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Letters to the Editor


I’ve been reading about the pros and cons of changing county government. How can less be best when the Summit County population is expected to double in the next 10 years? I don’t understand why people wouldn’t appreciate the proposed change (for the better) in government. I’ve lived in the Snyderville Basin area for 16 years. I think of lot of the problems that have occurred pertaining to development, traffic congestion, planning and zoning — especially at Kimball Junction — could have been averted had there been a full-time, responsible county manager to help guide the elected and appointed officials.

The proposal to improve the government makes sense to me. I plan to vote in favor of it on Tuesday, Nov. 7 and urge my friends and neighbors to do the same on Election Day.


Steve Hegerfeld

Park City

Ms. Felton’s dismissal


I was just informed that my former ninth-grade science teacher, Alisa Felton has been dismissed from teaching in the Park City School District.

Ms. Felton was an excellent teacher and a fun person to be around and I was very upset to hear about her dismissal. Last year, I looked forward to going to her class, and I have never had so much fun in science. She also prepared me very well for high school, and I feel that without her, I wouldn’t have been as prepared as I was.

I know that the trip to the Grand Canyon was very important to her, and she took it to improve the education that her students received. I would like to thank Ms. Felton for her dedication to teaching and inspiring students.


Miley Feltman

Park City

Loss of a great teacher


It is with great sadness and frustration that I read about the upholding of Alicia Felton’s termination from Treasure Mountain International School. As a parent and employee of the district, I do not understand why the district cuts off its nose to spite its face. The worst part is that the students are the ones who suffer.

The school Web site states, "We aspire to provide each student an education that is as good as it gets anywhere in the nation."

Sadly, this is not the case when a tremendously qualified and popular teacher is terminated and the class is taught by under-qualified substitutes.

Susan Barbisan


Impressed with road maneuvers


To the driver of the de-badged black Subaru WRX with the sewer-pipe exhaust racing up Parley’s Canyon at 4:50 p.m. on Tuesday:

Your driving prowess is truly awe-inspiring. I was humbled by your manly presence mere inches from my rear bumper as I moved up the hill in the left lane behind many other commuters passing the two lanes of semis to our right. We were all going about 70 miles per hour, but apparently that was just too slow for a driver of your obvious skill and superior equipment. I was quite impressed by your driving abilities, but more so by the many other drivers who had to brake suddenly to avoid collisions with you, as you weaved and darted in and out of traffic using all three lanes as your personal racetrack.

Passing on the right is simply something I must learn to do more often, particularly at high speed and without using turn signals, as I noted that it allowed you to arrive at the Jeremy Ranch exit many milliseconds before I did.

Imagine my elation when I realized that you might be one of my neighbors as you continued to race through the residential area at a pace few of us would risk. Perhaps we could meet sometime so that you could teach me a thing or two about driving, or maybe I could teach you.

Rush Bowers

Jeremy Ranch

A tribute to Bonnie Park


As a 13-year resident of the Snyderville Basin I want to extend my thanks to Bonnie Park for her work at Basin Recreation. During her tenure, the Newpark Center, the Quinn’s Junction facility and Willow Creek Park were completed, and the trail system has grown exponentially.

I propose we change the Newpark Center’s name to the Bonnie Park Center.

Tom Williams

Park City

Proud to be a Parkite


Once again I find myself so proud to be a Parkite.

While listening to KPCW, as I do daily, I heard a report on the previous evening’s Park City Planning meeting about the proposed redevelopment of the NOMA district.

Mary Wintzer, who has businesses in that area, spoke up. She spoke about, not NOMA, but Main Street Park City. She correctly pointed out that Main Street Park City is the jewel that cannot be overshadowed. Not NOMA (North of Main) nor New Main (Newpark, at Kimball Jct.) are Main Street Park City. These areas should, in no way, detract from that fact.

How refreshing to hear Mary Wintzer putting her city first and her purse second.

Maureen McAllister

Park City

A marathon inspiration


My dearest friend Lynda Lambert is running the St. George Marathon at 60 years old! Not only that, but she usually places first in her age group racing! But more than that, in 2004 she fell from a horse and heard something crack — her medical exam revealed nothing wrong. So, we went ahead and ran the marathon in 2004 — Lynda was awesome with a finishing time of 3.28 hours, second in her age group and 104th overall female. Later on she felt numbness in her arm — the MRI showed a broken neck with her spinal cord compressed to the size of a pencil lead. She had surgery and had to wear a halo. Things were not healing perfectly and she underwent a second more stabilizing surgery. The doctor told her there was no reason she couldn’t run again. So, she started training this summer, is now ready and will have a great race in St. George Oct. 7.

Lynda is a positive and determined person. If you’re lucky to run with her like me, plan on laughing as you go. She always cheers and lifts whomever she’s around. I hope this article gives encouragement to enjoy life amidst trials and to keep trying and running!


Julie Briggs

Park City

Successful Starry Night


On behalf of the National Ability Center, I would sincerely like to thank the Park City community for their assistance and generous support of The Hamlet Companies’ A Starry Night fundraising event last Saturday at The Canyons. The National Ability Center was the big winner at this year’s sold-out event, which was sponsored by The Hamlet Companies, KeyBank, Mark Miller Subaru, Overstock.com and Quarry Village at Pinebrook. Through the generosity of our sponsors and guests, we were able to raise necessary funds that will allow the Ability Center to continue to offer our quality recreational and athletic programs for people with disabilities and their families.

We would also like to thank all of the volunteers and committee members who selflessly dedicated their time and talents to our mission. We greatly appreciate your efforts. Thank you to all who helped us to continue to "Provide Opportunities to Discover Abilities."

Warmest regards,

Meeche White

Chief executive officer


Defibrillator, just in case


Conscious Fitness continues to outdo its competing local fitness centers in offering improvements on site as well as benefits to its clients. The latest is the installation of a defibrillator (a so-called AED). Only the Snyderville Basin Special Recreation Center has an AED.

In the case of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests, only three to five percent of cases survive with their marbles intact. Thus on-spot CPR and AED’s should be mandatory requirements.

Sol Browdy

Park City

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