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Letters to the Editor, April 30-May 2, 2014

Submissions from Park Record readers

Beavers help to create habitat


The best resources for beaver management in the world are in Utah, and they’re not a stick of dynamite. Contact Mary Obrien of the Grand Canyon Trust and see what you need to do to make your home safe from beaver flooding. Flow devices can lower pond height and dams can even be reinforced to prevent collapse. Why shouldn’t you just kill the beavers? Because then you’ll get more. Beavers are territorial so the beavers you have are keeping others at bay. Beavers breed once a year and never do meth. Be thankful that beavers are maintaining your watershed, improving your fish population and protecting the value of your riparian home.

I know these tools work because my own city installed one nearly 7 years ago. Now because of our beaver-maintained wetlands we regularly see otter, steelhead, woodduck and even mink in our urban stream.

Heidi Perryman, Ph.D.

Worth A Dam, http://www.martinezbeavers.org

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PCMR need to be better stewards


I find it quite paradoxical when I hear PCMR’s John Cumming and Jenni Smith described as the longtime trusted overseers of Park City’s wellbeing. If indeed the reclamation of Talisker’s property results in the demise of our community, then ironically the responsibility for the collapse rests solely on the shoulders of the very "stewards" we’ve long entrusted; Cumming and Smith who so carelessly and recklessly ignored the basic need of our community to honor their lease renewal date. The dependable custodians, the "community-oriented individuals," the native treasures will ultimately be the ones with our blood on their lifts. Irresponsible action, or inaction, has consequences. Even my 3-year-old child knows how to circle an important date on the calendar, and the health of Park City does not depend on him to do so.

Clint Brown

Park City

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A kinder and gentler parking cop


I am writing to publicly recognize and thank the Park City Municipal Corporation (PCMC) for making the necessary changes to bring the downtown parking enforcement in-house. As merchants in Historic Park City, we strive to offer gracious and friendly service to our District’s guests, and we want to thank PCMC for doing the same with their new parking enforcement officers. Our guests’ over-all experience in and around Main Street is essential for the success of our businesses. It is wonderfully refreshing to hear from many merchants that their visitors (locals included!) are now having a happier day on Main Street because of this change. The new enforcement is a kinder and gentler version, for which we at the Historic Park City Alliance are grateful.

Maren Mullin

President, Historic Park City Alliance

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Kudos to Academic decathletes


I would like to commend Park City High School on their achievements for the 2014 Academic Decathlon that ended Sunday, April 26th, in Hawaii. While watching this competition on the internet, I heard Park City’s name called. I am, indeed, very proud of where I live.

I also want to brag a bit as my Grandson, Rohan Boone, participated in this event after winning the city finals in Los Angeles and the state finals in Sacramento. His school won the top honor for this year’s Academic Decathlon. It’s truly amazing the emotions one goes through while being so happy. I didn’t know I had so many tears. My congratulations to all the amazing schools and students and tutors involved in this program.

Joan Rosen

Park City

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Morphett stands by support for Vail


In reply to Rory Murphy’s guest editorial 04/25/2015 I would like to point out that I did not make, as he stated "derogatory personal comments" about Jenni Smith or other PCMR members. I did, however, question the business acumen and integrity of those in charge of this organization for causing this mess in the first place.

Not sending in the lease renewal letter required under the terms of their lease, then allegedly backdating a letter to create the impression they had, in fact, complied with the terms of the lease would tend to confirm this, in my opinion.

You need to put aside your dealings and respect for the Cumming family and remember Talisker and Vail are the defendants in this action and are only doing what any landlord would do, defending their position and property.

I was not as he laboriously mentioned questioning what either PCMR or the Cumming family have done for the community in the past, only what their current threats in relation to the parking portal and ski lifts will do to the community in the near future.

You then go on to make other uninformed statements that clearly show your bias towards the Cumming/PCMR family. "The issue of first right of refusal was clearly ignored" you state! Really? If the lease is deemed to have expired under the terms of the lease then the first right of refusal may have to. This however is not for you to say, it’s for the courts to decide.

Your bias then leads you to conclude that I am either "and employee of Vail or a personal friend of someone in that organization" Well unlike Rory, who has declared his affinity for Mr Cumming, I do not work for Vail and the only people I know that work for that organization are the wonderful staff at the Canyons manning the lifts, ski rescue and restaurants, a majority of them, I guess are Park City residents also.

Andrew Morphett

Park City

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PTA chair says thanks for a great year


As the 2013-14 school year comes to a close, I wanted to publically acknowledge and thank the parent community at Parley’s Park Elementary School (PPES). In partnership with the Park City Education Foundation and the PPES grant committee, the school environment was enhanced through parent donations which provided:

– Funding all teacher-requested science materials

– Increasing art support in the classroom – through funding of an art aide, as well as art supplies

– Increasing the gym and playground experience through addition of new basketball hoops, a chalk field-liner, new soccer goals, balls, flags and more

– Providing scholarships for Girls on the Run

– Continuing to extend the life of the school technology through replacing PC and iPad headsets and iPad covers

These are just a few examples of what this community was able to achieve. There are too many individuals to name who contributed to student-enrichment activities sponsored by the PTA including the Books and Beyond reading program, the bi-annual Book Fair, the annual Science Fair, Safety Patrol, Yearbook, Get Out and Play afterschool activities, tri-annual Teacher Appreciation weeks, Odyssey of the Mind competition, Chess instruction, the annual Spelling Bee, Masterpieces in Art, Student Council support, teacher scholarships for Running with Ed, production of the end-of-year Talent Show, the annual Field Day and more.

The mission of the Parley’s PTA is to enrich the lives of the PPES community by providing supplementary programs and financial support for school community needs. Each year all PPES parents and teachers are asked to join the PTA for a $35 fee. Parents who have time to volunteer are asked to support the school through participation in committees. Our ability to continue to offer such a robust enrichment environment depends on your participation.

As I wrap up my journey as PTA President, I humbly request that each PPES family take a moment to identify how your student benefited from this year’s volunteers, activities and equipment funded through donations and time. And keep this in mind as the new PPES board asks for your support in September.

Anyone seeking additional information may join us at the year’s closing PTA meeting – which is open to all PPES parents – on May 6th from 8:30 – 10 a.m. We are hosting a meet-and-greet with the candidates for the school board. Reminder that election day is June 24. You can sign up to participate in the PTA next year at the sign-up board at Parleys or in the link from this week’s PPES eBlast.

Thank you again for all of your continued attention to the PPES community and for your generous support.

Sara Bresee

2013-14 PTA President