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Are we getting "hosed" in Park City? Last week, I drove from Houston, Texas, to Park City. The differences in the price of regular gasoline in other parts of the country, compared to Park City, are significant. Examples of prices I actually paid are: Houston, $2.359; Billings, Okla., $2.399; Salina, Kan., $2.389; Bennett, Colo., $2.789; Cheyenne, Wyo., $2.799; Park City, $2.935.

Since August, the price of crude oil has dropped from $77 to almost $60 per barrel, and the average retail price of regular gasoline in the U.S. has dropped from just over $3 to $2.50 per gallon. The fact that gasoline prices in Park City remain at near record levels should raise some serious questions.

Stan Hooley

Park City

Tabloid headlines


I am disillusioned by The Park Record article last week, the first bold word in the heading being "Sex." The substance of your article, which appears to deal with the touching of hair on one occasion and a temporary assignment to screen mixed e-mails — the contents of which the receiver has little control — did not warrant your headline. I believed this paper was above such tabloid sensationalism, so offensive to your intelligent readers.

The person to whom the accusation of sexual harassment was levied is well known as a business leader of high integrity, supportive of many worthy local and charitable endeavors. He is the recipient of many awards in recognition of such. To blemish his good name by such an indiscreet article, based on unspecified allegations, supposedly of acts occurring approximately four years ago, diminishes your stature. To this reader, the accusation was an apparent attempt of a disgruntled former employee to extract money and yet you played it up as a legitimate claim and current scandal. Anyone can make accusations but a responsible newspaper would have chosen to await the outcome, rather than subject this admired member of the community and his family to such damaging publicity. Shame on you.

George Weinstein

Park City

‘Yes’ for open space


One of the delights of living in Park City is indulging in the natural beauty of our surroundings. Many of us get a pleasant sense of joy when we round the bend and take in the sight of the McPolin barn and its surrounding meadows. It’s chilling to visualize what this land could have looked like if it had been saturated with hundreds of condos.

We owe our gratitude to those who had the foresight to preserve this sublime visual asset.

Park City has saved 4,000 acres of open space over the years, but pressure to develop our remaining open space is now more intense than ever before. Our open space is at risk. Once it is gone, it is lost forever. Protecting it must continue to be among our top priorities as a community.

Please vote "Yes" to Park City’s open space bond on Nov. 7.

John Huebner

Park City

Regarding Kostecki’s letter


Mr. Kostecki, I know you have a good heart and strong convictions. However using things out of context diminishes your argument [Letters to the Editor, Sept. 20].

The text you refer to was related to the Soviet Union. Eisenhower said, "The United States and our valued friends, the other free nations, chose one road, the leaders of the Soviet Union chose another."

The Soviet Union, with its desire for power superiority compelled free nations to spend unprecedented amounts of money on weapons of defense.

He said further on; "What can the world, or any nation in it, hope for if no turning is found from this dread road? — A wasting of strength that defies the American system or the Soviet system or any system to achieve true abundance and happiness for the peoples of this earth. Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, In the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and those not clothed." The full speech can be found at the Eisenhower Library Web site.

His words were directed to a nation that caused waste among other nations that could have been spent for better causes. Not unlike the terrorists that have taken so much from America and the Middle East.

President Eisenhower hated war, like most soldiers; however, he would never cut and run from a just battle.

I personally like this quote:

"War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling, which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself."

–John Stuart Mills (1806-1873)

Do I agree with the current administration 100 percent? NO! But I thank God that we as Americans can disagree, dissent, debate and still live in freedom.

Roger Strand

Park City

Torture and morality


Why is organized religion in this country almost wholly silent regarding the suggested legalization of torture? Setting aside legal and political matters for the moment, the basic moral implications alone of recent Bush proposals require a reasoned and humane response. Who better than the church to answer that need?

The mere fact that such a defilement of our country’s pride and high standards is even being considered demands immediate and resolute confrontation. Something is vitally wrong if our churches cannot take a united stand on this issue. Even profoundly pious fundamentalists and left wing zealots should be able to find common ground here.

Even though this appears to be just another situation our president has looked straight in the eye and gotten totally wrong, we need to make some noise this time. Remember the emperor’s clothes? We need to let him know he’s naked.


Nick Wright

Park City

Maternal role model


Thank you so much for your stellar article about Nancy Hendrickson (Sept. 16-19). It warms my heart to read about a hardworking single mom who still has the time to give to others, and with that beautiful smile on her face.

Her children have a real role model to be proud of.


Kitty Entwisle-Sherer

Park City

Patriots on both sides


In the ongoing pro-war/anti-war Iraq debate, I find myself looking at two ships passing in the night. Neither side seems to be discussing the fundamental issues confronting this nation in the Middle East and in the war on terrorism. I largely support the strategic reasons behind our entry and continued presence in Iraq, but I find it deeply troubling that most pro-war supporters believe dissenting views are unpatriotic. Dissent, debate and protest are the hallmark of a healthy democracy. Calling for a "no-debate" policy once troops are deployed assumes that every intervention, by default, is above reproach. It is a "my country right or wrong" attitude that could seriously undermine the very national security objectives we are trying to accomplish. On the other hand, the tenor of most anti-war and Democratic protests center on the idea that Bush is the devil incarnate and a pathological liar (wasn’t that the same accusation the Right made against Clinton?).

Bush is neither a saint nor Satan. His administration has done a lot of things right, and some things terribly wrong, but that is what should be debated. Ad hominem attacks, imputing ill motives, and the outright demonization by both sides against the other side only decreases our ability to find answers to very complex issues, and weakens our ability to act effectively as a nation.

Wesley Smith

Park City

Gallery strolls are great!


I just wanted to share some information with your readers. I have been able to pull the traffic counts in our gallery on Friday nights from 6 to 9 p.m. to see how the gallery strolls are affecting us.

In the month of June the highest number of visitors during that time frame on a Friday night was 79 people. But, on the gallery stroll on June 30, the numbers jumped up to 226 during those three hours.

In the month of July the highest number of visitors was 110 during that time frame. But, on the gallery stroll for Arts Festival on Aug. 4, it jumped up to 301 visitors.

I just thought I’d let you know that the monthly strolls are successful for getting people onto Main Street and into the galleries. Thank you to the Kimball Art Center for managing the new Park City Gallery Association and improving the monthly gallery stroll events. We are pleased to be a member of the new Gallery Association.

Best regards,

Laura Alleman, gallery manager

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