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Letters to the Editor


I would like to thank everyone who made The William Corliss/Share the Road Ride such a great event. It could not have happened without the overwhelming support of so many. At every turn in the planning process the consistent response was, "Tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen."

I would like to thank in particular Park City Municipal, law enforcement officers, Cole Sport, Mountain Trails and the Alternative Transportation Committee, UDOT and the many volunteers that helped make this event run so well.

I hope that the community found this event to be a positive experience rather than a hindrance to their commute. I felt as though it was met with the former.

As we remember a friend who has passed and as our community grows, remember that we can, in fact, share the road and still enjoy why we choose to live here.

Very sincerely,

Scott Dudevoir

Heber City

Old Town

field trip


The 2nd grade students, teachers and chaperones of Parley’s Park Elementary School would like to thank the following for a GREAT Park City field trip experience: The firefighters and paramedics of the Park Avenue Fire Station and the insightful mining, stagecoach and jail guides at the Park City Museum — Courtney Cochley, Wendy Ashton, Wilma Larremore and Cam Scheidel.


Mrs. Kadziel

Ms. Martin

Mrs. Bowers

Barn Soiree for Arts-Kids


On behalf of the Arts-Kids staff, board of directors, and kids, a big thank you to the National Ability Center and their wonderful staff who hosted the first Barn Soiree on Saturday, June 3. Pianist and vocalist Rich Wyman entertained the crowd with energy and passion. His heartfelt lyrics exhibited an amazing creativity and spirit that doesn’t quit. Joining Rich were Air Supply’s lead guitarist and singer, Graham Russell, singer Treat Williams (recently of "Everwood" fame) on guitar and harmonica, and backup by the D.O.B. Band. The dance floor was crowded as the band played a number of rock favorites, ranging from the Beatles’ "Imagine" and "Revolution" to the Rolling Stones’ "Honky Tonk Woman."

All proceeds will be split between scholarships to summer camps for kids of all abilities and to the Arts-Kids after school program that benefits Summit County kids in all elementary and middle schools. Thanks to all those who helped to make the Barn Soiree possible: the Boy Scouts, the fantastically talented musicians, the volunteers and all those who attended and enjoyed a great party. We appreciate all of you who believe that every child can grow and thrive through the creative arts.

Kris Beer, executive director

Pat Drewry Sanger, program director

Arts-Kids, Inc.

You can help alleviate HIV


How many of us would gladly provide $4 to someone we know to save a child? The situation isn’t hard to understand — 40 million people in the world are infected with HIV. Nearly half of them are women. What is hard to understand is that in some of the world’s poorest countries, fewer than nine percent of infected pregnant women receive a medication that can virtually eliminate the chance of passing the virus to a new son or daughter during childbirth. The dosage they need costs $4.

Seventeen million infected women need someone to care about their unborn children. Please join me in asking our senators and congressmen to recognize the responsibility that this country, as a global leader, is morally obligated to accept, and give our fair share to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria. Contrary to what many believe, the epidemic is not going away.


Linda Allen

Salt Lake City

Ban temple



In light of the Mormon Church lobbying Congress to ban gay marriage, I encourage everyone to contact their senator and representative to let them know that you think Mormon Temple marriages ought to be banned constitutionally because those secret rituals are kind of creepy and not very much in keeping with traditional marriage.

(This is a rhetorical argument to make a point, people. Don’t get too worked up about it.)

Robert A. Jones

Salt Lake City

Support fathers’ parent time


Father’s Day is fast approaching, but many children will not be allowed to see their non-custodial fathers on this holiday as a result of alienating mothers. Utah law provides non-custodial fathers time with their children on this day and further provides penalties for any intentional act of custodial interference.

Unfortunately, these laws are rarely enforced, overly ignored and often abused by a malicious and alienating parent in most instances. Law enforcement agencies are not trained on how to determine violation of these laws, and rather than determine any violation, refer custodial disputes back to family courts. Family court judges rarely award any makeup time to the victimized parent and child, opting instead to threaten innocuous contempt orders that do nothing but encourage the malicious parent to further alienate the child.

Many Utahns will silently watch this Father’s Day as their brother, uncle, father or son goes through this holiday without access to their child, and without any effective recourse to stop the continued denial and interference of parent time by the child’s mother. Show support for non-custodial fathers and their children; encourage equal parenting, enforcement of parent time, and prosecution of custodial interference.

Jeff Rifleman


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