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Letters to the editor: A note to all the transplants

The skier’s enhancement Park City Mountain needs

I had mixed feelings about the recent Park City Planning Commission’s ruling against Park City Mountain’s proposed lift upgrades. On the one hand, Park City Mountain (PCM) is in dire need of modernization, and on the other, the rejected plan could have been better, and the City’s refusal gives our local resort the opportunity to improve it to everyone’s benefit.

PCM’s main and chronic problem has been its overly congested area at the confluence of Silverlode, Quicksilver and Miner’s Camp. Pushing more people into this bottleneck with a new Eagle six-pack, may exacerbate an already bad situation, as a new Silverlode eight-pack might fall short of expectations. Based on the way Vail Resorts operates its lifts, pile-ups at the top will be common if the right-left exit options are maintained, creating frequent lift stoppage, and reducing the promised uphill capacity.

A natural, gravity-fed outlet to another lift that already exists, but is under utilized, would solve the problem. The current four-pack Motherlode lift should be made into a six-pack and might be the one reused to become the new Eagle high-speed. This new Motherlode version should also see its base station move down into the drainage to an elevation of around 7,500 feet, allowing for a ski run to be cut into skier’s left of Broadway, looping around Miner’s Camp, down into Motherlode’s new loading area (see attached illustration).

Motherlode’s top should also be extended to reach the edge of Puma ridge, just at the timberline, below Jupiter Peak. Reaching around 9,500 feet of elevation, the new chair would give users easier access to Jupiter and its West Face, Puma Bowl, Pioneer and McConkey lifts, as well as the rest of the ski runs currently served by Motherlode. In addition, the removal of Motherlode’s top station from the crowded Summit area would be another improvement.

This new Motherlode lift serving 2,000 vertical feet, would be a game-changer as it could spread users most effectively over the whole Park City side of PCM. It might also lessen the need for the antiquated Thaynes double-fixed-grip chair, while Jupiter could be upgraded to a triple by “recycling” the old, Eagle triple-chair fixed-grip, and extending its loading area down near the current Thaynes mine shaft and tailings mound.

This would leave PCM the option of making Eagle either a high-speed four or six pack, and effectively manage the crowding around Silverlode. This, to me, is a simple, common-sense and obvious alternative solution that should go a long way into improving Park City’s skiers and snowboarders’ experience.

J.F. Lanvers

Park Meadows

A note to all the transplants

As we have watched our town become an extension of California and the East Coast, it seems these snobby neighbors have imparted their less than appealing attitudes on our trails and in our community. Anyone who has visited or lived in either of these prior mentioned places, knows the lack of respect these types show except to themselves. 

A note to all the transplants. As a local, we didn’t ask for you to come here. We don’t need you here, and we don’t want you here. The sneering and jeering these folks give to mountain bikers and hikers who have long been on these trails before the transplants even knew where Park City was, makes it even more embarrassing for all you wannabees clogging up our trails. As a local we can sniff you folks out from a mile away. Please do those of us who know the trail etiquette and respect our trails a favor. Stay off them.

Unfortunately, the only thing a great number of these transplants have brought with them is trouble and the inability to co-exist and learn Park City isn’t CA, NY, NJ, PA, FL, TX, VA, etc. It’s UT, a far cry from anything the aforementioned are used to. Please go back to where you came from and take your snobby attitudes, your cars and unskilled driving, and the rest of your nonsense elsewhere. Perhaps VT or Maine. I’m sure they would greet you all with open arms as you infiltrate and destroy their culture of living the way you have destroyed ours.

It’s time for the city and county, to shut the door on these folks from buying and building here. The city and county needs to exercise some policing of these folks who claim primary residence, but truly use our land and resources as secondary residences to avoid paying higher tax rates. This problem is rampant and the locals are footing the bill and making up the shortfall. Since these transplants claim they want to escape the rat race, but in reality only move it from town to town, all while creating the same problems they claim they no longer want, perhaps the city and county needs to instill tougher more in depth examination of rules and follow up regarding those coming from out of state. With the rules as lax as they are, and the transplants coming from less than desirable states, if the city and county did an indepth analysis and some serious probing, the numbers would be astonishing of those paying the primary tax rate for non primary homes.

James Smith

Jeremy Ranch

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