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Letters to the Editor, April 20-23, 2013

Height of stupidity in wrongful trash pickup


This morning, Wednesday, April 17, I put out a brown trash receptacle, which was filled with yard trash last weekend when the weather was a little nicer. Because I realized it was the wrong color can, I made a cardboard sign that indicated the contents were "TRASH."

I few moments ago I went out to bring the can in and found a note saying I had to use the gray can for trash. "I knew that," I explained when I called Republic Services. "That’s why I put the sign on it."

"Well, the driver can’t pick it up because it will give the wrong impression," I was told by the female on the phone.

"OK," I asked, "what do I do with the can full of trash?"

"Oh," she told me," For an extra fee we can pick it tomorrow."

Rather than tell her exactly what I thought of their $%#E$%@ policy, I hung up. Seems strange that one day they can’t pick it up, but for an extra fee they can. Let this be a warning to all that we have now reached the height of stupidity in wrongful trash pickup.

I am now contemplating painting the can.

Mike Eberlein

Park City

A bold representation of teachers’ commitment


I am a teacher in the Park City School District, but I am not a member of the union that is currently in negotiations for teacher salaries. Out of personal concern, I attended the school board meeting on April 16. At that meeting, they announced a large amount of extra funds in the district.

Because I am not a member of the PCEA, I am not aware of the intricate details with negotiation. Yet, I found it shocking that while a concerned community voted to pay more taxes to support the education of their students, none of those funds have been used. Meanwhile, teachers have spent the entire year working without a contract, leading to uncertainty about their livelihood.

Current classroom sizes are negatively impacting learning. Concerns about student skills and readiness are mounting. Teachers are trying to make a difference for students with what resources we have, but no difference is being made for the teachers.

Another powerful message came from the school board meeting. Well over 100 teachers were in attendance to show their love for their profession and concern for their students. Community members may not even know about this bold representation of commitment. I was impressed with their passion for this amazing school district. As teachers, we want our district to move in a direction that is best for the students, rather than sitting stagnant because of conflicting ideologies. Being present in the classroom, teachers can provide key insights and suggestions on how various decisions directly affect student learning. I hope the members of our community are getting involved through meaningful conversations with teachers and school board members. For those already trying to make a difference, I thank you and ask that you encourage others to become involved as well.

Benjamin Ray


Clinic’s way of thanking its many volunteers


April 21-27 is National Volunteer Week. I hope you’ll be able to find room for this creative poem written by Terry Moffitt somewhere in The Park Record. It’s our way of thanking our volunteers.

We couldn’t do what we do without our many volunteers. They are so appreciated. The support they provide is overwhelming.

Patti Peters

Volunteer coordinator, People’s Health Clinic

To our truly wonderful and amazing People’s Health Clinic volunteers

Composed by Terry Moffitt

If we used our stethoscopes,

We could surely tell

That your hearts were bigger

Than the average guy and gal

If we used our otoscopes

We could certainly hear

That you are kind and decent

And of hard work, have no fear

If we got the changing gowns

That open in the back

We’d see that you are open and caring

And that you never slack

If we stood upon the scale

With its numbers big and bold

We’d see that you are priceless

And worth your weight in gold

If we got the tongue depressors

And looked closely down your throat

We’d see you’re generous with your time

And keep the Clinic afloat

If we used the sphygmomanometer

And put you in the cuff

We’d know how calm you make us feel

And we can’t praise you enough

If we opened the Clinic doors

And your smiling face wasn’t here

We couldn’t do the work we do

We adore our volunteers!

We’re fortunate to have Mountain Trails


I am a second-home owner in the Park City Area and have owned my place for the past seven years. I absolutely love Park City and can’t get enough of it, no matter how often I visit. I feel fortunate to be able to recreate in Park City in both the winter and summer months. Much of my enjoyment comes from being out on the trails. They are so beautiful.

I would like to express my gratitude to Mountain Trails Foundation for all of the work they do to maintain our trail system in Park City. Over the past winter season, I was able to enjoy many sunny afternoons of skate cross-country skiing on the groomed snow of McLeod Creek Trail and Willow Creek Park areas. While snow amounts were below average this past winter, the Mountain Trails crew did a wonderful job at grooming. We are fortunate to have such a great organization working to create and maintain our awesome trail system in Park City and the Basin.

Now that summer is approaching, I am looking forward to mountain-bike adventures on the trails that wind through the slopes of our ski resorts. The views are so gorgeous and the trails are very well maintained. Last year, Mountain Trails Foundation volunteers created more miles of new trails to enjoy. One of them is the Armstrong Trail that provides an alternative to Spiro Trail for easy access to the Mid-Mountain Trail from Park City Mountain Resort.

In the coming weeks, while the snow is melting, it’s important to help out by avoiding riding and hiking on muddy trails. We can all help Mountain Trails Foundation to sustain the high quality of our single track by visiting their web site: mountaintrails.org . There you can find information on current trail conditions as well as other useful information to plan your own mountain trail adventures.

Lisa Corsetti

Pleasanton, Calif.

Domestic-violence death mourned


It has been 18 years since Summit County last suffered a domestic-violence death. Peace House is deeply saddened by the apparent murder-suicide that occurred in Oakley last weekend. Our hearts go out to the families and friends of both Toni Cavagnaro and Sean Kenealy. Indeed, the entire Summit County community mourns.

Peace House would like to take this sad opportunity to remind residents how they can help end domestic violence here by using the Three Rs: Recognition, Response and Resources. If you believe a friend or a relative is in an abusive relationship, but you’re not sure, go with your gut. You likely would not be concerned without reason. You don’t have to fix the problem. Just give your friend some gentle direction. We urge you reach out, listen without judgment, and encourage her or him to seek assistance.

There are multiple local avenues to follow for help. Call the Peace House 24/7 Help Line: 1- 800-647-9161. We offer assistance not only to domestic violence victims, but to their friends and relatives seeking to help. Find out more about resources by going online to http://www.peacehouse.org.

Other resources include Park City Victim Advocate Tanya Cazier, who can be reached at 435-615-5575, and Summit County Victim Advocate Marcia Probst, whose telephone number is 435-615-3850.

While we are all struggling to make sense of this unfortunate tragedy, please know many stand ready to help now, with a goal of preventing any future heartbreak.

Jane Patten

Peace House executive director

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