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Letters to the Editor, April 10-12, 2013

TMJHS library: a place where the light shines


In the 36 weeks of the 2012-13 school year, I have checked out approximately 35 books from the Treasure Mountain Junior High library. Even though I just moved here this year, as soon as I looked inside its magic doors, I realized how absolutely wonderful it is. It has such a wide variety of books that are new and popular. It isn’t just a dark and dank place full of dusty novels no one really wants to read that were written long ago and have now been shoved without care among the shelves. It is a place where the light shines and the books are held in the utmost honor and angels themselves prance among the shelves. I found so many marvelous books hidden among the shelves and all of them have been good. My wallet is also happy, for before the library I had been buying books after books. But now I can get all the reading material I want and all for free (well, mostly).

The librarian, Mrs. Mathews, is also wonderful. She spends so many hours helping the library flourish so it looks like it does and is as fabulous as it is. She’s so friendly and helpful, I feel as if the library was in my own home. In addition, she often helps with instruction. She’s a great librarian and I hope Mrs. Mathews and the library stay with us for many years.

Caileigh Lydon

Park City

Discrimination against a disabled skier


Last week a legally handicapped man from Connecticut skiing at Deer Valley Resort was approached by management told to leave the resort. The reason was that he was using a mono-ski device which was modified to suit his handicap. Deer Valley, which prohibits snowboards, deemed this device a snowboard and unbelievably questioned the level of his handicapped impairment. This is not an issue of a policy that prohibits snowboards; this is an issue of discrimination against a handicapped person.

Title III of the Americans with Disability Act of 1990 clearly prohibits discrimination against handicapped persons in places of recreation. Apparently the management of Deer Valley isn’t up to speed on this law. What is more troubling is how this individual was treated, and the hollow placation from the general manager, who offered on live television to further discuss this. He never followed up. This from a resort that uses an industry magazine poll of "voted #1 in guest services" as a cornerstone of its marketing campaign. Shame on you, Deer Valley, I am taking my business elsewhere.

Christopher Devine

Oquossoc, Maine

Every unleashed dog should have its day


I have lived in Park City for 20 years and have owned dogs, presently two Labs. I have read your letters about leashing dogs over the years. Most recently I read an article stating how many dog owners disregard the posted signs at the park and how the problem of dogs unleashed is a growing concern.

I feel compelled to write and suggest a very simple solution. The fact that there are so many Parkites that do own dogs and prefer to walk them freely tells us that you are approaching the solution from the wrong angle. Instead of trying to keep dogs contained, either by leashing or by building barren, dusty dog parks that no one enjoys using, why not make it possible to have dog owners use the parks and trails on several days of the week? On unleash days people who walk are aware; on leash days dog owners will either go somewhere else or have to obey the rules.

If the days and places were staggered, say three days a week at Willow Creek and the other four days at Round Valley, dog owners would always have a legal place to walk their dogs freely and non dog lovers could adjust their activities accordingly.

I think if you took a poll, the majority of Park City residents would be in favor of a plan similar to this. I fully respect that dogs should still be under the control of their owners. Same thing goes for picking up after their pets. Being a responsible pet owner is a given and I think the majority of dog owners are. We shouldn’t let the few who are not ruin it for the rest of us. This plan would also assist the animal control issue as there would be less days to monitor.

Jean Martin

Park City

Easter basket program brought joy to many kids


The Christian Center of Park City would like to thank all the sponsors, individuals and groups who helped with the Easter Basket Outreach program. This year marked the third year since starting the program and was the most successful yet. Over 330 Easter baskets were delivered to children who may have not received one otherwise. The program received support from corporate, group and individual supporters who donated completed baskets, basket supplies, monetary donations, and time. Their generosity helped to bring joy to many children throughout Summit County. We are grateful to live in such a wonderful community and hope all of our citizens had a wonderful holiday weekend.

Rob Harter, Jennifer Knight and Linda Lyles

The Christian Center of Park City

Dana won’t run again? An April Fools joke?


On Monday, April 1, Mayor Dana Williams spoke to my leadership class at Treasure Mountain Junior High School. When he told us he wasn’t going to run again, everyone hoped it was simply an April Fools joke.

With a diverse mix of eighth- and ninth-grade students, Mayor Dana spoke straight to their hearts. Reading over the follow-up letters they sent, I noticed two common themes:

First, because of Mayor Dana, these young leaders know that "leadership is love." Period.

Second, Mayor Dana taught them to be "hard on issues and soft on people." That lesson had immediate impact. Now, in class discussions, student leaders are even more careful to address the topic/issue instead of the person.

Even though I’m a county girl, Mayor Dana made me feel included in the process of governing Park City. I moved here in 2003. Mayor Dana is the only mayor I know.

Thank you, Mayor Dana!

Julie Hooker

Park City

Taking a brave stand against gun violence


As a friend of survivors of a school shooting (Cleveland Elementary, Stockton, Calif., Jan. 17, 1989), where five children were killed and 25 were injured, I want to express my appreciation to the mayor of your city for supporting gun legislation as a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Your mayor is making a brave stand against gun violence.

I am also asking that people in your town show their support. You can call, write or e-mail your senators this month to ask them to support legislation for background checks for gun sales.

It only takes a few minutes. Log on to http://www.senate.gov. You can find your senator there.

Our group realizes that no legislation will guarantee that all gun violence will end, but we feel it is important to speak out so our country can have a safe future.

Jan Coen

Stockton, Calif.

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