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Letters to the Editor


It is with our deepest gratitude and thanks to you all for your love and kindness for the loss of our son, father and brother, James Phillip Santy.

A special thanks to Chief Kelly Gee and Tricia Hurd, public information officer, of the Park City Fire Service District, to Chief Lloyd Evans and the Park City Police Department, and to Sheriff Dave Edmunds and his officers for the very special honors given to Jim.

Thank you and our love to you all.

Jim and Carol Santy

Terri, John and Michael Santy

Carolee Polvere

Gena McNeil

Park City Marathon


We were never more proud of Park City and its great citizenry than this Saturday, when 150 people pulled together to fill and pass out 10,000 cups of water, direct traffic, offer words of encouragement, and generally act as a tremendous support system for the 500 runners who came from all over the country and a few foreign lands to the 10th Annual Wild Oats Park City Marathon and Relay.

One volunteer’s comment was, "I thought we were supposed to cheer the runners, but instead they were cheering us!" These volunteers are a testament to the selflessness that makes Park City such a special community, and we thank you all.

We’d also like to thank Mother Nature for making a cool parting of the clouds during the race, and to our sponsors, who make wonderful contributions on all levels, from Wild Oats, ProBar and Hammer Gel food provisions, to Utah Trailways’ shuttle service, to the very stylish staff jackets provided by Wasatch Running Center.

Six proud veteran runners took home a coveted duffle bag bearing the insignia, "First Ten Year Club 1997-2006," and with the wonderful local support received, we are excited to begin our second decade of this classic Park City event.

Jolie McTavish, race director

and the Park City Marathon organizing committee

Kudos to Rocky Anderson


Aug. 30’s demonstration has shown that Mayor Rocky Anderson is providing Salt Lake City and the State of Utah with the opportunity to express concerns about the current government’s positions on the war in Iraq. His call to join in a demonstration is a shining light in a sea of red.

Looking back, we know there were NO weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. This was a preemptive strike that has never taken place in the history of our nation. Because of this "go it alone" attitude, we have lost many of our allies.

Most disturbing is the number of our dead and maimed soldiers, as well as the tens of thousands of Iraqis dying in a bloody Civil War. After years of bloodshed we are no safer today than when this fiasco began.

This administration operates against its citizens by using fear fear of the unknown, fear of terrorist attacks and are slowly eroding life as we know it.

Four thousand to five thousand progressive Democrats, Republicans and Independents joined in the demonstration against a government that does not represent the concerns of its citizens.

Congratulations to a brave and honest mayor for standing up to hateful, right-wing neo-conservatives.

Diane Mellen

Park City

Light poles at ice rink park


I can’t tell you the shock I felt the first time I came off U.S. 40, turned onto 248 towards Park City and saw the field of bright aluminum light poles jumping out in front of, and spoiling the view of, our magnificent mountain peaks. Surely this obscenity can be toned down if not completely removed. I notice the shorter light poles are dark in color; isn’t this the least we can do on the taller ones? Please tell me that we will STOP destroying the beauty and openness we all came here for… once it is destroyed, we can’t wish it back.


Judd Griffin

Park City

Thanks to a coach


On behalf of my family I would like to thank Coach Josh Fisher for all he did for PCHS Girl’s Volleyball. We admire his dedication, loyalty and hard work.

We appreciate the time he devoted to getting the team to the point that they were able to succeed with a smashing success at the Park City Volleyball Tournament this past weekend.

We are saddened and hurt by his dismissal and by those who continue to brag about it.

We wish the best of luck and good fortune to a fantastic team and will cheer them on their road to a state title!


Peggy Barber

Park City

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