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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 21-23, 2013

State ownership of federal land is bad idea

Dear Editor:

Did you know the state of Utah has sued the federal government in order to take ownership of 30 million acres of BLM and U.S. Forest Service land? The state would like to have local control. However, the state’s own legal counsel declared the land-transfer law has "a high probability of being declared unconstitutional." Talk about frivolous lawsuits!

Four academics are studying the economic impact of this land transfer. It will be difficult for these economists to assemble data. Why? Federal agencies do not divide their income or expenditures on a state-by-state basis. Michigan and Florida taxpayers support federal lands in Utah. So far no one is talking about how much Utah taxpayers would have to pay to support 30 million acres of federal land. Do you think that coal, oil-and-gas, oil-shale and tar-sands revenue could make up the difference?

The Utah Legislature has also slashed state support of the 43 Utah state parks by 50 percent in the last three years! The state parks cannot afford the estimated $50 million of maintenance and capital expenditures that are currently needed. I wonder how much support the state legislature would have for an additional 30 million acres of federal lands.

Utah ownership of federal lands is a bad idea.

Rick Ernst

Park City

Golfers hit fairways for Hope Alliance

Dear Editor:

The Hope Alliance extends our sincere appreciation for the incredible generosity from our 2013 Golf4Hope sponsors, auction donors, players, volunteers, and presenting sponsor, The Brenckle Family Foundation! Thanks to your support we had the most successful tournament in our seven-year history, at the Jeremy Golf and Country Club, allowing The Hope Alliance to continue its mission of empowering impoverished people to create positive and sustainable change in the lives of their families and communities, transforming critical needs into sustainable change.

The Golf Committee, led by Co-Chairs Ken Barfield and Derick Loyola and including Dr. Bill Larson, DDS, Glenn Artist, Patti Pavey, Ray Freer, Shannon Heringer, Stacey Wooley and Matt Lindon worked diligently on behalf of the people we serve. It was such a pleasure to work with each of you. Additional volunteers who made the tournament run smoothly included David and Carolyn Hedderly-Smith, Ellen Artist, Robin Larson, Vicky and Chris Davison, Ed and Ann Barfield, Sonu Gurung, Sylvia Goff, Don Swanson, Judy Tukuafu, Cindy Albrecht, Kym Meehan, Carol Igoe, Rosemary and Brooke Hullinger and the wonderful photos of foursomes by Marc Estabrook. For more Golf4Hope information, see http://www.thehopealliance.org. Thank you one and all it takes a village …

Melissa Caffey

The Hope Alliance

Positive partnership keeps PC sailing along

Dear Editor:

The Park Record coverage of Park City Sailing has proven to be one of our group’s most powerful communication tools. Without its reporting, our growth and community contributions would not be as well-recognized as they have become. At last week’s Park City Foundation grant-recipient breakfast, the word of our recent eight-boat donation was made known by many of our fellow nonprofits.

We would like to point out that in the recent article (Park Record, August 3) that the Wounded Warrior event was done through our relationship with the National Ability Center. This positive partnership with the center allows participants to enjoy sailing in conjunction with many of the other adaptive programs that the National Ability Center provides.

We believe the incredible collaborative spirit between organizations like the National Ability Center and Park City Sailing, as well as many other great organizations located in the area, is another reason why Park City was named by Outside Magazine as the best place to live.

Thank you, Park Record.

Ken Block

Vice president, Park City Sailing Association.

Library offers free cards to all county students

Dear Editor:

Summer is almost over, and Back to School is upon us once again. Before school starts, be sure you have the most important supply of all: a library card. The Park City Library offers a free library card to all students (ages 5 through 18) living in Summit County. The Park City Library is located at 1255 Park Avenue and is open seven days a week to help with whatever project is looming on the horizon.

This spring, the Park City Library opened the You Create Lab, a new resource for all students within our community. This new space encourages the development of 21st century skills, such as information, media, communications, and technology literacies, which are essential for today’s global economy.

To find out what is available at the Park City Library and how to get started, just give our librarians a call, and they will be happy to help you find all the resources you need to make this a great and successful school year!

For library programs and information, visit the website at parkcitylibrary.org or call 435-615-5600.

See you at the library,

Alison Butz

On behalf of The Park City Library Board

County needs to work with the money it has

Dear Editor:

I am a single mother, raising three children and going to school. I would like to once again purchase a home in this community after I graduate and get a full-time job. As housing prices, interest rates and property taxes rise, the prospect of owning a home becomes bleaker. Market forces determine home valuation, the Federal Reserve establishes interest rates, but there are five people on the Summit County Council who determine property taxes.

Claudia McMullin, the chair of the county council, supports a 50 percent increase in property taxes. Increasing taxpayers’ dollars does not equate with better-spent taxes. The financial problems exist because of ill-spent taxpayer dollars. More taxes will equate with more ill-spent taxpayer dollars. I feel the board needs to efficaciously allocate and restructure our existing taxpayer funds before once again crying "wolf" with our money in a meager economy that has just begun to turn.

Michelle Fogarty

Park City

Groups collaborate to host ‘One Book’ events

Dear Editor:

Thank you, Summit County Library, for hosting a fantastic "One Book-One Community" event.

This year, Summit County Library, Park City Library, Sundance Institute, Park City Education Foundation, Park City High School and Dolly’s Bookstore have collaborated to host events associated with the "One Book-One Community" program. Last week at Summit County Library, professor of Native American literature Katy Evans, along with her student from Westminster College, Meg Singer, described "One Book" author Sherman Alexie. As a Navajo Tribe member, Meg Singer gave a very personal and heartfelt analysis of Sherman’s book, "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian." Professor Evans gave a passionate, entertaining, and well- researched presentation of the book, "Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven." Evans also helped to illuminate the genius of Sherman Alexie, an author who, through his unique creative works, gives voice to the contemporary Native American experience.

In addition, as this year’s author-in-residence for Park City High School, Sherman Alexie will be coming to speak to students in September. Sundance Institute is sponsoring a community screening of "Smoke Signals," a film adaptation of a short story by Alexie. Filmmaker Chris Eyre and Sherman Alexie will be present for the screening and hold a Q and A.

More information about this year’s "One Book-One Community" events is listed on websites from the organizations mentioned above.

Sue Fassett

Manager, Dolly’s Bookstore

One Book-One Community committee member

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