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Letters to the Editor


On behalf of Willowbend West Homeowners Association, I want to personally thank our Summit County Commissioners for unanimously approving a new irrigation water rate for nine qualifying condominium associations. Their welcome action eliminates a very costly inequity and creates parity between residential stakeholders.

I also want to thank those members of the Mountain Regional Water Administrative Control Board who recognized the significance of our association’s problem and voted to recommend the rate change to the Summit County Commission.

The plan to equalize irrigation water rates could not have been realized without the support of Mountain Regional Water. We are indebted to MRW’s professional staff for all of their hard work, their expertise, as well as their perseverance, which was required to advance the proposed rate change through our county government to its successful outcome. A big thank you to Scott Green, Doug Evans and Marti Gee, it was a pleasure working with you.

Larry Eichner


Voting machine security


Utah newspapers are not doing their duty to inform the public about a recent May 11 Diebold voting machine security report, which America’s foremost voting system experts and computer scientists say reveals the "worst security flaw ever discovered in a voting system" and is like "leaving the barn door wide open."

Instead of reporting this news, Jay Hamburger, in his May 10 article "Foes trade snipes during voting test Follett-Dopp feud," incorrectly said that I handed out "fliers" on Monday. I handed out a copy of an investigative news article, which was reported four days later (May 12) in the New York Times and is mentioned in Newsweek magazine (May 29). Diebold’s security hole was termed, not by me, but by Ph.D. computer security experts, a "major national security risk." Subsequently, two states (Pennsylvania and California) issued security alerts on Diebold’s voting machines.

This security flaw is not an innocent bug or glitch. Furthermore, Diebold’s voting system lacks customary, readily available, security measures such as write-once unalterable log files.

Diebold voting machines do not meet security requirements in states like New York, nor do they conform to federal voluntary voting system guidelines.

I gave Hamburger a copy of the 12-page security report. Yet Hamburger wrote a "follow-up" smear article by calling Park City Hall and trying to illicit negative comments from anyone about me.

In the "Feud" article, Jay Hamburger admits that he was not within earshot of the conversation between Sue Follett and myself. If he had been, he would have known that Sue Follett and I agree that new election legislation pushed through by Utah’s Lt. Governor makes it "illegal" to conduct any independent audits of vote count accuracy!

Diebold vote counts could be audited if paper-roll advancers, needed to hand audit the voter-verifiable paper records, are purchased and if Utah election code is amended again. I co-authored a proposal for checking Utah’s vote count accuracy. See http://electionarchive.org/ucvAnalysis/US/paper-audits/VoteCountAudit-UT.pdf.

The Park Record should cover the news, not make me squeeze tidbits into 350-word monthly letters.


Kathy Dopp

Park City

Pride in Your Park


Utah expresses deepest thanks to the more than 200 people who turned out on Saturday, May 13, to clean up during "Pride in Your Park" Day. Thanks to the Park City Rotary Club and the Sunrise Rotary for participating. Thanks to all who worked to clean up our county including S.R. 224 and S.R. 248. Thank you to the Chamber Bureau and Park City Municipal Corporation for providing lunch and to all the event sponsors, especially Cole Sport, who led the way. We cleaned up the town. Let’s do it again next year.

Insa Riepen

Recycle Utah

Unfunny cartoon


Because Father Flynn supports and defends our hard-working Spanish community, your cartoonist draws jokes about him? I thought jokes were supposed to be funny.

He’s a racist because he cares about the hardest working people in our community who do jobs that most of us wouldn’t even consider doing?

You want Father Bob to do something about him? Father Bob and all of us at St Mary’s would be lost without Father Flynn.

One of the "us folks who moved here from California,"

Judith L. Gill

Park City

Responses to changing

school calendar


My name is Tucker Vroegh and I’m writing you about the choices in calendar schedules for school next year. I think that plan C is the best choice because that’s the same schedule as it has always been and some people have gotten used to it and plan their vacations around it. I also think that plan A and B aren’t good choices because not a lot of the schools in this district have air conditioning and it would be very hot while the kids were in school with those plans. If the school district picked plan A, I would miss school because I have soccer tournaments and go on vacation during August. In conclusion, the school district should pick plan



Tucker Vroegh


Hello, I am a student at Ecker Hill International Middle School in seventh grade, writing about the school calendar options for the year 2007. The option that I like the most is option C: start school on Aug. 20 and get out on June 6.

The reasons why I like this option is:

1. It is close to other school districts school calendar.

2. If your family has a vacation planned for August you can be gone ’til Aug. 19 or around there instead of being only able to take your trip for five days.

3. Sport schedules. There are a lot of tournaments for some sports in August, and it would be hard to go to a different state and keep up with your schoolwork at the beginning of the year.


Lexie Ball


I am currently going to Ecker Hill Middle School. The school calendar right now is fine with me. I don’t want it to change because I play tennis competitively and I have many tournaments over summer break. If it does change it will conflict with them. I also think that the calendar that we have right now is great! We get out in early June and go back to school in late August, and that is totally fine.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Kylie Peek


I am writing to you about the school calendar for 2007. I would like the option C, which is the one where we go to school on Aug. 20 and get out June 6. I want this option because:

A. I like having days off in school in August, because my family always goes on vacations in August, and we don’t want to miss school when the year just starts.

B. If we were to go with option B lots of people would have plans that would have to be postponed, or you wouldn’t be able to go because we would be in school.

C. There are a lot of tournaments that go on in August, and kids that play soccer would be missing school so they could play in the tournaments.

D. Option C is closer to the other school districts, making it so we would be going to school way, way after them, or going to school way before them. Lots of kids have friends in other school districts and if we changed it to one that was not like theirs, it would be hard to ever see them. I hope you consider my choice.

Willow Lange


I am writing about the new schedules that have been presented to the public. I believe that we should just stick with option C because it is what we are all used to. I think that option C has a good summer break that does not conflict with sports and other things like that.

In Option A, school begins Aug. 6, which will be a big problem with kids that play sports. Kids will be missing a lot of school, which will make it difficult for them to keep up on their schoolwork. I do not believe that we should choose option A.

With option C, I think that we should have fewer breaks, so then we will have more time for summer break. It is nice to have extra breaks every once in a while but not all the time. We should still have breaks for the important stuff like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc.

I believe that we should choose option C!

Thank you,

Ciera Figge


Hey you awesome editor! I am a student at Ecker Hill Middle School and I would enjoy sharing my opinion on changing the school calendar with you. There are two reasons that I would like to have Option C to be our new starting and ending times.

1. First of all, I am a serious soccer player. I play on Black Diamond, which is a local soccer club. In the beginning of August we have many tournaments that we will be in and I would not like to miss any school at the beginning of the year.

2. My second reason is that I like when we start and end school. Option C is the closest thing to when we end and start school. I believe that it is too hot to end school on June 20. As you have probably heard, our school has been very hot lately and people have been complaining about the temperature and getting in trouble. So, I think we should get to end school on June 6 because it is right in time for summer, my favorite season.


Blake Lukanowski


Hey, what’s up editor? I am a student at Ecker Hill International Middle School, and a concerned human being, regarding the school calendar. I would definitely choose "C" for the calendar schedule because of three reasons.

First of all we’ve been using this schedule for a long time and it’s been working out just fine. There have really been no problems.

Second, I have many soccer tournaments during the month of August and would miss some school if we had it.

Third, choices A and B just don’t really work for me and C is right in the middle.

And that’s why I think C would be the best choice for our calendar.


Julia Kranstover


We are concerned about the school start and finish times for 2007-2008. We are students from Ecker Hill International Middle School (EHIMS), and wish to give you our opinion. We would like for school to be on the regular schedule. It would be nice for school to end on May 23, but we don’t want to start school so early in the year. We have a lot of summer plans before the regular start date. We also don’t want school to end so late in June.

We like our normal schedule and hope you keep it that way.


Whitney Reid and Ashley Tessnow

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