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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 17-20, 2016, 2016

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Community meeting sends wrong message to Latinos


I suppose it is good and praiseworthy for the mayor and the Park City Police to meet with Latinos in a time of uncertainty, but they have very little of import to say. I found the messages they sent to Latinos a recent meeting at St. Mary’s Catholic Church — as reported by The Park Record — to be painfully nuanced and fundamentally misleading. Statements such as, Latinos are “members of the community,” or are “fundamental in the operation” of Park City, are truisms. At the same, they are vague and ambiguous. One cannot avoid wondering if the messages sent by the Mayor and Police were meant as much to prop themselves up as to benefit those receiving it. And, at least as reported, the meeting ignored the elephant in the room: what would Park City do if our immigration laws were enforced?

I submit that neither the mayor nor the police are prepared to answer that question. The mayor and the police do not know what enforcement steps, if any, will be taken. It is reckless to promise what might be done, should something unspecified happen. It is irresponsible to provide false hope to illegals. Better they should follow the advice of their own Consulate and be prepared. Further, it is irresponsible to threaten those who favor immigration law enforcement. We do not know what shape the future of immigration law enforcement might take.

I give high praise to Mexican consular agent Gabriel Gill, who was reported to say that his office counsels illegals to be prepared and to know the laws of their communities. Illegal Latino immigrants, whom I know, are well aware that knowledge and preparation, not reliance upon vain assertions of good will, is the best course of action.

Rob Baker
Park City

* * *

BRANDed PC drew an enthusiastic crowd

WOW! Last Thursday night Park City demonstrated our arts-and-culture community is not only a showcase of world-class artists and performers. We celebrated our own local artists and entrepreneurs who have their roots in our diverse culture.

This three-day pop up shop produced by the Park City Summit County Arts Council showcased a different side of that culture. We experienced the authentic fabric that helps define who we are. It was a gallery-meets-editorial spotlight meets matchmaker between the community and local creatives. There were clothing designers, jewelers, toys, hand-made chocolates, and even a local coffee roaster inspired by her pet.

All offered examples of their work. There was music by DJ Matty Mo, conversation and networking, all in a space that a little over two weeks ago was just an empty shell. It was transformed into a gallery of our neighbors’ work.

The participants did five-minute Lightning Talks about themselves and their work. The diversity was amazing. The atmosphere was electric. The mannequin challenge was fun. We did it as a proof of concept and there is no doubt that it worked.

Those who were unable to participate can’t wait to be a part of the next event. It could not have occurred without the generosity of our title sponsors, alphagraphics, Mountain Town Music, Born in PC and an assortment of light bites provided by local restaurants. And of course all of our great volunteers made it happen, proving again what we all know — we live in a great place.

In the meantime, if you missed it, as the Brits say, “watch this space.” We’ll be doing it again.

Alex Butwinski
Park City Summit County Arts Council

* * *

RESULTS: Creating the political will to end hunger and poverty


The current rhetoric on Capitol Hill is the “new” administration will waste no time attempting to make radical changes to America’s social safety net, threatening to dismantle programs that allow millions of people to make ends meet every year. There are gross misunderstandings mulling around regarding these programs that have a proven track record and all types of empirical evidence that what RESULTS has been successfully lobbying for, for decades, works!

My personal testimony: I grew up in poverty and were it not for the “Food Stamp Program”, now SNAP, I would have never received the proper nutrition that a child needs to develop their mind and body. Consequently I may have never received an education that allowed me to pull myself out of poverty and now, in turn, passionately fight for those less fortunate.

The families needing assistance are productive members of society and by no means shirkers of their dues and duties.

I emphatically urge our national legislative body to educate, with resounding clarity, the incoming administration, to “Keep America Great,” by making things better, not worse, for hard-working Americans!

Michael W. K. Brown
Salt Lake City

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