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Letters to the Editor, April 6-8, 2016


AnnOber has Park City Municpal’s full support


This is a response to Bruce Margolius’ recent letter where he made baseless and ill-informed attacks against a City staffer while promoting nuclear energy.

Ann Ober has been Park City’s sustainability manager for the past 2.5 years and deserves big thanks for her efforts in energy conservation, expanding our renewable portfolio, EPA negotiations, and implementing a new environmental monitoring system. Ann is the lead staffer in the City’s energy negotiations that are critical to the Georgetown Energy Prize efforts and achieving Park City’s net zero goal by 2022.

Ann, Mayor Thomas and I are currently in negotiations with Rocky Mountain Power pursuing clean, renewable energy for Park City. Our team has asked that renewable power come from new sources, primarily local sources, and not energy credits. Our goal is to generate affordable clean energy, create green jobs, and promote renewables in Utah. Rocky Mountain Power does not currently produce any nuclear power. Nor do they anticipate adding any in the foreseeable future. Simply put: Park City wants to promote wind and solar, not to create a new demand for nuclear power.

Last Thursday, the Park City Council unanimously confirmed this position. We agreed that nuclear power presents safety and waste disposal challenges that make it a less desirable alternative. Council also agreed we could re-visit the issue should nuclear technology improve.

Next time we have an energy discussion I encourage more of the community to attend. It is critical we get this right and welcome you to be part of the conversation.

Councilmember Andy Beerman

Park City

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Dream Act helps students aspire for a better future


Why Study? Will I go to college? I always think of this. There is new law each day, and it makes me think that I won’t be able to go to college. Why? Because I wasn’t born here. I don’t have rights. The law requires that I go to school, but my parents work day and night to be able buy me what I need. If something like the Dream Act is not fixed I think I won’t be going to college.

Right now; this is my question. Why do I study and learn if I will most likely end up working day and night like my parents?

Martin Patricio

Treasure Mountain Junior High School

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Nuclear Power is an important part of energy mix


I am alarmed at the way nuclear energy is being portrayed as the worst thing ever. Does climate change bother you?

Countries with few or no nuclear-power generation facilities are disproportionately affecting our environment and contributing greatly to climate change. Just in the U.S., 57 percent of the total energy generated is from coal-fueled power plants. Coal-fired electrical generation in China continues to grow more than in any other region of the world, however China is also the world leader in building additional nuclear capacity in an effort to reduce its coal-fired generation requirements.

We all want more solar, wind, and other renewable electric power generation. There are studies that support these being able to provide base-load requirements but those studies also require a large reduction of electrical demand. That would be nice but with our growing population I just do not think that will happen.

Nuclear power generation is safe and secure and problems associated with it are being solved through technology. The success of France’s nuclear power industry is well-documented and they are providing cheap energy with low CO2 emissions within the EU.

We here in Park City, in Utah, and the West should make renewable energy our priority but it would be silly to throw out the clean, safe, and plentiful source of energy nuclear fission can provide us. The following web site answered some of the questions I have had about nuclear waste: world-nuclear.org/information-library/nuclear-fuel-cycle/nuclear-wastes/radioactive-wastes-myths-and-realities.aspx

Frank Furr

Park City

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Attack on city staffer is uncalled for


I feel compelled, as a Park City citizen, Summit County resident and Park City councilor, to address an offensive letter to the editor, written by Kamas resident Bruce Margolius, titled "Park City’s Nuclear Energy Resolution is Misguided." Mr. Margolius’s accusations highlight a number of issues I believe need to be addressed.

First, it is obvious Mr. Margolius has no idea who Ann Ober is, or the important role she plays on behalf of our community. questioning Ann Ober’s position at the city with respect to our energy priority, and role with regard to policy discussions and decisions, Mr. Margolius shows it is he who is uninformed. Ann Ober is one of many highly qualified and valued members of the Park City Municipal staff doing exactly what she has been asked and tasked with by the City Manager and Council. A simple phone call to the City or any member of Council would have provided Mr. Margolius the information he so clearly lacks.

Second, public input is essential to our local governing process, but not all input is equal. Mr. Margolius is entitled to his opinions, as we all are. However, when public input is combined with name-calling and personal attacks as it was in this case, the input itself becomes suspect. By attacking Ann Ober personally in a public forum, Mr. Margolius has devalued his own input and disrespected our community’s policymaking process. What would be valuable input and feedback can become compromised by such behavior, a true loss to the process and disservice to our community.

Third, I must ask the community if there is a place for personal attacks and defamation in our local politics? Obviously Mr. Margolius believes there is. I do not. I view such behavior as inexcusable and suggest that in the future Mr. Margolius direct this type of behavior at the state and national stages where it seems to have found a home.

Tim Henney

Park City Council Member

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