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Letters to the Editor


I’ve been a cyclist for around 20 years and I’ve been hit three times by automobiles while riding my bike. In each case I was abiding by the laws. DelRay’s blather illustrates his ignorance of road funding. As he believes, I once thought that if I did not drive a car I was not paying for roads I was riding my bike on. My belief was corrected by a Department of Transportation director telling me that both federal and state taxes from everyone go to subsidize highway projects and the automobile industry. If I never used a "road" nor purchased another drop of fuel, nor owned a car, I would still "fund" these industries. So Mr. Hatch, I’m already paying for your roads! If DelRay is not educated enough to know where funding for his roads come from, he certainly is not fit to represent his community on larger issues. How do these people get elected?

In the Kamas Valley, the "shoulder" is frequently clogged with farm truck debris, glass, broken uneven pavement or is non-existent. In those areas I am allowed by the law to ride to the left of the white line as it would not be safe to do otherwise. So DelRay, clean/fix your roads and I’ll acquiesce to your request. I’m curious when a tourist or potential investor is cruising around Oakley at 10 to 15 mph, blocking DelRay from attending to his incredibly busy schedule, does he run them off the road? I’ll have to add the Oakley Store to my boycott list (which is growing large thanks to Snyderville or "Sandy at 6,000 feet" kudos, David). If I can’t keep my taxes from smoothing Mr. Hatch’s daily drive, maybe I can shrink his community funds wallet a bit. See ya on the road DelRay!

Franklin Williams

Park City

Post office fiasco

An open letter to our Postmaster:

Why are scores of long-time Old Town residents being subjected to capricious changes of addresses; in my case, after 26 years. The answers I got from the postal worker made no sense.

The inconvenience and cost associated with changing addresses with hundreds of correspondents, vendors and creditors is onerous.

I assumed that this was based on some bureaucratic OCD condition that required all numbers to be in sequence. Then they gave me my new number, 16 digits higher then my old number.

I asked if the system will have non-sequential numbers with gaps? Why can’t the system gap to my number and then gap to the next?

I got then several different answers, none of which made any sense.

In what was the most egregious non-answer, I was told I should not be concerned because they had taken the address of one woman in town who had had the same address for 60 years! The chortle with which that last piece of information was delivered, reminded me of the tapes of Enron execs laughing over stealing money from the grandmothers of California.

So Mr. Postmaster, I ask you to give me and everyone else affected by this ill-conceived plan a "rational" explanation of why you can skip any group of numbers but not be able to skip to a number. I ask you not to be cavalier with your customers’ time. I wonder for whose benefit this change is being made.

The real issue is not small boxes, it is junk mail. We got it off our phones, we are getting it out of our e-mail and I want it out of my P.O.



Earl Stein

Park City

County sheriff’s campaign


I was most disgusted with Sheriff Dave Edmunds saying that he had "ammo" against someone who wanted to run against him. Stick to the issues and stop threatening someone who questions you.

Here goes, Dave, I don’t like how you are spending my money. I have questions about Dave Booth and the fact that his wife works under him. And I have continuing questions about how you are unaccountable to the Summit County Commission.


Shelley Weiss

Park City

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