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Letters to the Editor, April 13-15, 2016


Worel led People’s Health Clinic to success


Nann Worel has announced her resignation as Executive Director of the People’s Health Clinic, to become effective upon the hiring of her replacement or September 15, 2016, whichever is earlier. While Nann’s passion for the Clinic and its mission remains high, she wants to devote more time to her newly elected Park City Council position and to rediscover much needed leisure time with family and friends. She will, however, remain active in the affairs of the Clinic as a member of its Board of Trustees once her tenure as Executive Director is complete.

Under Nann’s leadership, the People’s Health Clinic has continually expanded services to treat people in need. As our Executive Director for the past eight years, she has shepherded the Clinic from its humble beginnings in a mobile-medical truck to its current status as a first-class healthcare facility providing quality treatment to the uninsured of both Summit and Wasatch Counties.

The Board of Trustees wishes to thank Nann for her countless hours and efforts as our Executive Director. Her vision and leadership have directly benefited thousands of patients, and we look forward to having her expertise and enthusiasm on our Board as we continue the Clinic’s important mission of making our community a healthier and more compassionate place to live, work, and play.

David Williams, Chairperson

on behalf of the People’s Health Clinic Board of Trustees

* * *

Silver Mountain offers post tax day stress relief


This time of year can bring a lot of stress and anxiety to Summit County residents. No, I’m not talking about what to do with your kids when they are out of school during spring break.

They say death and taxes are the two things you can’t avoid. I’m happy to say I own two facilities that can delay one of those if you come in and give your body a regular workout. As far as taxes, I would like to give all the taxpayers of Summit County the chance to relieve their stress on the traditional tax day of Friday, April 15th by offering access to our two different Silver Mountain Sports Clubs at NO CHARGE.

Come take a class, swim in any of our three pools or hot tubs, take a steam/sauna or lift weights and do some cardio. Whatever you choose to do, it’ll be FREE to any Summit County resident that comes in and tells us they paid their taxes.

I hope you all can relieve your stress and get ready for a wonderful spring/summer season. Our slogan at Silver Mountain is: be stronger, live healthy, play longer. It has been a great winter and the Silver Mountain Sports Clubs hope you have a happy, healthy and safe spring/summer.

Stanton D. Jones

Silver Mountain Sports Club & Spa

* * *

Park City’s net-zero goal should be shared around the world


I applaud the efforts of the Park City Council to aspire to reach net zero emissions by 2032. Climate change will surely impact the ski industry that supports the Park City economy so it makes sense that Park City should do all it can do to reduce its impact on the climate.

However, a city-wide effort will not be enough to mitigate the worst impacts of climate change. To do that, we need a global effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. One fair and straightforward way to do that is to support a policy called Carbon Fee and Dividend. This type of legislation would put a gradually increasing price on carbon-based fuels at the source.

As a result, people would be incentivized to reduce their carbon footprint by making smarter energy choices and by conserving more. At the same time, all the money collected would be returned to households as a dividend to reduce the impact that higher fuel prices might have on families.

Studies show that this type of policy would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent in 20 years and because many families would receive a larger dividend than what they spend on increased fuel costs, the economy would actually grow.

Salt Lake City, in its efforts to reach net zero emissions, recently passed a Resolution urging Congress to support Carbon Fee and Dividend legislation. I urge the leaders of Park City to pass a similar resolution so that we can present a united voice to our members of Congress to support this policy.

It is only when we take action on a national level that we can make a real impact on preventing the worst scenarios of climate change. I want to continue skiing at Park City for many years to come!

Brandi Williams

Holladay, Utah

* * *

Utah Congressmen Hatch and Stewart deserve our thanks


It is not often you hear good news internationally. Few people realize the

number of child deaths has been cut in half in the last 15 years. But

for the 16,000 children under the age of five who die daily of preventable

causes, there is more to be done.

It is even more rare to hear about Washington rising above partisan politics.

Thanks to Senator Hatch joining Representative Chris Stewart in

co-sponsoring the Reach Every Mother and Child Act of 2015, we have a

chance to reduce that number to zero within the next 15 years.

Contact Senator Mike Lee and Representatives Bishop, Chaffetz and Love.

Tell them to join Sen. Hatch and Rep. Stewart in supporting this critical

legislation to help end preventable maternal and child deaths once and for


David Billings

Salt Lake City

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