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I hate to be the one to burst the bubble of blissful ignorance that Mr. Flaherty bobs around in (Letters to the editor, Aug. 30) but there are some basic flaws in his argument that I felt compelled to address.

If it’s "shameful" that a mayor leads a demonstration against our president in a time of war then why did we need the Nuremberg trials at all for those leaders, military men and underlings that followed Hitler’s doctrine to the letter? After all, they were supporting their leader in a time of war. Just because Bush is president doesn’t make him right.

And Cindy Sheehan an opportunist? After that line, I half expected the next one to be about how he enjoys throwing kittens into a boiling vat of oil. Cindy Sheehan wakes up every day with the guilt of knowing that she encouraged her son to join the military — she encouraged him to sign a death warrant not for something valiant like our freedom but for what turned out to be the personal agenda of a liar.

Mr. Flaherty says he feels safer now. Since our pre-emptive invasion of Iraq, terrorism has risen to an all-time high and young Muslim boys and girls have more reason than ever to hate us and become the next generation of terrorists. This administration has also ensured that we have become more dependent than ever on oil. They have nixed every bill designed to minimize pollution and curb global warming and the national surplus they came to office with is now massive debt that will throw us into the next big depression.

No Mr. Flaherty, Mayor Anderson did not waive his civil rights when he took the oath of office. He simply promised to lead with his heart and do the right thing. He stood up and said: This is wrong! That’s what he has always done and continues to do. It is backbone like this that brought voting rights to women, equality to blacks and, yes, independence to the citizens of the United States of America from the tyranny of British rule.

Rachel Sharwell


Get the message, just hang up


Well, parents, another school year has started and we are back at the same old routine. I’m only hoping that those of you who read this will take the time to really think about the contents of this letter.

I volunteer as a parking lot mom. I know that many of you have busy schedules, but I am asking you to PLEASE put the phone down while you drop off and pick up your child. They will be away from you for SEVEN HOURS! That is a lifetime for them. Give them a loving send off and an enthusiastic greeting and you will send them the message that they are your first priority and the phone calls can wait. Have a great year!

Trudy Cohen

Park City

Less will be worse


It is easy to get caught up in sloganeering, but looking beyond is important. This election day, Summit County residents will have the opportunity to assure that their future is better, not worse, by voting to establish a more representative, elected five-member county government legislature and authorizing the hiring of a county manager.

The impacts of decisions made by three people many years ago are obvious to all who need to drive through Kimball Junction and into Park City. As a resident of 15 years, I do not believe that those of us who are here have either the legal or moral right to bar the door to those who wish to seek to improve their lifestyle and the future for their children by moving to Summit County.

But I do believe that a form of government in existence in the 19th and 20th centuries in Summit which emphasized the rights of property owners to do whatever they want with their land is no longer appropriate for the Summit County of the 21st century and potentially destructive of the very things for which we came to Summit County and Park City.

You, the citizens, have the opportunity on Nov. 7 to help assure that Summit’s future and the lifestyle we came for will be preserved by supporting the proposed change in the county form of government. Stay home and you will be assured that someone else will make the decision for you — and it may not be to your liking, but it will be to the liking of rapacious and greedy land developers whose only concern is the maximization of their profits.

It’s time to move our form of government into the 21st century. Back to the future is a recipe for the worst, not the best form of government.

Thanks to Commissioners Elliott and Richer for the chance to decide our own future.


Mike Andrews

Park City

Helping our furry friends


On behalf of the Summit County Friends of Animals (FOA) Board of Trustees, THANK YOU, Park City community, for sharing our enthusiasm by supporting the 10th annual Barking Ball! Much thanks to the generous sponsors, donors, guests and volunteers for making this our biggest fundraiser yet! We couldn’t do it without all of you.

With Prudential Utah Real Estate as our presenting sponsor, we had quite the celebration at The Lodges at Deer Valley with a crowd of more than 300. With the triumph of this event, we will continue to rescue hundreds of cats and dogs from our local shelters and, through our adoption center, Furburbia, find permanent loving homes for over 650 animals a year. We also remember and thank the core group of community members who founded this great organization — without whom, we would not be doing the great things we are doing today.

Cheers for all Friends of Animals,

Jill Little and Debbie Walsh

2006 Barking Ball Co-Chairs

Annual library book sale


Thank you, Park City! Once again, the Friends of the Park City Library owe many thanks to everyone who made the annual used book sale a great success. Beginning with locals, who throughout the year donate massive quantities of quality books, we thank you so much. We could never pull this off without scores of volunteers who help sort all year long, then set up and staff our sale and the city workers who dedicate a morning to moving hundreds of boxes from storage to the auditorium. Thanks to Dan’s Market for donating breakfast to our early morning workers and to Albertsons who provided bags for our Blow Out Bag Sale on Labor Day. We not only met our goal, we exceeded it, bringing in over $11,000. Thanks for supporting the Friends who support your library.

Barbara Bretz

Cindy Meyer

Co-presidents FOL

Willie Nelson comes to town


So great to see Hollywood arriving in Park City. The admiration and respect for this man was so clear and evident last Monday night. Definitely a full house. The parking lot was full. The wait for the city bus was about 45 minutes. It took that long for the cars to leave them enough room to arrive.

Sandy Houston

Park City

Horses on the loose


On behalf of the National Ability Center’s equestrian staff, we would like to thank the Park City Police Department for their diligent help in capturing our escaped horses in the wee hours on Sept. 1. The officers went beyond the call of duty to herd our three escapees off of S.R. 248 into the safety of our ranch and continued their diligence until all were safe behind bars! We also extend a warm thank you to the dispatch officer for her caring assistance. Our equine staff is fully restored and serving our riders with disabilities. Thank you!

Warm regards,

The Equestrian Staff at the National Ability Center

Park City

Miners Day parade


On behalf of the Park City Historical Society & Museum, I’d like to thank the many volunteers who helped us win the "Funkiest Old Miner" prize in the recent Miners’ Day Parade. Bill Brown deserves a special thanks for driving the hearse during the parade; Dan Matthews with Jordanelle Special Service District also deserves thanks for the loan of hard hats and slickers that were worn by our "miners." A big thank you to Ron Butkovich for the loan of costumes and float decoration, and of course to all our volunteer "miners," "Mother Urban and her Ladies of the Night," and other Park City characters that made our entry come alive. We hope the spectators had as much fun and enjoyment as we did. Finally, thanks to the Rotary Club, sponsors of the parade, for giving us the "Funkiest Old Miner" award.

All the characters will rise again on Oct. 29 for "Halloween at the Glenwood."

Johanna Fassbender,

Curator of education

Park City Museum

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