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Letters to the Editor, April 12-15, 2014

Submissions from Park Record readers

A heartfelt tribute to Derek Painter


We have all been dealt a great loss with the passing of Derek John (DJ) Painter. He touched many lives in a profound way, not least of which, my own. Park City High School valedictorian for the class of 2006, he was one of the "extraordinary few to leave their mark on the world." Godspeed Derek, you will be missed.

David Reynar

El Segundo, Calif.

* * *

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WGF membership sets example of giving


I did not grow up privileged; at least not in the common sense of the word. The youngest of four girls, I grew up in a small Vermont ski town. As a single parent, my mother worked hard to make ends meet. She did not have the luxury of being able to contribute financially to a charity. Yet, she instilled in all of us a strong sense of community, kindness and giving. She taught us by example that giving comes in many forms. I want to set the same example for my children. So, when I was invited to an early gathering of like-minded women who were coming together to contribute to the Women’s Giving Fund (WGF), I immediately joined and volunteered to be on the Events Committee.

Shortly after that my daughter turned three and for her birthday my husband and I gave her a membership in the fund with the hope and expectation that she will be reminded of the importance of giving in our community and around the world — and always be inspired to give what she can.

It is almost a year since the inception of WGF and we are closing in on our goal of securing 1,000 founding members. With 1,000 women giving $1,000 each as a one-time gift we will build a $1 million endowment. From this fund one to three high-impact grants will be given annually to local nonprofits in Summit County which specifically support women and children, in perpetuity.

I did grow up privileged. I was privileged to be taught that girls can grow up to be anything they want to be, regardless of socioeconomic status, and shown that charity is not just about giving money. It is also about being an active and compassionate member of your community. As an adult I am privileged to be living in such an incredible community; one that has bonded together to create a unique and important way to sustain help for women and children forever. I am privileged to be a member of WGF. Please join me and become one in a thousand.

Bayard Karch

Park City

* * *

Support Edwin Lowsma in school district primary


I’m writing in support of Edwin Lowsma for the District 5 seat on the Park City School District Board of Education. This district includes the Pinebrook and Summit Park Areas. I have not known Edwin for as long as I have some of the other candidates but he has impressed me as a person who is determined to put all students first while representing the interests of those who fund our students’ education, the Park City taxpayers.

Edwin works for L3 Communications in Salt Lake City. His employer and colleagues are involved with the PC CAPS program providing their mentoring and engineering expertise to PCHS students. He is well educated with two Masters Degrees and experienced with managing budgets larger than the school district budget.

He is the father of five PCSD students which means he is very vested in the success of our district and students. He knows our schools; where we excel and where we need to improve. Edwin is also a Marine helicopter pilot, he’s accustomed to hard work, high stakes, and accomplishing goals.

Edwin will bring a strong and varied skill set to the Park City Board of Education. He will add diversity to the board which recent research shows positively influences student achievement.

Please vote for Edwin Lowsma, he is the candidate who will challenge and collaborate with our school board members, our stakeholders, and state leaders to keep PCSD the premier school district that our community expects.

Lisa Kirchenheiter

PCSD Board Of Education, 2004-2012

* * *

Group offers support to kids with dyslexia


Did you know that one out of every five individuals, or 20 percent of our population, struggles with learning to read? Is someone in your family struggling to learn to read? Join PC READS: Park City Recognizes, Educates and Advocates for Dyslexic Students. We are a newly organized group that will support our Park City struggling readers and their families.

The International Association of Dyslexia defines dyslexia as "difficulties with accurate and/or fluent word recognition and by poor spelling and decoding abilities that is often unexpected in relation to other cognitive abilities and the provision of effective classroom instruction." Dyslexia is not a myth; it is a diagnosis that can put your child on a path to success!

PC READS wants to help you navigate through stumbling blocks including testing for diagnosis, tutoring, technology resources, advocacy, mentoring, and self-esteem. Don’t let your student sit in a classroom and suffer. Have you asked yourself "How can my child be so smart, yet struggle to read?" Follow your intuition. There are many of us who have asked the same question and are now on a successful path.

For more information about PC READS, including where our next event is being hosted, contact either Elissa Aten or Jackie Blake at ParkCityREADS@gmail.com or search for us on Facebook as "PC READS."

Jackie Blake and Elissa Aten

Park City