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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 24-29, 2016


Tax increases needed to help fix traffic projects


The adage ‘The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change’ has certainly proven true for the last decade that my family and I have lived in Park City. But one of the most endearing aspects of this community, it that it residents, business owners, employees and leadership often band together for the good of the community. In fact, I think the spirit of cooperation is about as constant as change itself.

With pending ballot measures calling for two tax increases for transportation projects the leadership is on the right track. In my opinion, getting the community together to explore the details of the current and future transportation issues that the residents, business owners, employees and guests of Park City face daily is needed now. And as a resident, business owner, employer and occasionally a guest of this remarkable town, I enthusiastically commend effort to date and look forward the process.

Chris Eggleton
Park City

* * *

Artist has high praise for Kimball Arts Festival


After four years of visiting your beautiful town as one of the exhibiting artists at the Kimball Arts Festival, I think its important to let you know your town is one of our favorite places in the U.S. to visit. My wife and I always plan a few days of visiting before and after the festival.

As we exhibit at festivals all over the country and have been for years, Kimball Arts Festival is by far the best. This year the festival was rocked by theft but I trust the thieves have or will be captured. Artists hope every year to be able to participate in the festival and many of us are very grateful to be chosen. The staff and volunteers that help coordinate and make the show a huge success are very professional in following through.

As we are already making plans to visit Park City more than once a year we want you and your community to know what a wonderful hidden gem your town has been to us. Thank you for opening your doors to artists from around the globe and showing such great hospitality.

Richard Lorenz
Bella Vista, Arkansas

* * *

There are no excuses for late mail-in ballots


Regarding The Park Record editorial on Aug. 17 entitled: “Post offices should keep doors open for last-minute ballots,” there will always be people who wait until the last minute to act.

Postal hours have been the same for many years and every one knows what they are. To suggest that the postal service tailor their hours to accommodate the very few who wait until the regular postal hours close then want to have their deliberate lateness accepted is not the way adults should expect to be treated. We make allowances for children for this kind of behavior, not adults.

The very few ballots in question should be treated according to the law on timely mailing.

Vic Rainey
Park City

* * *

Camp teaches critical safety lessons


Camp Safety was held August 15-19, at the Temple Har Shalom. Camp Safety is a unique weeklong program created specifically to address important safety topics for children entering elementary school. This program is an amazing collaboration with the Summit County Attorney’s Office, the Summit County Children’s Justice Center, the Park City Police Department, the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, and the United Against Bullying Coalition. The campers had a fantastic time and learned crucial lessons about personal safety.

I am grateful and honored by the dedication and support of the Park City Police Department and the Fraternal Order of Police, the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, and the youth volunteers. The children interacted with public safety officials in a fun and learning environment. The temple and their incredible staff made Camp Safety a huge success as well. Thank you to Holy Cross Ministries for facilitating the attendance of many precious campers.

Our community is fortunate to have such passionate law enforcement, public safety personnel, and community members devoted to outreach and protecting our children.

Most importantly, the campers and their families made Camp Safety an awesome week!

Christina Sally, Investigator
Summit County Attorney’s Office

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