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Letters to the Editor, April 9-11, 2014

Submissions from Park Record readers

Eihausen has the right experience

The Park City School Board elections are fast approaching, and with the many financial, educational, and social challenges our district faces, it is imperative that we elect the right people who will make the tough decisions necessary to keep our school district the best in Utah as well as one of the top in the nation.

One such individual is Julie Eihausen. I have had the honor to work with Julie on the TMIS and PCHS PTSO boards and have the utmost respect for her dedication to the school and her genuine care for the well being of the students. I have always been amazed at her energy, her knowledge, her generosity, and her willingness to speak out for what she feels is the right thing to do for the students.

Julie has served in numerous capacities and held several offices, at the PTSO level, District Community Council, Utah State School Community Council, and multiple committees. She has a very strong financial background, as she has served as Treasurer for many boards and is also the bookkeeper for her husband’s electrical contracting business. This talent will serve our district well as we continue to face budget deficits which will require responsible planning and difficult choices. She understands the delicate balancing of staffing, class sizes, and special projects with the other expenditures necessary to provide our students with a quality education.

Because of these, and many other factors, I strongly endorse Julie Eihausen for the District 5 School Board.

Sue Ann Kern

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Park City

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KAC: The More Things Change

We have begun to see and hear the vocal opposition to the Kimball Art Center expansion. We really don’t need another storefront on Main St. While I love how Old Town still shows its mining roots, the Kimball Art Center does need to change from an old garage to an art center. What better way to bring more tourists to Park City during shoulder season than an art center expansion designed by a renowned international architect that improves on the garage?

Seeing the criticisms that are beginning to surface, I am reminded of the following quotes about a now famous and loved museum in the U.S.

  • "[The building] is known around as the bunker or gas tank, lacking only gun emplacements or an Exxon sign" Ada Louise Huxtable, The New York Times, October 6, 1974.
  • " massive circular concrete building, like an illuminated babka " -Harold Rosenberg, The New Yorker, 11/4/1974
  • "While the design does have the advantage of encouraging orderly and rapid flow of traffic, its psychological effect is oppressive." -Diana Loercher, The Christian Science Monitor, 8/22/1975
  • " the useless, ugly slit-like window and balcony area facing the mall appears as menacing from the outside as it is gracious in its interior." -Henry J. Seldis, Los Angeles Times, 10/6/1974

    These criticisms are of the now beloved Hirshhorn Museum on the Mall in Washington, D.C. Is everyone going to love the new design for the Kimball Art Center? Of course not! This is not going to be another miner’s home that is being updated and grown. This is an Art Center. Is the opposition going to be vocal? Of course — one nice thing about the U.S. is that we can. Hopefully we can be respectful.

    Bill Humbert

    Park City

    * * *

    Community support launches


    Two of our Park City robotic teams recently competed in the Super West Regional FTC Championship in California. As finalists at the Utah State Tournament held at Weber State, the Robominers and the Ladybots won the right to advance. They were two of 72 teams that advanced out of more than 1000 teams nationwide to super regionals.

    FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) is a 7-12th grade robotics program, a community-focused program aimed at engaging students in STEM (Science, Technology and Engineering and Math). Each year, FTC presents a new challenge for teams to solve. This year’s challenge included manipulating objects, raising a flag and having the robot support its own weight by hanging from a suspended bar. The teams devoted countless hours beginning to design, build and program their robots for this challenge. It was amazing to watch these students hone their skills in engineering design and problem solving with ingenuity and cooperation.

    The Robominers and Ladybots are grateful to their coaches and parents and for the community support they received during the 2013-2014 season. On behalf of the teams, we would like to extend a special thank you to the Park City Education Foundation for their tremendous financial support as well as to the Park City Center for Advanced Professional Studies (PCCAPS) for the space in which to build and practice and several local businesses. This opportunity would not have been possible without all of the amazing support. We look forward to next year’s challenge and hope all interested students will check out PCHS Robotics.

    Stacey Hamill and Laura Monty (robotic team parents);

    Robominers: Nick Miller, Brett Monty, Florent Asti, Max Johansen, Chuck Martz; and

    Ladybots: Maddie Reed, Elizabeth Prucka, Elena Langan, Alanna Hamill

    Park City

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    Eihausen gets a thumbs up for school board


    I am writing in support for Julie Eihausen, a Candidate in District 5 for School Board. For those who are not aware, Julie has substantial experience in working with the PCSD, has held multiple positions on several different committees and has literally, for years, spent countless hours in donating her time.

    I have known Julie over 15 years, ever since our little ones were running around in diapers. Her priorities have always been her family, raising her daughters and being extensively involved in their education and her community. Julie has a heartfelt passion for volunteering and truly making a difference. I believe Julie’s extensive knowledge, understanding and determination would support her in reaching her goals if she were to be elected.

    Julie’s history of employment in accounting, bookkeeping and creating successful budgets for many different companies give her the ability to succeed in one of her top priorities, bringing balance to the PCSD budget.

    The experience Julie has gained from holding multiple Treasurer positions, as well as her involvement in several committees have given her the skills and expertise that would support her efforts in reducing class sizes. With Julie’s persistence, genuine concern and desire to create the best opportunities for our students I have no doubt she would be a powerful force in moving forward.

    I have a lot of respect and admiration for Julie, she is one of the most dedicated, hard working and passionate parent volunteers I know. I urge you to vote for Julie, she is in this because of her sincere desire to make a positive difference and is determined to get things done!

    Dawn Johnstun

    Park City

    * * *

    Canyons support for YSA is Epic


    On behalf of the Youth Sports Alliance and all of the children we serve, I would like to thank Canyons for their support of the YSA EPICMIX Benefit Day on March 30, 2014. All the proceeds from the event will directly benefit the youth in this community to help them continue participating in winter sports.

    EPICMIX teams followed the scavenger hunt clues while using their creativity to snap photos to prove their Epicness; all the while shredding the fresh snow. Congratulations to Team Green, crowned the winner, taking the 1st Place Prize of EPIC Season Passes for 2014-15 Season! The crowd was treated to the sweet sound of Holy Water Buffalo Band, with a FREE concert in the Canyons village. Don’t miss out on this one next year!

    The Youth Sports Alliance is a nonprofit organization, which organizes the after-school Get Out & Play Program and serves thirteen different winter sports clubs, touching the lives of over 2000 youth in the greater Park City area. Participants learn about commitment and hard work, as well as sportsmanship and respect. Whether recreational participants or elite athletes, involvement in sports programs builds character in a positive, structured environment.

    Thank you Canyons for believing in the dreams of our youth!

    Aimee Preston, Executive Director

    Youth Sports Alliance

    * * *

    Where is the historic peg in new KAC design?

    Understanding that art and design can sometimes confound attempts at a worded description, can someone on the design team please explain, in two sentences or less, how the currently proposed façade design for the Kimball Art Center evokes either the mining or ski town theme in an appropriate, historically accurate manner?

    Gus Sharry

    Park City

    * * *

    FOAU joins effort to save abandoned pets


    This past week Best Friends announced a landmark initiative to make Utah a no- kill state by 2019.The initiative is designed to help get animal shelters around the state of Utah to a 90-percent save rate which would make Utah the nation’s second no-kill state, following New Hampshire.

    Friends of Animals Utah, as part of the Best Friends network, is thrilled with this decision. Since its inception in 1990, the mission of Friends of Animals Utah has been to help our community, and indeed our state, reach no-kill status. In January 2014, Utah’s no-kill rate achieved 70 percent, reaching this important milestone for the first time.

    With Friends of Animals’ educational outreach program, our low cost spay and neuter programs, our domestic violence program (which enables at-risk women to safely leave abusive situations while we care for their pets), our adoption center at Furburbia in the Tanger Outlet Mall; we have worked to achieve this goal. Our staff, volunteers and donors have always dreamed and believed that Utah could one day become a no-kill state.

    This week’s announcement is one more reason to love where we live. Thank you Best Friends and everyone who will come together over the next several years to make this dream a reality.

    Wendy Lavitt

    Vice President FOA UTAH

    * * *

    Chris Hague didn’t reveal his agenda


    I am writing about the article published April 2-4 by Aaron Osowski. I am a local real estate agent and write a blog about the local Park City real estate market and lifestyle. I was surprised last Tuesday to receive a call from someone named Christian Hague who inquired about a blog post I wrote about Hugo Coffee. He asked me a lot of questions about the blog post and pretended like he followed my real estate blog and was a potential client. I was completely shocked to see the same Christian Hague quoted on the front page of the Park Record bashing Hugo Coffee and Claudia McMullin. Why does The Park Record give valuable print space to a person who clearly has ulterior motives and is interested in tearing down a local small business? I felt that Mr. Hague was trying to use my blog post for his own nefarious purposes and did the same with The Park Record.

    Nancy Tallman

    Park City