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Letters to the Editor


It was a beautiful spring evening last Thursday when 50 supporters of the Coalition For Safe Streets convened in our respective neighborhoods to ride to City Hall.

Our coalition representing all ages converged at the west end of the Rail Trail on Bonanza Drive, which ironically is one of the most dangerous roadway crossings in our town. Our goal that evening was to ask city council to fund an update of the Park City Trails master plan and to put in place an implementation schedule to make our streets safe for walking and bicycling. We were received with gracious enthusiasm, including a bike corral placed in the parking lot sponsored by public works. When we arrived in the council chambers, we were greeted warmly by the mayor, the council and many of the city staff. There could not have been a warmer welcome. When we were at the podium and microphone, the council and mayor were warmly attentive and engaged.

This was a great opportunity for our coalition to speak to our government about things that matter to us. So much of our lives are left to the impulses of larger forces and influences. It’s not uncommon for all of us, at times, to feel like nothing we do will make a difference. On this lovely spring evening, we affected our future and began the process of making our town an even better place to live, work and play. So thanks to the people who adjusted their schedules, gave up events, sweated their way up to the Marsac Building and stood up for something that matters and that will benefit everyone. And thanks to the many residents who called and e-mailed before and after to declare their support for the effort. Busy schedules and obligations kept a number of you away. Your support is essential even when you can’t make the meetings.

This is a good thing we have here in our town. We are so pleased to be a part of it.


Carolyn Frankenburg

and the Coalition For Safe Streets

Stoplight at Quinn’s Junction


A grand thank you to UDOT, our local law enforcement, the state of Utah and Summit and Wasatch counties for the work that is being done at Quinn’s Junction. We are all grateful that the need has been recognized for a stoplight at that location. Here’s to a better commute and a safer intersection!


Matthew Watkins

Heber City

Legalization of marijuana


Incarceration of nonviolent individuals not only wastes taxpayer money, it overcrowds prisons so much that violent criminals are often allowed to go free when they are eligible for parole.

Without a legal, regulated market for marijuana, drug dealers have no reason not to target children or sell contaminated and dangerous samples. If marijuana were treated more like alcohol, for example, children would have a harder time obtaining it.

Marijuana causes less harm to both individuals and society than alcohol or tobacco — and yet responsible adult drinkers and smokers are not punished by the state in any way.

Our state government should use tax money to prosecute violent crime, not punish marijuana users.


Alan J. Linford

Lake Point, Utah

Veterans reunion


We are requesting Navy and Marine Corps shipmates who served on the USS Columbus CA-74/CG-12 from 1944 through 1976 and the USS Columbus (SSN-762) past and present to please contact Allen R. Hope, president of the Columbus Veterans Association, 3828 Hobson Road, Fort Wayne, Ind. 46815-4505; phone (260) 486-2221, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. ET; e-mail Hope4391

Philosopher Oswald Spengler, who wrote "Decline of the West" in 1918 said this: "The era of individualism, liberalism and democracy, of humanitarianism and freedom is nearing its end. The masses will accept with resignation the victory of the Caesars, the strong men, and will obey them "

According to Spengler, under the emerging Caesars: "Life will descend to a level of general uniformity, a new kind of primitivism, and the world will be better for it "

A quick study of what is happening in this country would indicate that perhaps Spengler was right. That’s spelled R-I-G-H-T. But when approval polls indicate otherwise, the future suddenly looks so much brighter with a natural and overwhelming urge to declare one’s own personal independence.

Dennis Kostecki

Waimea, Hawaii

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