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Letters to the Editor, April 27-30, 2013

Students will suffer from teacher pay freeze


It is a shame that the School Board and the teachers have not found a way to agree to a contract.

In a city with a long history of quality education, in the end it will be the students who will suffer when the PCSD cannot attract high-quality teachers.

The pay freeze is especially onerous. Teachers who have invested both time and money for continuing education and teachers who have served, faithfully for years, have been denied earned pay increases. This is an especially vindictive move on the part of the board. Why not grant those increases, even without a contract?

I call on the PCSB to step up and find a contract solution. The people of Park City will support continuing quality education.

This whole shameful saga reminds me of another elected body about 3,000 miles east of here. Approval ratings there are abysmal, and I suspect we would find similar sentiment here.

Stephen Pohlman

Park City

Plastic bags are an environmental hazard


I read the editorial regarding the proposal to ban plastic bags in Park City. I disagree that a total ban is too draconian for the residents of Park City to handle. I have recently spent time in the Los Angeles area, and several communities including Santa Monica and Long Beach have a total ban on the thin plastic grocery bags already in force. At Walmart or the grocery stores you either bring your own bag or pay $.10 for a paper bag. I am sure there was resistance at first, but now most people are in the habit of bringing a reusable bag. Plastic bags as well as plastic water bottles are an environmental hazard and any means necessary to change old habits are a good step in the right direction.

Carolyn Williams

Park City

The recession is over for the top 7 percent


The Pew Research Center has reported that since the end of the recession in mid-2009 that the top 7 percent of Americans saw income gains of approximately $5.6 trillion while the remaining 93 percent of us enjoyed a net-worth drop of $0.6 trillion. I guess this can technically be called redistribution of wealth but I think we need to start thinking about a redistribution that includes a few more people than just the rich. It’s lucky Obama is a communist or most of us would be really screwed.

Nick Wright

Park City

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