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I have spent a lot of time over the last four years discussing the Iraq war. Never was I in favor of it. And often I found myself in strenuous debates about this war. In the last year, I have been surprised to learn that many of my acquaintances are now against the war. Over coffee or a cocktail they have announced that Iraq is a mess and we shouldn’t have been there.

Okay. Good. Now, those that I’ve debated or talked with who are now against the war have a chance to speak up as Americans. Next Thursday President Bush will be in Salt Lake to address the American Legion. Two days before that, Secretaries Rice and Rumsfeld will be speaking to the same group. On Wednesday you have the opportunity to march and demonstrate our displeasure with this administration’s policy in Iraq.

So, show up and march. Demonstrate your commitment. And for those of us who say, "although I don’t agree with his policies, we need to show respect for the President," I point you to a quote from a founding father, Thomas Jefferson, "When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty." Or another great president, Abraham Lincoln, "To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men."

Let your voice now be heard. It’s time for a discourse on the big stage. See you in Salt Lake City.

Paul Kirwin

Park City

A waste of time and money


I’ll bet that every kid in Park City knows that slurry seal is garbage. Slurry seal is pure government waste. It’s not pavement and it doesn’t seal anything. It’s slick and bumpy and creates a big mess for a few months.

Slurry seal is hazardous to drive on and all the vibration causes the road to crack up faster.

What slurry seal does do is make a lot of money for the slurry seal fat cats. They know they have a bad product but because suckers buy it, they can still produce it. The tax increases this year should just about destroy every road in the county.

I’m sure this money could be spent on something less destructive. I’d rather see county employees just steal the money

John Haney

Park City

In case of emergency


The Labor Day holiday weekend presents risk of at-home accidents and injuries as families and friends gather for the last barbecues, neighborhood block and pool parties of summer. A recent survey reveals that Americans are concerned about emergencies that would prompt 9-1-1 calls, including a fear of robberies, burglaries and break-ins both at their home (nearly 90 percent) and at a neighbor’s home (88 percent); drowning (87 percent); serious falls during home repairs (87 percent).

For at-home emergencies, traditional, landline phone connections represent the safest, most reliable way to dial 9-1-1, yet 37 percent of survey respondents have ONLY cordless phones in their home. More than half do not understand that cordless phones rely on electricity, and will not function if the power goes out. Two-thirds of people don’t think landline phones are necessary and consumers, age 18-29, use landlines least often.

Furthermore, 9-1-1 operators do not always receive location information when a caller dials from a cell phone — it often has to be communicated verbally between both parties, which slows emergency response time. Many people are beginning to discontinue their landline phone service prematurely. Technology is good, but not quite there.

When dealing with emergencies at home, dialing 9-1-1 from a traditional, corded landline phone is the safest, most reliable way. Before enjoying Labor Day weekend 2006, I urge you to visit http://www.connectforsafety.com.

Best regards,

Robert Martin

Executive director

National Emergency Number Association (NENA)

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