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This November we vote for the future of Summit County, by saying Yes to Proposition 1. As a former county commissioner, I favor this change for an expanded Summit County Commission.

Commissioners now serve "part-time." It can be an overwhelming full-time job, however, to oversee 300-plus employees and a $40 million budget, while developing policies and then enacting them, all with very little administrative help.

The change will not cost us any more money either, contrary to the fears expressed that it will cost "millions of dollars." This is not true. In fact all three current Commissioners have agreed, in writing, that it will easily fit within the existing budget. You may view their document, and the study report, at summitstepsforward.org.

Two more commissioners and an appointed manager is good government and good for the county. This is an important, and non-partisan, issue.

Please vote Yes on 1, for better, not bigger government.

Patrick Cone


Muslim anti-pope protests


I am standing here in shock at the ferocity of some people against the pope, his recent remarks, and the hysteric "out of context" protests it sprouted. I am more astonished that when the pope needed support, it was so scarce to find, if at all.

We, the people of the free world, are behind you, support you, and know in our hearts that there was no malice intended toward anyone. It was the perception not the message that was taken wrong, and not for the first time. I am still reeling from the cartoon episode, not to forget the murder of Van Gogh, the moviemaker in Holland. Were any of us exposed to the daily publications in some countries, those who cry foul the loudest, we could see that the respect requested from us is not reciprocated, but rather abused.

I am of no special persuasion, and hope that my words of support — as minuscule as they may be — will be accepted by the pope and the church. Primarily we are human beings and free speech is all we have left.


Jack Karmel

Park City

A family’s gratitude


My husband and I would like to thank the community and businesses for all the support and effort to help us during a difficult time. The benefit for our daughter Kristina and the Children’s Heart Foundation at the Egyptian Theatre was heartwarming and a reminder of how fortunate we are to live in such a wonderful place. We would like to thank the caterers, Done to Your Taste, Butchers, Wasatch Brewery and of course all of our friends and volunteers that put so much energy and time in to make the evening a success. We would also like to extend our appreciation to my friends and fellow musicians, Motherlode Canyon Band, Small House Strings and Rich Wyman and Lisa Needham, who took the time to help support our cause. All the prayers and positive thoughts will stay with us for the surgeries to come. With research and medical technology we hope for the future to help children with congenital hearts defects.

Much love and appreciation,

Jeanne Rettos Logan, Tom, Michael and Kristina

Immigration meeting


I attended the meeting on immigration for a scout merit badge. The meeting was held at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church on Thursday, Sept. 21. It was interesting to go and hear what people had to say about immigration.

Based on what I heard I feel that everyone should obey the laws but maybe the laws should be changed to allow good people from other countries to enter our country easier. Thank you to all of those people who put this meeting together. It was very informative.

Joseph Palmer, age 12

Ecker Hill Middle School student

Girls soccer teams rock!


Through the process of developing the Quinn’s Junction, Park City Sports Complex, City staff has occasionally been asked to help with clearing the fields prior to seeding. The last field needed all large rocks removed before it could be seeded. A small group of City staff had worked for 1.5 hours when Head Coach Matt Evans and the Park City High School girls soccer teams showed up to help. Within 30 minutes the field was almost completely cleared. Thanks to Matt and one of his Black Diamond Soccer Club teams, the rest was finished later that day and the field was seeded the next day! What a great effort by the local soccer organizations to help prepare the complex for our community to use. Thanks for all your time and help.

Karen Yocum

Matt Twombly

Park City Recreation

Capital Projects

Golf tourney for Habitat


A much-deserved "Thank You" to the outstanding affiliate members of the Park City Board of Realtors who hosted the Building Balance golf tournament benefiting Habitat for Humanity last week. This event provided participants with fun and fellowship on the golf course, while delivering a substantial gift toward the creation of an affordable home.

The partnership between the realty community and Habitat for Humanity is a natural fit and one that is modeled throughout the U.S. Although we face significant challenges in housing our low-income neighbors, with the support and leadership of the realty community, we will be able to provide affordable housing for working, local families who otherwise would be shut out of home ownership in our beautiful mountain towns.

Bravo Park City Board of Realtors for having the heart and sharing the blessings the housing business has bestowed upon you with those less fortunate!

Nancy Garrison

Habitat for Humanity of

Summit and Wasatch counties

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