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Letters to the Editor


If you believe all Utahns deserve access to quality education, healthcare and clean air, I ask you to please join me in voting for Christine Johnson for our next legislature from Utah House District 25 this Tuesday. In over 20 years of public service, I have never seen anyone bring both the passion and the perseverance to these issues that Christine Johnson does. No wonder she has been endorsed by the Salt Lake County’s Teachers Association. Christine puts time, energy and intelligence into the causes she believes in, taking all the steps necessary to achieve her objectives. She is the only candidate for House District 25 who has campaigned in Summit County, not only attending the Democratic County Convention, but tirelessly going door-to-door to personally hear her potential constituents’ concerns. Christine Johnson possesses youthful energy and mature wisdom. She is a rare candidate and deserves our support.

Ron Perry

Candidate for Summit County Assessor

Park City

Endorsement for Ron Perry


I have had the fortunate opportunity of working with Ron Perry for more than 10 years with the Salt Lake County Board of Equalization. Ron has served in the capacity as both a residential and commercial hearing officer, hearing property assessment appeals. Ron’s competent technical abilities, especially in the commercial property valuation area, and his proficient interpersonal skills have made him a successful hearing officer. These skills will carry over as an asset, if not a necessity, for the job of Summit County Assessor, a position he successfully held several years ago.

It is therefore, without hesitation, that I enthusiastically endorse Ron Perry for the office of Summit County Assessor.


Liz Fehrmann

Assistant tax administrator

Salt Lake County Tax Administration

LoPiccolo for county clerk


Please put a note on your calendar to go to the polls Tuesday and vote for Cindy LoPiccolo for Summit County Clerk. She’ll be the best thing since Doug Geary! She’s eminently qualified and very easy to work with.

Sally Elliott

Park City

Co-workers support Ron


During the first year of Ron Perry’s employment with Tooele County, he implemented a newly designed computer appraisal system. One of Ron’s first assignments as appraisal supervisor was to develop land tables, improvement cost tables and to give input as to what needed to be incorporated into the new appraisal software. Ron Perry was also responsible for developing a training manual for the new appraisal software system that would be used by his staff. Tooele County is currently undergoing another computer conversion and Ron Perry is instrumental in this process.

We who have worked with Ron Perry have the highest regard for his appraisal knowledge, his positive and friendly demeanor and his professionalism. Should Ron Perry win his bid for Summit County Assessor, it will be Summit County’s gain and our loss.

Michael Quarnberg, appraiser

Olivia Paystrup, Tooele Co. IT Dept.

Lori James, appraisal data collector

Ardith Higley, deputy assessor

Denise Lawrence, IT Dept.

Robyn Quarnberg, appraiser

Re-elect Barbara Kresser


"If it isn’t broken, why fix it?" is certainly true of the race for Summit County Assessor. After I retired from the Park City School District, I spent several months working under the direction of Barbara Kresser in the assessor’s office. It was an enjoyable and great learning experience because of Barbara Kresser. Barbara leads by example as she knows her job. She is always available to assist her staff and to answer questions from the taxpayers. The offices under her direction are "workplaces," which is to her credit. Barbara Kresser is efficient, intelligent, helpful and hardworking. Barbara’s example and management skills are evident in her well-functioning offices.

Barbara Kresser was the Assessor of the Year in 2000 and the Property Tax Administrator of the year in 1998. Both honors were given to her by the other county assessors in Utah. This is great proof of Barbara’s abilities.

I urge Summit County voters to re-elect Barbara Kresser as assessor.


Dr. Mark C. Simmons

Park City

Another votefor Ron


Ron Perry, county assessor I like it. I have known Ron since 1978 and would like to briefly outline why he would be so effective for us as the Summit County Assessor:

He is, first of all, qualified:

Certified appraiser

Summit County Assessor

Summit County Commissioner

Ten years on the Snyderville Basin Recreation Board

Twelve years on the Summit County Board of Adjustments

The other key points I feel are so important about Ron are:

Leadership — He’s a good listener, understands the macro and micro aspects of the leadership process.

Financial — He understands real estate values, budgets, equity, etc.

Positive — He has the half-full attitude.

He has integrity

He’s very approachable. This is a great trait I find so important.

I just wanted to share my experiences in working with Ron over the past many, many years. Thank you.

Steve Chin

Park City

In support of Barbara Kresser


I don’t live in Summit County and so I have no stake in this election, but as a commercial real estate appraiser who has dealt with valuation issues in Summit County for over a decade, I have come to recognize Mrs. Kresser as a competent and highly regarded professional. My practice involves work with many assessors in many different counties, and I have observed that this particular office is run with professionalism and (most importantly) a sense of fairness and equity. No, they don’t always hit every value every time, but the attempt is always there and the ability and willingness to listen to market facts is recognized. Every county resident is personally affected by the work that goes on there. Summit County is a tough place to appraise due to so many property types, dual influences of destination and local bedroom demand, and rapidly escalating (and changing) markets. As an independent appraiser I can say that it’s tough to appraise even a single property. The valuation demands of the entire county must be daunting. Yet Barbara has been recognized by her assessor peers as being one of the best, attaining "Assessor of the Year" status for her fairness, good sense and commitment. If I had a vote, I know where I’d put it.

Christopher Hansen,

Certified general commercial appraiser

Salt Lake City

Endorsement for LoPiccolo


I have worked with county clerk candidate Cindy LoPiccolo for 10 years and know her to be a conscientious, diligent and proactive worker as well as a wonderful, compassionate person. Cindy would bring a skill set to the county clerk position that would benefit all Summit County residents.

Please vote in the June 27 primary election and please consider voting for Cindy for county clerk.

Thomas A. Daley, Sr.

Park City

Get Johnson into the general election


Residents in Snyderville Basin, Jeremy and Pinebrook need to get out June 27 to vote in the Democratic Primary. If you are unfamiliar with the two candidates running for District 25 State Representative, I beg you to check out Christine Johnson online http://www.electjohnson.com.

I have talked and met both candidates. Christine set the bar! The real clincher was that the other candidate couldn’t articulate what set him apart or made him a better choice.

The amazing thing is she’s already on the Hill. She lobbies for her personal causes, which reflect our Park City concerns. Education is one of her hot buttons. She is a single mom with a daughter in the public school system. Her network is well established being involved with so many issues and causes. That will expedite the speed of her results and effectiveness on the Hill.

I did not know Christine before the race. Therefore, my endorsement is based on her experience, not my loyalty or friendship.

She is an inspiration for others to get involved. If you have the opportunity to meet her a couple things would strike you right away — passion and intelligence. It is refreshing and it makes a supporter of you quickly.

Please help me elect Christine in the primary. I want the chance to volunteer my efforts for her campaign in the general election. She is an inspiration to me. Perhaps one day, when my kids are older, she will endorse me as I run for something!

Elaine Murray

Mountain Ranch Estates/Park City

Ron Perry for assessor


Although I’m not a Summit County resident, I would certainly like to offer my endorsement of Ron Perry as your choice for Summit County Assessor. I have had the pleasure of working with Ron over the past 10 years and have always found him to be dependable, hardworking and at the same time, extremely sensitive to taxpayers and their issues. The dependable attribute is most important to any public official. Ron has always been dependable. He has often been willing to fill in for a co-worker when asked, sometimes with very little notice. Hardworking is another attribute that isn’t always linked with government employees. Ron is hardworking and has always met his obligations in a timely manner. I have found his work ethic to be extraordinary. A public official should also be sensitive to the public and in the position of county assessor, it would be critical to be sensitive to taxpayers and their issues. Summit Count residents would most definitely benefit from his knowledge and expertise. I would urge you to cast your vote for Ron Perry in the primary election this coming Tuesday.

Thank you for this opportunity.

Judy Nelson


Race for House District 25


The citizens of House District 25 are accustomed to being represented by people of high stature who are beyond reproach. For nearly two decades the people who are now in House District 25, have been well served with the service of men of high ethical standards like Dave Jones, Judge Scott Daniels and the current Representative Ross Romero.

As a prior candidate for House District 25, I felt I brought the issues of civic responsibility, honesty and integrity to the table. I was disheartened to see the negativity and mud slinging that went on at the debate held by KPCW as well as over the past few weeks. I am concerned by the Democratic Primary to be held next week, and ask myself, "Does District 25 have a candidate that could achieve the same caliber as our predecessors, which the citizens of District 25 so greatly deserve?"

I ask the constituents of District 25 to do your research on the candidates, call them with your questions, and then participate in the democratic process on June 27.


Chris Ferguson

Salt Lake City

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