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Letters to the Editor


I would like to offer a great big THANK YOU to the folks at the Swaner Nature Preserve for organizing the Watershed Festival last weekend. It was a wonderful community event, with lots of wildlife, crafts and interesting information. Like so many other outdoor-oriented organizations, the Summit Land Conservancy is grateful to have had the chance to showcase our efforts to protect local open space at the festival.

Cheryl Fox, executive director

Summit Land Conservancy

Endorsement for Josh Ewing


Sometimes people in Summit County who live in House District 25 don’t pay much attention to the election because two-thirds of the district is down in Salt Lake. But, more than ever, we need to get informed. We can’t let Rob Weyher, and his inappropriate attempts to influence the election, be the voice of Summit County. We need a representative that will listen to our unique issues, understand them and be effective at getting change through the Legislature.

I have nothing ill to say about Chris Johnson, the candidate Mr. Weyher is endorsing. But I do know Josh Ewing. I worked with Josh on the Legacy Highway case and found him to be an intelligent, perceptive and well-spoken person who clarified issues and developed productive, practical strategies. He didn’t have any hidden agenda. He just used his talents to advance greater understanding of a difficult issue.

Josh can effectively represent us — the real Utah and the real Summit County — in our Legislature. Not by espousing tired old principles, but by tackling pressing issues with innovative approaches. I urge you to learn about the candidates and vote in the June 27 primary election.


Steve Dougherty

Park City

School/teacher issues

Members of the Park City School Board:

The community deserves to hear from you. Five teachers put in transfer requests to the high school to replace retiring teachers and all were denied. What sort of message does this send to our current teachers?

Why were these vacancies opened to the public when we had five perfectly capable teachers already here? the way, some of teachers were told of their denial through the "grapevine," without being notified by the administration.

Is this professional? Do we hope to recruit excellent educators by telling them they are stuck with that job until retirement? Are you aware that most of the top 10 school districts that we aspire to join hire from within?

This year, the ninth grade was moved out of the high school because the high school was overcrowded. Why are taxpayers spending $29 million to remodel the high school when it’s going to be the same capacity when completed? Shouldn’t we increase the size to allow the freshmen to attend high school? Or, wouldn’t the money be better spent on upgrading TMIS to EHMS standards?

Please respond to our questions in an open letter for the community to see, via The Park Record. Thank you.

Ryan Sundberg


Father’s Day tribute to mothers


Father’s Day acknowledges the importance of fathers. But I think it’s another opportunity to pay tribute to mothers; those recognizing the paramount value of fathers to their children, and to society. Our burgeoning prisons are mainly filling with inmates who grew up fatherless. Most absent fathers today want to be fathers but are disallowed.

It’s high time we pay tribute to divorced and single mothers who encourage the child’s biological father to be very involved his child’s life. Myriad studies show the benefits. The behavior of these children reflects it.

It’s time to pay even more tribute to divorced and single mothers who disregard judges’ and "expert" desires for them to have sole custody, because these mothers know this isn’t usually in the child’s best interest.

It’s time to pay tribute to mothers who find ways to make their marriages work, despite the main reasons for divorce — feeling bored, unfulfilled or unloved. All of these best mothers need extra recognition on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Tom Miller

Smithfield, Utah

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