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Letters to the Editor:


I was very excited to hear that there would be low-income housing in Park City. I thought that it was a great idea. That was until I drove by the other day. It’s bad enough that the construction has taken over a year and keeps getting delayed (pushing costs onto the low-income families) but to paint it the colors they did is appalling. I literally had to stop my car and gasp at the eyesore that was before me. I cannot believe that the city approved such horrendous colors. To put "that" in the middle of million-dollar properties is insane. The simple act of painting these houses has caused the property value of the surrounding houses to go down. Who in their right mind would live next to that monstrosity? What was the city thinking? Please, please, please, re-paint that eyesore with a color that fits in with the surrounding properties.


Jill Sandlin

Park City

Ban cell phones for mental health


After reading about the proposed law banning the use of cell phones while driving, I thought to myself, there are so many other times and places I would like to see cell phones banned.

Driving while using a cell phone is obviously the most abusive. You are operating a piece of heavy machinery — you need to apply ALL of your attention to this task. If you don’t, you are endangering the lives of those around you. Especially in a town where we have bikers, runners, walkers and tourists who don’t know their way around. I don’t think there is any good argument or reason to be on a cell phone while driving — PULL OVER !

But, I would like to add two more places and situations where cell phones should be banned.

1. Restaurants: There was an article in the June 28 issue of The Park Record about how secondhand cigarette smoke can ruin a good meal. Well, so can having someone next to you chattering away loudly on a cell phone.

2. Outdoors: Again, an article in the same issue of The Park Record by John Krist. He was bothered by a beeping watch someone was wearing on a river trip. Imagine that you are on a raft, a bike, a horse or ski lift or anywhere you want to get away from it all and there is some idiot near you barking away on a cell phone!!

I loved the quote from the article by Krist, "It is possible to be too much in touch. The more we talk, the less we listen. The more chatter we hear, the less we think. The more we obsess about where we need to be and what we need to do in the next hour, the next day, the next week, the less time we spend in the HERE AND NOW."

We are concerned about the effects of secondhand smoke on our physical health, we should be concerned about the effects of secondhand cell phone conversations on our mental health.


Krista Wilhelmsen

Park City

Thank you, Summit County!


No longer will rumors of complacent Summit County voters mill around the political circles of Utah’s electorate. Humble thanks to the many voters of Snyderville Basin who made an impressive statement in the House 25 Democratic Primary. Your overwhelming confidence in my ability to represent you, your families and your community makes me even more motivated to serve you well and make you proud. I share your desire to create positive change and improve the quality of Utahns’ lives from the classroom to the trailhead. I hope you will make an equally impressive statement in November. Thank you for your support and confidence.

Christine "Chris" Johnson

Democratic Candidate, House District 25

No more skiing?


I read Mr. Keith Baker’s comments [letter to the editor, June 28] regarding the impending demise of the Utah ski business due to global warming.

Now I must admit that my first reaction was to bring to Mr. Baker’s attention that well before 1960 until 1994, the Democratic Party held the Congress (House and Senate) and that from 1960 until today, there have been four Democratic presidents. But seeing how no one party or president can really change the world, I felt it would be a waste of effort.

I was also tempted to point out that according to a Newsweek article dated June 26, 1975 ("The Cooling World"), there was major global cooling going on from 1300 to 1850 referred to as "the little ice age." This article also went on to say that our global temperature goes in and out of troughs (even Republicans can’t make that happen) over hundreds of years.

But considering most of the so-called environmentalists are now on the "global warming" bandwagon, calling for all sorts of knee-jerk reactionary fixes, I would just give him and your wonderful, well informed readers a Web site to review.

Now, this is not just some "let the world die as long as my rich Republican friends make money" site. No, this is a scientifically supported and sponsored site that states "glaciers are growing, not receding" and gives examples of that statement.

So, if you’re ready for the truth, inconvenient or not, look up http://iceagenow.com/ and see what a large number of those in the scientific community are saying that is not reported because it doesn’t fit the environmentalist mantra.

As for Mr. Baker, on a personal note, maybe you should either just walk off a cliff now or become a little more positive in your life. Remember what Robert Oppenheimer, the inventor of the atomic bomb said, "The optimist thinks this is the best of all possible worlds. The pessimist fears it is true."

Roger Strand

Park City

Freedoms and global warming


Did Keith Baker of Heber City just watch Al Gore’s documentary on global warming in an air-conditioned, state-of-the-art movie theater using manmade (gasp) movie cameras to come up with such grandiose verbiage and insight into why global warming is occurring? What exactly does he expect the all-powerful, omnipotent Republicans to do? Hurricanes, drought, famine, poverty, volcanic eruptions (think Hawaii), etc. These naturally occurring events have been recorded since Biblical times. The cycles of warming and freezing of the Earth for millennia have been documented scientifically.

Maybe we could all live like the Mormon pioneers — horses, buggies, plowing our own fields, plural wives (just kidding). There is no Garden of Eden today in the 21st century.

We are registered Republicans. My husband is a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association. He commutes in a hybrid vehicle. Just as Mr. Baker chooses to live in Heber, we choose to live in the Park City area.

To blame the problems of global warming squarely on the shoulders of Republican leadership is as insane as outlawing cars because they maim and kill bicyclists. Oh, that reminds me. Guns kill, too. Not criminals, not people.

Wake up, liberals, and enjoy today’s technological advances without guilting and shaming Republicans for the freedoms we all enjoy, no matter what political affiliation.

Freedom of speech. Freedom of religion. The right to property. The right to bear arms. Freedom is what makes America great.

Happy Independence Day, Mr. Baker!


Terri Lynne Keene

Park City

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