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Letters to the Editor, April 30- May 3, 2016


A voice in support of a ninth grade academy


The community agrees that the ninth grade should move to the high school. Since the school district is currently studying different plans for an enlarged high school, this would be an appropriate time to consider creating a "Ninth Grade Academy."

Basically, this is a school within a school. The concept is to create an easy transition for students moving from the middle school to the high school. They have their own wing and their own teams of teachers for the core subjects. Each team of teachers has a common extended preparation period to discuss any problems their students may be experiencing. Google Ninth Grade Academy Wando High School or Ninth Grade Academy Wheaton High School for a better idea of the format.

Listening to recent comments by the Park City School Board there seems to be some disagreement about when to move the ninth graders to the high school. Instead of moving them prematurely to a building under construction and housing them in trailers, it would make more sense to keep them in TMJHS until the high school is completed.

Jim Tedford, School Teacher

Park City

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