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Letters to the Editor, April 15-18, 2017

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Crime victim thanks student activists


Last Wednesday I was driving down Kearns Boulevard, fighting back tears of exhaustion and frustration, yet again in route to the Courthouse. Waiting in traffic near the high school, several car horns sounded friendly beeps: Students were on the corner with signs, “Honk to Support Crime Victims!”

Ours was the home that was trashed by two juveniles back in October. The same teens had entered our home at night on several prior occasions, while our family slept inside. In the five months since, those crimes have commandeered hundreds of hours in recovery work, heavily burdened our finances, required multiple days in court, and robbed our family of sleep, security, and psychological wellbeing.

All because two teens randomly chose us as victims.

As appears to be the norm in our juvenile justice system, charges were trivialized and there will be little court-ordered restitution. This, despite approximately $230,000 in damages, some $35,000 of that uncovered by insurance and borne by us as victims. The Record reported on Saturday that one the two offenders has been cooperative, while the other has demanded trial, and implied also that, because our family has recently moved back home, everything is somehow back to normal. That is in no way the case. For any victim of crime. Long after the walls are patched and shattered glass swept away, we continue to wrestle with the physical, financial, and psychological impacts of the attack. We continue, in addition, to wallow through a court system that considers this “just” a property crime, an offense against a building rather than the family inside.

To our attackers’ peers, the Park City High School students that last Wednesday rallied support for crime victims: I know your signs weren’t meant for me and that you couldn’t have known I would pass in route to Court. But, your encouragement was felt that day. Thank you for advocating positive change in our community.

Krista Dana
Park City

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