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Letters to the Editor, April 26-29, 2017

Submissions from Park Record readers


Student appreciates all that Park City offers


Thank you to the Park City community for all of the amazing options we have as kids in Park City to do things all around town. All of the fields and the different sports that we can do. Once again thank you to the community.

Christopher Burnz
Park City student

* * *

Latino student does not want to be stereotyped


Who am I? Am I an immigrant and illegal in this country? Am I the Latino kid everyone looks at differently because of his skin color and nationality or his background. But am I really that illegal immigrant that you picture?

Do you really want to know who I am? Well, let me explain it. I am Latino, a student-athlete, a son, brother, friend and another individual in this world just like you. What people think they see is a troubled teen; some people can even call me a delinquent. But do they know that I live at home with one parent who puts food on the table, who also maintains a roof on top of my head? I am here today: happy, healthy and proud. That’s all because of one person and that is my Mother!

Now tell me do you really think I’m a delinquent, trouble, and a criminal because of how I look? Because I am Mexican and Mexicans are rapists and criminals? Or do you just listen and have people make opinions and judgments for you? It’s easy to judge someone by looks and what you hear about them, but do you really know the person and their background?

Jason Pineda
Park City student

* * *

Adding more parking is not the solution


Most successful downtown destinations defer to more parking as a solution. It is a fact that scarcity of parking discourages people from trying to drive personnel vehicles — they will find another way to get there. Park City is a special place and people will come. It is a smart long-term process to limit parking and encourage growth!

I and my family have enjoyed Park City for many years because it is not vehicle centric!

Van Stephen
Park City

* * *

America is taking step backwards on environmental issues


I read your editorial about “Earth Day 2017” and agree fully with everything therein. I acknowledge that Parkites are committed to environmental initiatives in spite of the misguided policies of the Trump administration and Utah Legislature. Scientists warn we are at a crucial tipping point regarding climate change, yet everything that was put in place to help our planet heal itself is being reversed because of greed and abject stupidity. What about the children and grandchildren? Do they deserve to inherit a destroyed planet?

Advanced countries like Germany, England, Scandinavia fight climate change. The electoral victory of Trump stops our initiative at the federal level. There is even talk of the U.S. abandoning the Paris Accord. Our iconic moose are dying and the air is unhealthy. Soon wildlife in Alaska refuges will be slaughtered because the GOP supports trophy hunters, a minority. Keystone predators like wolves, bears and even pups and cubs in their dens will be slaughtered and thereby healthy ecosystems destroyed.

Lawrence Anthony, a conservationist once said: ”If man doesn’t learn to treat oceans, animals and earth with respect, man will become extinct.” We are headed there unless people in our country wake up and fight.

Maria Roberts
Park City

* * *

Friends of county library steps down, with gratitude


First of all, I want to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed volunteering with the Friends of the Summit County Library. It started 24 years ago and I was a fairly new resident when I was asked to be a charter board member. I remember our first book sale where we earned a whopping $112 (the long-time residents remember the original 1 ½ room library).

I had the opportunity to be part of the review committee when a new library was proposed, I looked at plans where the library looked like an “egg on a stick,” evolved into the “Battleship Galactica” and finally a different architect designed the mountain community appropriate building we benefit from today.

I’ve enjoyed being a part of every book sale and program the Friends participated in. They included a Haunted House, Harry Potter days, a Pirate Party, author CJ Box talk and many, many more. I know FOL will continue to support the library with both their financial backing and participation in future programs and activities. We are blessed with such a fantastic, involved library staff!

Mostly I have enjoyed the friendships I’ve made. We share totally different backgrounds but came together because of our love of reading and the belief that a strong library makes a strong community. I applaud the core group of volunteers (and prison work crew) who make every book sale successful with their hard work and can-do attitudes. I want to recognize Diane MacPhail. who spends many weeks sorting donations — without her, our books would be a mess!

Although I am planning a move to St. George, I know the future of the Friends is in good hands with the newly elected board and I hope you will continue to support your library with donations of gently used books/movies and money. Lastly, as I end my emails to the Friends, “Keep on Reading!”

Tina Blake
Past President, Friends of the Summit County Library

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