in a time of many crises of health, energy/fuel and pollution, makes promoting cycling a no-brainer issue. I guess that’s what gets me so riled about DelRay — he doesn’t get it.

David Knoop

Park City

Hidden Cove mudslide


The initial response by Summit County Public Works on Saturday, April 15, 6 p.m. for Hidden Cove was great and we truly appreciate their efforts to clean large trees and mud from Hidden Cove Road.

On Easter Sunday, April 16, Hidden Cove Owners Association (HCOA) hired a private contractor to clean mud and debris from the roads and also clear approximately 50 percent of the ditches so water and mud would not sheet across Hidden Cove Road. The HCOA paid the contractor and does not expect to be reimbursed for this work.

The comment in The Park Record article on May 6 is not correct. I did contact Public Works. Since many culverts were clogged and Public Works did not return, I called Kevin Callahan, director of Public Works, on Thursday. I was advised that Mr. Callahan was out of the office until Wednesday of the next week and I was referred to his voice mail. I left a message on his voice mail. I then called a county commissioner and that afternoon I received a call from Mr. Callahan and advised him of the problems. He said a county crew would be out Monday. They arrived on Thursday. If Public Works doesn’t have a record of my call, why did I receive a call back from Mr. Callahan?

When Public Works finally returned on May 3, I advised the county workers to leave the deadfall that had been placed in the ditch because our HCOA cleanup was underway. They picked up the cleanup trees anyway. This took about 15 minutes.

Six Hidden Cove residents met with Commissioner Woolstenhulme and Mr. Callahan on May 5. We advised them the culverts are still clogged and roadside ditches need to be cleaned and deepened. They promised this would be done on May 8.

the way, it appears the slide is still moving downhill with hundreds of gallons of water coming from the top of the slide area.

Ralph Hottinger

Hidden Cove

Unethical realtors


Park City homeowners beware! Our dealings with a few of the 888 realtors licensed with the Park City Board of Realtors has been the most disappointing experience ever.

In my opinion, these agents were blatantly unethical, deceitful and dishonest. The broker of this particular agent refused to return any of my phone calls, and even refused mediation with a mediator. We signed a legal document that if any dispute arose before or after closing they "shall mediate." This broker, in my opinion, had the most intimidating attorney in Park City, threatened us in writing, with "swift legal action" if we continued to make any more "false accusations" or even if we reported this transaction to any local or state agency, or even to The Park Record.

We have every right to report what we allege to have been unethical behavior of these agents to both The Utah Association of Realtors, and the Utah Division of Real Estate, just like every other homeowner has.

These entities are there to regulate the unethical or even possible illegal behavior of any licensed real estate agent in the state of Utah. Beware!

1. Beware of slick ads, and letters in the mail indicating one has a buyer for a home in your neighborhood.

2. Demand that all original documents be presented and explained to you together, if you are married or in any type of partnership.

3. Avoid facsimiles and demand all copies on the spot when signing.

4. Do not sign or back date any document, unless your attorney tells you to do so.

5. Be leery of documents presented out of order.

6. Be aware of any alterations, such as the use of white out or any other markings, to any signed document that you did not approve of or even initial.

We believe in realtors who apply ethics in business practices. Unfortunately, we dealt with some who were willing to violate their own

realtor code of ethics.


Terri Lynne Keene


Student art show


I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Kimball Art Center for hosting the Wasatch Back Student Art Show. After attending the opening reception last week, I was grateful to be teaching in a community that values the arts in such a manner.

As an art educator, I realize the importance of the visual arts in our children’s education. Our school system is being driven by high test scores, No Child Left Behind, and other means of measurement on student performances. How refreshing it is to enter a gallery where students’ successes are celebrated through their own creativity. A place where students excel with no grade or test scores, but only the proud satisfaction of seeing their completed work hanging on a wall for everyone to admire. I was amazed at the talent in our schools and was thrilled to be part of this experience.

Though children may not realize it now, you are playing a big role in their self-confidence as they express their artistic abilities. You are also offering students an avenue for personal growth in their academic future. Thank you for your continued support in the arts.

Liz Sprackland

Art enrichment teacher

The Colby School

Kudos to P.C. retailer


Last week, my husband and I attended the American Association of Health Educators (AAHE) Conference in Salt Lake City. In addition to the usual convention activities, we were charged with the task of purchasing a group gift for a colleague who would be recognized the next day as the AAHE Scholar of the Year, our discipline’s most prestigious award. Because our gift was to be presented at a 7:30 p.m. dinner celebration with family and friends that night, we reluctantly accepted

the fact that completing our task was probably an impossibility.

After arriving at 10:30 a.m. and checking in to the Little America hotel, we picked up a rental car and headed for Park City to see the sights and to search for an appropriate gift. Ideally, we hoped to find a watch that could be engraved with a special message. We knew this was a long shot. We made several stops along Main Street but came up short each time. Then we happened into "Tommy Knockers." Not only did we find a suitable watch but the proprietor made several

phone calls seeking a location where the engraving could be done on short notice. He sent us to a second Tommy Knockers location, where the watch was cleaned and a new battery installed.

The staff had prepared a map so that we could drive back to a SLC location for the engraving. We dropped the watch off at Creative Awards in Ivy Place, returned to the hotel to change and went back to Creative Awards to find the engraving completed in less than an hour. Tom Mills, the staff at Tommy Knockers and the good people at Creative Awards represent the best that Park City and SLC has to offer. Thank you for your consideration and superior customer service. Accept the many thanks of the scholars who attended the American Association of Health Educators dinner for the purpose of honoring Dr. Jim Eddy.

SLC and Park City fans forever,

Dr. Betty Adams

Dr. Greg Wojtowicz

Clayton, N.C.

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