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Letters to the Editor


This November, Summit County residents will vote for one Summit County Commissioner seat. Two gentlemen are running. I’m for BOB. Bob Richer has been and continues to be a strong advocate of the lifestyle values that define why I live in Park City. For many years, both as a private citizen and as a public servant, Bob has worked hard for open space and trails along with responsible planning and zoning to preserve and protect our Park City mountain resort lifestyle. Bob has also worked hard to foster the rural and agricultural heritage of eastern Summit County. As a Summit County Commissioner since 2003, Bob has exhibited visionary leadership qualities for a fiscally responsible and forward-looking local government.

I ask you to join me in supporting Bob by voting for him on Nov. 7.

Remember, no vote is a choice for no voice.


Kathy Mears

Park City

Signs, signs, everywhere signs


While driving out on Highway 224 and down to Salt Lake City on I-80 this morning, I was confronted by a steady stream of signs in support of Bill Miles for Summit County Commission. What struck me about the placement of the signs was that the signs were located on parcels of land whose owners could not develop their properties because the proposed development was not consistent with the quality growth fostered by our current land management codes or were on properties to be developed.

It is clear to me that these landowners believe that if Miles were elected, the newly configured, East Side-dominated County Commission would want to re-write the Snyderville Basin Land Management Code. The commission would also restructure our planning commission to be more developer-friendly and less responsive to our values. Lastly, the commission would approve projects that, to date, the existing planning commission has turned down.

Miles has already expressed his disappointment regarding the relocation of Anderson Lumber to Wasatch County. Apparently he believes that all development is good development whether or not it is a true benefit to the community or reflects Summit County’s mountain resort lifestyle.

We on the West Side of the county are faced with the monstrous development in Kimball Junction of the 410-acre parcel owned by the LDS Church. Our treasured ridgelines and view sheds are truly in peril. Bob Richer is the only candidate for the Summit County Commission whose interests lie in protecting the quality of our community by strengthening (not weakening) our development codes.

Linda Blonsley

Park City

Support for Bob Richer


We have known Bob Richer for many years now and support him completely for continuing on as our county commissioner. Bob is a man of complete integrity. He really listens to all views and evaluates all opinions before making his decisions. His volunteer service to our community makes him stand out amongst all candidates. As President of the Rotary Club of Park City, he did an outstanding job expanding community outreach. As chair of the Open Space Advisory Committee for Park City (COSAC), he did a great job helping ensure the beauty and economic lifeblood of our community. He has volunteered with numerous organizations over many years in our community. We’re for Bob because of his dedication to our community, his fair-mindedness, and his integrity.


John and Maura Hanrahan

Park City

Brody Taylor for sheriff


I applaud Brody Taylor for having the guts to stand up for the little people in our community and run against the current sheriff, Dave Edmunds. It seems strange to me that a man who supposedly "treats every person in the community with honest and respect" would need to turn the race for sheriff into a mud-slinging race. Instead of winning through honesty and merits, Sheriff Edmunds would rather win the election by bringing up every mistake Mr. Taylor or anyone affiliated with him has ever made. I know firsthand what an "honest" man Dave Edmunds is and, in my opinion, as well as that of my family, if Dave Edmunds is once again elected sheriff, God help our county. Thank you, Brody for loving our community enough to notice the dishonesty in our current department and for the compassion to take action against it.


Nicole Mondragon


It’s time for a change


We have lived in Pinebrook for over 10 years and have visited the greater Park City area for more than 20 years prior to our move. We have seen the West Side of the county grow from almost a ghost town to one of the finest resort areas in the world.

The rapid growth of the West Side of the county necessitates a change in the structure of our county government. Now is the time for this change. The East Side of the county is starting to grow at a much faster pace. Many new developments are being built or planned and will soon have the same growing pains as the West Side.

We need a government that will lead and guide us through this critical growth period. We need a professional government that can deal with this growth and still maintain our quality of life. We need a government that has strong administrative strengths as well as clarity in its decision-making.

Proposition 1 will give us two more commissioners to help ease the workload and a professional county manager that will handle the administrative duties on a full-time basis. We need a more professional government to better serve our residents. Having five commissioners will give us greater access to our officials.

We encourage everyone to get out and vote. We also encourage everyone to vote for Proposition 1.

Jim and Dale Craghead


Get out there and VOTE


I am an east-side resident who is concerned with good government and accountable representation. Judging by the yard signs in my neighborhood, I am in the minority in supporting Proposition 1 (adopting the five-member council form of government with a county manager) and in re-electing Bob Richer to the County Commission, which is why I’m writing to remind everyone on the West Side of the county to get out and vote this election. You have the majority of the population, yet you consistently fail to get out and vote, allowing the minority to control what happens at the polls.

This is a critical election for the future of our county and individual communities, and I am convinced we need Bob Richer to continue looking out for the interests of everyone in the county. Please, don’t let the "other guy" do it this time. Get out and vote!

Amy Regan


A plea for open space


Park City’s open space is one of the town’s most important attributes.

This Nov. 7, a new $20 million bond will be on the ballot and it is vital for the community to support this initiative. Just imagine big-box retail in front of the McPolin Barn or high rise condominiums in Round Valley?

Unlike other ski towns, Park City is not surrounded by large tracts of publicly owned land. Instead, most of the land in the area is privately owned. In order to protect other areas similar to the McPolin Barn in Park City and the Basin, please VOTE YES on the open space bond.

Thank you,

Hadley Fuller

Park City

A question of power


We have here before us this election, a proposition to change the county government. It has been proposed that we replace the current county commission with five councilmen and one county manager.

I think this is a very bad proposal. According to the proposal they are going to replace three people with six people, and they call this less expensive. I don’t think they have thought this through with their eyes open. The worst part about this proposal is that the county manager will be appointed, not elected, and it will give too much power to an officer that was not elected by the people, unlike any other county in the state. With all the money in the county, this can be a very dangerous situation that can make the appointed manager very powerful. It is almost as if he is being set up as a King of the county. This proposition is like King Men vs. Freemen.

Glen Leavitt


Guardsman Tunnel proposal


Whether or not we Parkites agree with the upcoming proposal to connect Park City with Salt Lake via a tunnel from Big Cottonwood Canyon, one obvious question is, if this project is, in fact, being considered "to grow ski tourism in this state," why not first modernize our anachronistic and illogical liquor laws?


Tony Oros

Park City

Talisker/Empire Pass/Flagstaff

Dear Mayor and City Council,

I have been told that Talisker is asking for additional units in Empire Pass. I strongly urge you not to give this developer any additional units. This issue should be over. I respectfully want to remind you (not that I need to) that this city and its residents — some no longer with us — spent many years working on Flagstaff, now Empire Pass. The density and location of development have already been debated and decided. Over 500 people came to a city council meeting! And now Talisker wants more!? Absolutely not.

Obviously Talisker does not care about Park City. This is easy money for them — it’s like printing their own money. Please do not allow the hard work by the citizens of Park City that went into the Flagstaff deal to be undone. Please send a clear signal to this developer that the city’s decisions are known and the parameters are firm.

Park City Hall’s agreements may not mean anything to Talisker but they do mean something to the people who make this city — the residents.

Thank you very much.


Rich Wyman

Park City

In the Chicks’ footsteps


How about a nationwide campaign, apologizing to the rest of the world for the behavior of our president.


Jack Harmon

Park City

Shame on Sen. Evans and the governor


A slap and a major disappointment were delivered to Park City and the rest of Summit County this week by Governor John Huntsman, R. It was announced that Sen. Beverly Evans, R-Altamont, is stepping down prior to the end of her term to take an economic development post within the Huntsman administration.

Over a year ago, I predicted in this newspaper that Senator Evans would both not run for re-election and then step aside so someone else could be appointed by the governor to fill out the remainder of her term. At that time, Sen. Evans categorically denied that this would happen and said I was wrong and spreading rumors. I based my prediction on insider information. At best, Sen. Evans was disingenuous to this newspaper but, more importantly, not truthful to the residents of this and other counties that elected her.

If Sen. Evans had done the right thing and resigned her seat immediately after the legislature ended its session in February, David Ure, R-Kamas, would most likely be our Senator today. It is well known in Salt Lake political circles that the Republican leadership could not corral Mr. Ure like a sheep. David has an independent streak that has served both Park City and Summit County well. He has done a good job of representing us, not always voting the Republican Party line but, rather, speaking and voting with conviction.

The residents of Summit County lost big. Who won was the banking lobby. With the expected appointment of VanTassell, R-Vernal, to the senate, Zions bank will have five persons that are either Zions employees or board members in the legislature. I for one do not believe that this will make for better government. Goodbye Representative Ure, thank you and good luck.

Robert F. Weyher, chair

Summit County Democratic Party

Park City Literary Festival


Just a brief note to provide some positive comments on my attendance at the recent Park City Literary Festival. There was a lot to see and do, with world-class authors covering a plethora of genres. Attendees had easy access to each author and it provided an excellent opportunity to visit and network.

As an author ("The White Train"), I felt the Park City Literary Festival would certainly be a venue I would like to be invited to participate in for 2007.


Larry Purcell

San Clemente, Calif.

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