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Letters to the Editor, April 1-4, 2017

Submissions from Park Record readers

Student decries uptick in animal abuse cases


I am contacting you due to the increase of animal abuse/cruelty in the state of Utah. I am concerned because last year Utah had over 189 animal abuse/cruelty investigations. As of 2017 Utah has already had over five animal abuse cases. At this rate that’s two cases per month. I predict that in the coming months the amount of cases will increase per month.

The first case this year was of three horses. These horses were starved to death and neglected. The second case this year was of a tortured cat. This cat was beaten and suffered broken ribs. Someone took a hot glue gun to seal its eyes shut and applied the glue to its anus and genitals. The cat’s whiskers had been cut and its hair shaven. All its paws were broken as well. The third case this year was of a dog whose snout was bound with a hair tie. The dog has a 3/4- inch deep gash between her eyes and nose. This gash was caused by an elastic hair tie.

So with the reasons stated above, I request that you take action by increasing Utah’s animal abuse/cruelty awareness. The reason I believe that the animal abuse/cruelty awareness level needs to be increased is that, we can stop animal abuse/cruelty with more people being aware of it and what they can do to help.

Chandler Voliva
Treasure Mountain Junior High School student

* * *

Trump’s policies have opposite effects to his claims


Removing funding for birth control will increase, not decrease abortions, and, also deaths and world hunger.

Defunding sanctuary cities that allow undocumented migrants to report crimes against them without fearing deportation will increase, not decrease, crime rates.

Muslim bans will incite more young people to join organizations like
ISIS, increasing the likelihood of terrorist attacks, not decreasing it.

Defunding and crippling the EPA and pushing for coal use will removing access to research and data crucial to scientific advance, and retard
the development of renewable energy that, currently, provides more than eight times the number of jobs as the coal industry. Removing environmental regulations will start a race to the bottom for industry
in order to compete and cause health and environmental cleanup costs exceeding the costs of conforming to regulations. Methane gas mining and coal generated electricity, as well as driving vehicles put massive amounts of greenhouse gases, methane and CO2, into the atmosphere, causing climate change that could displace people and cause economic collapse.

Tax cuts plus new badly needed infrastructure projects would cause a drastic rise in U.S. debt. The federal budget has not been balanced since Clinton’s presidency.

Look to Trump’s past business practices, including bankruptcies, and to his current policies, not what he says, to know his effects on our wellbeing. Let’s vote our self-interest next time and really make America and the world great.

Kathy Dopp
Park City

* * *

Big and Small: all support Bonanza


This month has been a challenge for all of us working to permanently preserve 1,350 acres of Bonanza Flat. Park City bought us more time, and Salt Lake City Utilities contributed $1.5 million. Summit County agreed to contribute $5.75 million, and to date over 1,700 individuals have made personal contributions through the 11 nonprofit organizations that are helping to raise money. But Salt Lake County said no.

That’s a big hit, but we’re not giving up.

Last week, the Summit Land Conservancy received a wonderful donation from some of Park City’s smallest residents: the students at the Park City Cooperative Preschool. These kids learned about habitat and clean water and wanted to save “homes for the animals.” They filled a jar with their donations, and then their teachers, Ms. Linda and Ms. Ann matched those donations. Thanks to an anonymous donor, the Summit Land Conservancy was able to double the gift again.

This week, we were honored to announce another challenge grant from our bigger residents: Park City Mountain Resort/Vail Epic Promise and Deer Valley Resort. Together, Deer Valley and Park City Mountain offered a $30,000 challenge grant that was met in 24 hours, for a total of $60,000 raised.

This challenge grant came at a critical time when we needed to regain momentum and reaffirm our commitment to saving Bonanza Flat.

We still need to raise about $3 million to complete the transaction. I’m inspired by the donations, large and small, from big and little, near and far to keep going to save the heart of the Wasatch: Bonanza Flat. We’re working on more challenge grants to come in April.

If you’ve already supported the campaign, please ask your friends if they want to join you in the winner’s circle for Bonanza Flat. For more information visit wesaveland.org or call us at the Summit Land Conservancy’s HQ 435-649-9884.

Cheryl Fox, Executive Director
Summit Land Conservancy

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