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Letters to the Editor, April 3-5, 2013

Priest was blacklisted for LGBT support


Thank you for your article "A Park City couple and local minister make the case for marriage equality." Perhaps if more people understand the real-world difficulty and suffering we impose on the LGBT community by our discriminatory laws that prohibit them from having equal rights, our legislators will move to eliminate such painful, unjust laws.

Also, I would like to call your attention to a mistake you made in your description of my husband, the Rev. Charles Robinson. In your article, you say that Charles "attended seminary school … but was eventually asked to leave." It makes it sound as if my husband dropped out of graduate school when nothing could be further from the truth! Charles graduated from a Southern Baptist Seminary with an M.Div., but after graduation was blacklisted because of his support for the LGBT community.

Upon learning that no Southern Baptist Church would hire him because of this stand, he moved to the Episcopal Church and went on to do additional studies at an Episcopal Seminary. He later earned two more graduate degrees (a master’s in clinical psychology and an MBA) and is currently working on another graduate degree in philosophy. All this is to say that Charles is highly educated, widely read, and experienced both as a minister and a licensed marriage and family therapist. As such, he is uniquely qualified to comment authoritatively on the injustice of using the Bible to discriminate against minorities such as the LGBT community.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

Bonnie Brown

Park City

SkiLink foes should study Vermont example


I am a relatively new Sundial home owner at The Canyons and would love to see this (SkiLink) project in my lifetime.

I previously owned an on-mountain condo at Sugarbush Ski Area in Vermont. During this time that I owned my condo, one (resort) owner, Les Otten/American Ski Company, faced the same issues Talisker is facing today when they wanted to connect Sugarbush South and Sugarbush North/Mount Ellen.

I know this was no small project for the ski area, smaller in size than the SkiLink project but just as significant because it went through national forest land. I believe the length of the interconnect is about 2 1/2 miles and there is no development along that stretch of land and never will be.

The environmental groups in Vermont are a tough bunch to work with. This always amuses me because in every nook and cranny of Vermont there is more junk, debris, rotting machines, houses and cars polluting their pristine land and animal habitats!

The natural habitat for all animals was a major concern. Yet, today, you can see mother bears and her cubs crossing trails in the spring, moose chasing skiers, deer, rabbits, etc.

Having the interconnect made it easier for skiers to use both areas and spread out the ski traffic on busy days. The interconnect also helped with the reduction of air and noise pollution from the buses traveling through a residential area shuttling skiers between the two ski areas.

I mention all of this because it is a good example of people working together to satisfy a wide group of very important interests.

I am sure Winn Smith, current owner of Sugarbush, would be more than happy to speak with any environmental group opposing Talisker’s project.

Pam Czerepak

Windham, N.H.

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