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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 17-19, 2014

PRPCHS Miners fans' behavior was an embarrassment


Our family recently moved from Park City, our home for 25 years, to the Kamas Valley. Most of the people that we’ve met in our new community are aware that we moved from Park City. Never have I been more embarrassed to admit that than last night, while attending the HS basketball game where South Summit played Park City.

The Miners were fun to watch with all of their three-pointers and tireless play but the student body fans were another thing entirely. Yes, they happily cheered on their team to a victory and that was admirable. But they also ridiculed the South Summit team, beginning with the "Boos" when they were introduced and with their chants of "Warm up the Tractor ," etc. while dressed as fat (stuffed overalls) farmers. One student even wore a horse head.

Luckily, the South Summit fans and team took the ridicule without incident, however, the SSHS cheerleaders appeared sad and disheartened by the mean-spirited chants.

Unfortunately, the PCHS student body is representing your town at sporting events. Wouldn’t it be nice if they presented themselves in a classier fashion?

Unlike Park City, that’s full of new-comers, the Kamas Valley has a rich heritage of multi-generations living nearby one another. Therefore, there were many grandparents in attendance to watch their grandchildren participating on the court. These grandparents were the ones getting to witness and feel this display of discourtesy.

Thoroughly embarrassed,

Cindy Ayers


* * *

Avoid being Scrooge, share good fortune


It’s that dark time again. Even the sun is in retreat. The nightly news seems to be replaying ‘The Empire of Humbug Strikes Back’ over and over, with few details rearranged. We’re in the middle of a post-Thanksgiving heat wave that, global warming or not, is giving our white Christmas major heart-burn. And though I don’t agree with the conspiracy theorists that say the TV weather guy is in league with the Devil, I can’t blame the ski-resort operators who’ve invited him to take his forecast straight to hell — in person.

With these modern ghostly omens prowling my fevered brain, like Mr. Scrooge, my winter’s nap is haunted by troubling doubts: Can Christmas 2014 be saved? Will the battlements of my own little castle, fortified as best I could with an array tiny light-sabers (they may be just a bunch of colored lights but they are LEDs), hold up against these forces of darkness? Will the three Spirits arrive in time?

As the clock strikes 12, I awaken, tangled in my bunny jammies, clinging to this thought: There seems to be a familiar year-end pattern emerging here. Perhaps, at last, the warm light of Christmas Present is about to peek over the horizon again, just as it has for thousands of Christmas’s Past. If Jimmy Stewart, The Muppets, George C. Scott, and Mr. Magoo could make it through their trials on film, then maybe we will too!

As the warm light of Christmas approaches in this otherwise cold, dark time (hopefully with a little snow in tow), may the words Charles Dickens uttered through Jacob Marley’s ghost crack the hardness of our hearts once again: "It is required of every man to walk abroad among his fellow men if not in life, then he must in death witness what he cannot share, but could have shared in life, and turned to happiness."

May we all be joyfully blessed once again by the light of Christmas, and share it generously, as Dickens hoped, with needy strangers, with the homeless, the lost and wayward, who hunger not only for food and shelter, but also for life-giving hope; which is always passed best hand-to-hand.

Merry Christmas to us all, and quoting Tiny Tim: "God bless us. Every one!"

Steve Lewis

Park City

* * *

Generous community offers a free vacation


Park City Staycation is a project that was created to meet people at their "point of need." Recognizing the high cost of living in Summit County, the goal of Park City Staycation is to provide a family a weekend of fun and to enjoy everything Park City has to offer. With donations from local businesses and venues, the project secured a location that would house the event, as well as gift cards and other necessities when planning a vacation.

The Leadership I class in Treasure Mountain Junior High would like to extend a big thank you to the following people and organizations:

-The Generous Faculty and Staff of Treasure Mountain Junior High

-Mr. Simmons and All Seasons Resort Lodging

-The Bill White Group

-The Families of Park City

-Teri Orr and the Park City Institute

-Our Park City Restaurant Community

We are grateful to live in a community that is generous. The donors listed, along with many others, ensured a happy holiday for a family in need.

Rose McLaughlin

Park City

* * *

Students’ Operation Hope spreads joy


Treasure Mountain Junior High School’s Leadership Class and Operation Hope would like to thank all the students and teachers who generously donated money and gifts. One of the teachers was so passionate about this cause she sold donuts and sodas to raise money.

The money donated went directly to the Christian Center and supplemented the gifts that were donated and allowed the Christian Center to purchase items families still needed.

Operation Hope ensures a happy holiday season for families in need. This year they offered a toy store where families’ could select gifts for their kids. Operation Hope helps 1,400 local kids who are living below the poverty line, those whose parents have lost their jobs or just have bad luck.

Once again we would like to thank all the people who helped Operation Hope and took that extra step to provide for the ones who deserve it.

Alex Sletta

Park City

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