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Letters to the editor, Aug. 10-13, 2013

Butwinski: Experienced and Enthusiastic

Dear Editor,

Four years ago Park City elected Alex Butwinski to City Council. We elected him based on his past experience and belief that he would be committed to our community.

The workings of Park City are complex. Finding a responsible balance for conflicting demands and a supporting budget is not a simple task. It requires knowledgeable and committed public servants with experience and vision. Alex was elected to do this.

As a planning commissioner, I have worked closely with Alex over the past 4 years. His passion and enthusiasm are unrivaled. He participates. He cares. He delivers.

Now, anyone who has served in a public role knows it takes time to learn the ropes. It’s like going back for a new college degree. Park City has invested in Alex’s education as our steward; and he has been an excellent student. He has fulfilled the requirements and made significant contributions to a brighter future for Park City along the way.

We should capitalize on our investment and get another 4 years of productivity out of our candidate. It would be a mistake if Park City did not reelect Alex to City Council. His experience, education and enthusiasm are there for our votes.

Mick Savage

Park City

Open Space Loop-hole

Dear editor:

City Council has voted to give Open Space away tax-free to some developers. This practice is what prompted me to run for City Council.

The theory is giving dedicated open space away, tax-free toward development produces economic growth by attracting big hotels and creating jobs.

One such example is taking place now. A new hotel, around the size of the St. Regis, has begun in Deer Valley. Construction began in the spring on the Last Chance ski run, just below Stag Lodge. Dedicated open space is used tax-free toward the hotel. The new massive hotel will be visible by looking straight up Main Street. This is not Treasure Hill.

The North Silver Lake Master plan prohibits the use of open space toward any development. In spite of the Master Plan restriction, City Council unanimously voted to allow the use of open space toward the North Silver Lake Hotel.

Nine acres of Deer Valley ski frontage is given to the hotel developer tax-free in the North Silver Lake Lodge Conditional Use Permit.

Dedicated open space is utilized in the North Silver Lake Hotel permit. Residents and second-homeowners have not participated in a public process to remove the restrictions in the North Silver Lake Master Plan. The Master Plan forbids the use of the open space parcel toward any development.

A plat amendment is required to change a prohibited land use. A plat amendment, which includes affected property owners’ signatures, was never recorded that could remove the property right protection in North Silver Master Plan. In the same way a home owners association has additional restrictions to protect property owners, so does the North Silver Lake Master Plan.

People have spent millions in Park City to live near dedicated open space. Park City legal department’s opinion is that it is not necessary to be "specific" when using dedicated space toward development.

Two members on City Council are up for re-election in the August City Council Primary (Cindy Matsomoto and Alex Butwinski). Both approved the use of dedicated open space to make the North Silver Lake Hotel significantly larger.

Please vote in the primary election on Tuesday and consider removing those that are willing to give open space and private property away tax-free to well-connected developers.


Lisa Wilson

Park City

Public needs to know about new S.R 224 hotel

Residents of Snyderville Basin:

The Snyderville Basin Planning Commission is holding a Public Hearing on Tuesday, Aug. 13 at 6 p.m. in the Sheldon Richins (County Library) Building to discuss a possible amendment approving a zoning change from mixed use (commercial / residential) to zoning that would allow a 100+ room hotel adjacent to Park City Nursery.

The land under consideration for the zoning change is the 5.35 acre parcel on the west side of State Road 224 just south of the Park City Nursery, just north of the Base Camp Plaza (where Trout Bum is located), and directly across the highway from the Snyder’s Mill marquee. A staff report is available at http://www.summitcounty.org.

I’d like to encourage anyone with an opinion on this zoning change to attend the public hearing and share your thoughts with the planning commission.

Randy Henry

Snyder’s Mill HOA Board of Trustees

Keep the incumbents in office

Dear editor:

In an off-year election, getting the vote out is hard enough, but an off-year primary — that’s almost painful! We have quite a selection of candidates for City Council this primary, which is another reason that every vote counts.

For the last four years, we have had one of the strongest, most cohesive City Councils that I can recall. I haven’t always agreed with Council — nor have they always agreed with me! But I like and respect Alex Butwinski and Cindy Matsumoto. They live and work by the highest principles. Their goals for Park City are realistic; and, they have worked tirelessly to attain them. They have proven records as successful representatives of Park City.

Please Vote! And when you do, please vote for the incumbents, Alex Butwinski and Cindy Matsumoto.

As Mother used to say, "If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!

Puggy Holmgren

Park City

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