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Letters to the Editor

Dear Summit County voters:

There is a political race of particular importance Utah House of Representatives for District 25, which is the seat being vacated by Ross Romero. Although it makes no sense to me, District 25 runs from central Salt Lake City east through Pine brook, then south along S.R. 224: Silver Springs, Old Ranch Road, Park West Village, Aspen Springs and Thaynes Canyon. The person who wins the District 25 seat wields a lot of influence statewide.

I am a county and state delegate. There were four candidates for House Rep. District 25 at the state convention. Christine Johnson impressed me so very much. She won the run-off, but was one vote shy of avoiding a primary election. I encourage you to support her. Christine is an articulate and passionate fighter for quality education, improved healthcare and has a forward-thinking environmental vision. She embodies the values that we respect and expect in Park City — a progressive leader who will best represent our interests.

Christine is running for genuine reasons, and is trying to run an effective grassroots campaign. She does not have the backing of any interest groups and, I believe, has the purest of intentions — to effect change and to make improvements via the legislative process.

Christine is working hard to become the next woman elected to the Utah House.

She needs your vote on June 27.

Joanna Charnes

Park City

Ron Perry for assessor

Editor :

I would like to take this opportunity to offer my wholehearted support to Ron Perry, Democratic candidate for Summit County Assessor. Having served with Ron for the past year and a half on the Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District Board, I have found him to have exceptional leadership skills. He leads the board with a high degree of intellectual integrity, confidence and vision. It is his dedication and strong sense of serving the public for the greater good that reflect the values necessary for public office.

I offer my vote to Ron Perry in the primary election on June 27. I hope you will, too.

Kathy Clark, board member

Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District

Support Christine Johnson


Primary elections are coming up on June 27. A race of particular importance for Summit County residents is the House District 25 Democratic primary between Christine Johnson and Josh Ewing. As a state delegate I had the firsthand opportunity to meet and discuss issues in depth with all the candidates for this position. My first impression of Christine was that she was the clear winner. She is passionate above all else in everything she commits to. She is a hard-working, single mother who has seen hard times and knows how vulnerable the least among us can become. She has been a citizen lobbyist on Capital Hill during the legislative sessions, supporting increased funding for education, healthcare for the neediest in our communities and a strong supporter for community values. Christine says it best on her Web site, http://www.electjohnson.com, "I chose the tag ‘Community Values, Compassionate Leadership’ for many reasons, but primarily because as an unapologetic, progressive Democrat, I am proud of my values. They are not based on religion, partisan philosophy, or the dictates of the majority. They are based on the belief that equality means everyone, true leadership requires compassion, and balance and fairness in government means putting people first and special interests last."

She is the real deal; a private citizen who sees the need for positive change in our society and is willing to get involved. She is seeking office with the purest of intentions. We need new fresh leadership from Christine Johnson.

Please vote on Tuesday, June 27, in the primary elections. They are open to all registered voters regardless of party affiliation. Vote!

Diane Ingalls-Reid

Park City

Endorsing Ron Perry


I am pleased to support Ron Perry in the Democratic primary as a candidate for Summit County Assessor. My experience with Ron has shown him to be dependable, honest and hardworking. He is well known as a respectful and appreciative colleague to all who have worked with him.

The many community improvement projects that he has helped to bring to our area show his awareness of a community’s needs, his ability to follow through with promises and to see ideas through to completion. Some of the projects that have benefited our area include the Summit County Ice Rink, the pool at Ecker Hill and Trailside Park. I feel confident that Ron Perry will bring his integrity, energy and commitment to the office of Summit County Assessor.

Thank you,

Pat Fulmer

Park City

Dave Ure deserves your vote


This letter is a reminder to residents of Park City, most of the rest of Summit County and Wasatch County that Dave Ure, who has long represented us in the legislature, is in a tough primary this year. Dave is running for the state senate seat vacated by Beverly Evans, and he deserves our support in the Republican primary. He has demonstrated that he understands and is responsive to the special needs of a resort community and has been a good friend to Park City over the years.

Please also remember that both early voting and absentee ballots are available if you won’t be here to enjoy the adventure of touch-screen voting on June 27. One way or another, please give Dave your support.


Bruce Margolius

Park City

Property tax abuse?


I, like most, am waiting to see if our taxing authorities that set the tax rate on real estate, after receiving this year’s appraisals, will abuse the system.

Sometimes real estate values will exceed inflation by huge amounts. The taxing authority receives the appraisals and then sets the tax rate according to the proposed budget. If the people in charge of setting the tax rate feel that they can impose a huge tax revenue windfall, far exceeding inflation, and then blame it on appraisals, they are not being honest with the system or the public.

I think that the California taxpayer tea party called Proposition 13, would not have made it to first base, if the people there in charge of setting the tax rate, had not abused the system.

Much of Summit County has appreciated in value by 50 percent if not more. However, county costs should not have increased by much more than the inflation rate.

This will be an interesting year to watch our county and state officials who may be balancing the lure of money with integrity.

Kirk Paulson

Park City

Car wash fundraiser


The Park City High School cheerleaders would like to thank Paula and Mike Higman, owners of Travel Clean Car Wash, located at Kimball Junction, for their generous support in our fundraising efforts. Our first annual fundraiser was held on Saturday, June 3. We earned half of all the sales that were generated between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. and we also earned half of the money from the car wash cards that we sold, making this our most successful car wash fundraiser ever! The money we earned will go toward paying for our uniforms and team expenses.

We would also like to thank our families, friends, neighbors and the community for buying so many car wash cards and for coming out to Travel Clean to support us.


Park City High School Varsity and Jr. Varsity Cheerleaders

Successful Fitness Fair


On behalf of Park City Recreation, we would like to express our gratitude to everyone who participated in our Community Fair on June 10. Due to your participation, the fair was a great success. A big thank you to the businesses, clubs and organizations that provided recreation, health and fitness information, as well as all the prizes and giveaways.

We would also like to say thank you to those who stopped by and took advantage of the local insight and offerings in these areas. We hope that you increased your knowledge regarding what all is available in this great town. We look forward to seeing you at this event again next year.

Thanks again,

Tate Shaw

Park City Recreation

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