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Letters to the Editor


I have been a conservative Republican most of my life, until about three years ago. I even voted for GW Bush the first time he ran for president.

Pres. Bush has now made me a Democrat. Being a Democrat I was furious when I read that Rob Weyher, Summit County Democratic chairman, was contributing to Republican causes. He is certainly free to contribute to whomever he wants, but if he wants to contribute to Republicans for his own personal benefit, he should resign as a Democratic leader.

How would it look if Howard Dean, National Democratic Chairman, made a contribution to re-elect Orrin Hatch?

Bill Melville

Park City

Teachers’ Day at Heber Airport


I would like to publicly thank all of the pilots who flew teachers in their small aircraft for the Park City School District Teachers’ Day at the Heber Airport. Whether we were doing loops, hammers and aileron rollovers in a 200 Extra or serenely soaring over Park City and the Jordanelle in a colorful homemade biplane, each educator had a thrilling ride.

The day reflected our community at its best. Pilots, many of whom are now working for Delta, gave of their time, energy and even paid for the gas. A gift to the teachers of their own children.

A salute and thanks to Don Aames, the flight deck coordinator, and pilots (too many to list here) including Bruce Kirchenheiter, Steve Guenard, Beth Ann Schneider, Terry Loboschefsky and Ken Heidorn.

With appreciation,

Dianne Sanchez-Vance

and all of the teacher co-pilots

who garnered their wings

Blue collar twist on loose dogs


Disclaimer: this letter does not advocate breaking the law, i.e. stealing undies. Apologies to the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. Feel free to be annoyed.

Ah, Spring — and the first article about loose dogs in PC. Always entertaining.

Can you just imagine, Larry the Cable Guy is zooming down Parley’s (imagine that tow truck he voices in the new "Cars" movie) as the police pull old Mater the truck over:

"You know, Larry, you were hauling down this here mountain."

"Aw shucks, officer, I didn’t mean to. It was gravity. Learnt that in international school."

"Well here’s your ticket."

"Ticket?" Larry exclaims in shock. "what about my free brake pads? I’m a needin’ those officer." The officer is quickly adds more fines. "I figure with ya’ll all giving them there with those loose dawgs free leashes and all to help them obey the law, the least you could be doin’ for me is giving me some free brake pads. Wouldn’t have been speeding down this here Parley’s if I had me a new set o’ those."

Poor Larry pulls away disappointed. Although, he thinks, maybe next time he’ll filch some new boxers from the outlets. Seeing as how breaking the law and all gets you the stuff you need to not break the law and he be needing a pair of those.

And let’s not to leave out Mr. Sturgis, the biker who was caromed by a loose dog causing multiple fractures and whose wife’s dog was attacked by an unleashed dog. Mr. Sturgis really wants folks to pursue those formal dog complaints. The article continues, "Sturgis, who says his trained chocolate Labrador and terrier are never put on leashes "

In the words of another Blue Collar Comedy Tour member: Here’s your sign.

Natascha Lautenschläger

Park City

Kudos to Conscious Fitness


With multiple ads by some established health fitness centers announcing new locations, it is high time to give Conscious Fitness its due. Preferring not to rest on its laurels, Conscious Fitness sought out and purchased the most modern patented Smart Strength technology called "Strive 1, 2 and 3." The numbers refer to the number of set positions for each machine.

In all, 11 new machines were added. No other fitness center in our area can boast of utilizing the Strive technology, and the machines are popular with past members as well as new ones.

In addition to the new machines, the manager and part owner Patrice Martin has started a host of new classes, offering new challenges to the hale and hearty as well as to senior members. Among its clientele, a blind member receives special attention from the instructors. Conscious Fitness has gone out of its way to offer meditation circles twice weekly, preceded by a stretch session. Patrice also will resume her annual summer "boot camp" exercises this month for charity.

You may ask what did Conscious Fitness do with the almost dozen machines which have been replaced? Mindful of its community responsibility, the answer is that they were donated to the Park City High School athletic department.

Sol Browdy

Park City

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