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Letters to the Editor


I do like KPCW (kudos to Rick, Leslie, Randy, Dave, Linda and everybody), so there is my disclaimer. However, I am a wee bit annoyed with one of you.

This Saturday, KPCW finished its weeklong fundraiser with an all-day auction of items donated by various businesses. Blair Feulner was the major auction person. Several times during the auction, Blair, you encouraged folks to give because "it’s only money." Well, that just smacks my hardworking nerves! At one point, when a listener was bidding $900 on an item, you expressed your consternation that someone was going to get this item for a "mere $900." You made similar statements last fundraiser and the year prior.

OK, here’s a news flash. Maybe KPCW thinks it’s funny, and I am sure it was sarcasm or a joke, but it’s not "only money." It’s not a "mere $900," no matter how great the deal. That money is the product of hard work, training, smart investing, saving, etc. And you know what? That "only money" stuff can be spent elsewhere and given to other organizations. I believe you were probably just fooling around, but given that your six-figure salary (and that of your associate) caused quite an entertaining stir a few months ago, you might want to rein in the facetious comments.

Yep, Park City is probably overrun with millionaires, but I’ll bet most of them did not get to be millionaires by thinking its "only money," or it’s a "mere" amount. Folks who think it’s "only money" usually do not wind up becoming the people who are swimming in it. No matter how much people make or have, when I heard you say "it’s only money," and then you asked for mine, well, it didn’t convince me to open up my wallet. And my dollars — I had them planned to go to KPCW — were insulted and had to stay home because they wanted to go where they would be appreciated. Money, you know, is so fickle and gets put out so easily.

Natascha Lautenschlaeger

Park City

P.C. schools help fight heart disease


For every newborn who clings to life in spite of a heart defect for every parent, grandparent, daughter or son taken too soon by heart disease and stroke for the millions of Americans of all ages whose lives are instantly and profoundly changed each year by heart disease and stroke this past school year, Park City students, school staff and parents set an example for the entire community by helping to save lives.

As youth market director for the Jump Rope For Heart and Hoops For Heart programs and on behalf of the American Heart Association, I want to send out a big thank you to all those who contributed to making this year a great success. Thanks to all the school coordinators — Jen Wheelwright at Parley’s Park Elementary School, Cathy Hinshaw at McPolin Elementary School, Dan Meier at Trailside Elementary School, Chip Cook at Jeremy Ranch Elementary School and Mim Nellermoe at Park City Academy. Through their hard work and efforts, nearly $50,000 was raised to fight our greatest health risks heart disease and stroke.

The Jump Rope For Heart and Hoops For Heart programs promote the value of physical education to elementary and middle school students, while showing them they can contribute to their community’s welfare. Children also learn how a healthy lifestyle can fight the number one and number three killers of Americans heart disease and stroke.

It is estimated that in 2006, cardiovascular diseases and stroke will cost Americans more than $403 billion in health expenditures and lost productivity. Our efforts in the Jump Rope For Heart and Hoops For Heart programs will help the American Heart Association advance groundbreaking medical research, spread lifesaving knowledge, and achieve stronger, longer lives for people in countless communities across our country.

Thanks again to everyone who helped make last year’s Jump Rope For Heart and Hoops For Heart programs such a rousing success! Hopefully, this year will be an even bigger success. With your support, we are making progress and saving lives.


Cassidie Fenton

Youth market director

American Heart Association

Utah Division

Sleepless in Park City


Do you know where your children are? Those of us who have teen-age drivers immediately go to their phones when the sirens sound. Although the fire and police departments do an excellent job, I have never heard as many sirens as in the past two years. They seem to occur nightly, often two or three times in a two-hour period and often after 10 p.m. I understand the need for emergency responses, but it seems there must be another way without alarming Park City and the Snyderville Basin. I’m sure the first thought in every parent’s mind is his or her child’s involvement in an accident. Response teams, YES, but some judicious use of multiple sirens should occur.

W. Gary Smith

Park City

Americans are numbing out


After the latest "terrorist plot" originating from England (in which details are sketchy at best), we now get to listen to the current administration and its backers attempting to use this for political gain hoping to raise support for their extremist policies. This familiar game has been played for several years now and has accounted for victory in the last two national elections.

The collapse of the "war president’s" popularity and now Lieberman’s political defeat suggests that Americans are numbing out and want more intelligent and honest answers rather than the emotional ones we’ve been force-fed, and are demanding real solutions to combat the war on terror from our leaders.

Dennis Kostecki

Waimea, Hawaii

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