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Letters to the Editor


Another beautiful day in Park City. People out enjoying gardening, running, biking BANG. I turned around after hearing that heart-pounding sound and saw the aftermath of the collision that had just taken place. A bike embedded in the front grill of the SUV, windshield shattered right in front of the driver, biker laying motionless and tangled on the pavement to the side, blood streaming.

The driver in shock at what just occurred. The neighbors all scurrying about in panic, calling 911. They cover her with blankets as she starts to move, bystanders calm her down, she’s now awake and

in shock. Moments later, help arrives. WOW, they are fast. While the medics take care of her, the neighbors comfort the driver, crying, worrying about the biker’s condition, will she be all right?

The ambulance whisks the wounded away, off to an emergency room, bike season over. What remains at the scene: mangled bike and parts strewn about the road way, blood being washed away, police taking pictures of the scene, reports being made. Finally, everyone disperses, no evidence left of what had just occurred here less than an hour ago. I watch as bikers pass, oblivious to the carnage that preceded them.

If I had turned around five seconds earlier I would have been a witness to this, instead I got to be part of the cleanup. I don’t know who was at fault, but I do know that accidents like this take place way too often. Park City, of all places, should be a place where bikers and drivers use the roads with respect for each other. People come here for recreation, relaxation, exuberance, fun. Drivers, slow down when approaching bikers, give them room, pass, and continue on to your birthday party, concert or whatever it is that brings you to this beautiful place. Bikers, share the road, I know the law says you can ride two abreast, but is it necessary when riding on a busy road? Chat somewhere else. Do you think you are helping the sport by hogging the road, slowing traffic, losing respect from drivers?

It’s a tragic end to the beginning of a beautiful day.


John Goodwin

Park City biker

Misleading and offensive signs


As Silver Springs residents, the political banners that have appeared at the entry to our neighborhood offend us. The behavior of this candidate or group is not only offensive but slanderous.

As longtime friends and supporters of Bob Richer, we know the banners are misleading. Bob is not in favor of big government. He is in favor of, and as commission chairperson has worked for, efficient, effective government. He supports the democratic process and has voted to give citizens of Summit County the right to determine which form of government we want.

If candidates or committees oppose changes in our form of government, they should identify themselves and stand up for the beliefs. Hiding behind oversized, misleading and offensive banners before the election is a good indication of how they will behave after.


Randy and Dixie Spagnoletti

Park City

The Kenny G Show


Kudos to The Park Record for its continuing saga of the Kenny G Show. It’s been amusing to read on the front page the trials and tribulations of Park City’s self-proclaimed savior, Kenny Griswold, as he moans and groans and shakes his fist at the mean ol’ Canyons resort and the big bad execs at American Skiing Co. For those who remember his failed attempt at ski area management under Wolf Mountain, it’s been a return to the good old days of the Kenny G Show.

But lately "the Show" has turned stale. Some are worried about a California city boy, who runs business from his Hollywood Hills mansion, and the promise of this downstream greed-head ruining years of hard work and investment The Canyons/ASC management has put into transforming the failure of Wolf Mountain into the successful and profitable Canyons resort.

But never fear, in this week’s episode, Vail Ski Area management has come to our rescue. For months, Kenny’s barking-mad claims of misdeeds by The Canyons/ASC against Wolf Mountain, can finally be seen as the ravings of someone diverting from yet another failure. Kenny’s latest claim that he has been negotiating with Vail Resorts to manage The Canyons Resort after he takes over has turned out to be pure bunk. So, Vail Resorts is gearing up to manage one of the largest ski resorts in the country in just a matter of months? Oh, did I howl when I read the quote from Vail Resorts that they didn’t have any idea of what the heck he was talking about. Never met him, never talked to him.

The latest? Summit County sued Kenny G. Turns out it was Kenny, not The Canyons, who has breached contracts and broken promises, which is the reason The Canyons Golf Course hasn’t been built. But Kenny still claims he needs to take over The Canyons before ASC harms the community. That’s a good one, Kenny.

Although the G-Man has a history of sticking his tasseled shoe deep into his loud mouth, this time the truth was finally printed on the front page. Stay tuned

Mike Stoner

Park City

Special thanks to PCMR


For the fifth straight year, the Park City Mountain Resort has hosted all three summer camps for Arts-Kids. We wish to recognize Tom Pettigrew, summer operations manager, and Peter Curtis, president and general manager, for their generosity in providing this prime space each summer as well as complimentary tickets for the Alpine Slide for participants. The mountain environment is a wonderful setting to have our camps. Mary Flynn and Dave Lundstrom were extremely helpful in ensuring our days there were without problem.

Thank you, Park City Mountain Resort, for continuing to be a contributing member of the community and supporting Park City’s children in such a generous manner.


Pat Drewry Sanger

Founder/program director

Kris Beer

Executive director, Arts-Kids

Thanks for Julie’s vision


At this time, when Park City is celebrating Friends of Animals (for example, as pointed out in Teri Orr’s recent column), it’s a good time to remember that in the beginning there was a simple idea to try to make the county animal shelter a humane refuge. That idea came from the experience and heart of Julie Morgan. It grew through the generosity of the late Norm Weiss who encouraged Julie to expand the scope of her effort. I personally give Julie Morgan silent thanks every day for the animals that have blessed my life the direct legacy of her single-minded dedication and hard work.


Kate Doordan

Park City

Tollgate Canyon’s CERT members


Many residents from Tollgate Canyon just completed an eight-week class to become certified CERT members (Community Emergency Response Team). Eighteen residents completed the class and are now playing leadership roles in the Tollgate community.

Tollgate Canyon’s CERT extends a BIG thank you to Butch Swenson,

Summit County Sheriff’s Department, North Summit Fire Department, Park City Fire District and Summit County’s EMS. We appreciate your time and dedication in teaching us how to minimize the risk of fire, and how to best respond to an emergency situation. We are now better prepared to keep our mountain safer!

Thank you, Tollgate team!


Sarah West


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