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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 17-20, 2016, 2016

Submissions from Park Record Readers


Festival of Trees nurtures Park City thanks to many Parkites


Our community of Park City is a better place because of the many non-profit organizations that help shape our character. On behalf of those many non-profits, the Park City Rotary Club thanks the community for its support and engagement in our recent Giving Tree Festival. Hundreds of people participated in the two-week Parade of Trees, helping raise nearly $25,000 for 20 local causes.

In just the second year of Rotary’s management of the Giving Tree Festival, we saw a huge increase in community awareness of both the Parade of Trees and the causes represented by our local non-profits. Over 200 engaged community members went from local business to business viewing the trees and having their maps stamped. Many more participated in the online auction.

The Park City Rotary Club is proud to be a part of our community, with events like Giving Tree Festival, Miners’ Day and others serving as a means of supporting the great place we live. A special thanks to Thea Leonard and Treasure Mountain Inn, Katie Perhai and Carolyn Wawra for design and website, Ben Pieper and Point Productions for the wonderful photography and KPCW and the Park Record for the extensive coverage.

Thank you Park City for your participation! We look forward to bringing the event back again next holiday season. Look for more information at http://www.givingtreefestival.org.

Robert Holmes
President, Park City Rotary Club

* * *

Diesel buses need to be retired


Man, I must say that Park City is way behind the curve when it comes to diesel vehicles. There are so many diesel busses that go around Deer Valley that you get that diesel fume trail all day long. It is disgusting. Plus that free bus going up and down Main Street is the same thing. I’ve lived here since 1992 and nothing has been done. 25 years.

Cities around the world are starting to ban diesel vehicles. Can’t we do something to ban them too? And I mean NOW. Not another 25 years from now!

David G. Clark
Park City

* * *

Before approving more projects, consider long-term impacts


With no disrespect meant to the hard working teams on the Park City and Summit County Planning Commissions, it seems that development in the Western side of the County is going through an ‘approval’ process more than a ‘planning’ process. Without a doubt, Park City is an incredible asset for the community and the county and as such we must be both direct and forward-thinking in our approach to growth. One thing we know is that there are only two roads in and out of the town. There is only so much infrastructure to handle the current load and future development, only so much water, only so many schools, only so much capacity.

Starting with that, what do we think Park City will look like in 10 years? In 20 years? In 50 years? If we start there, and work backwards, it would help us to be sure that the “planning” being done now is consistent with where we want our community to be in those out years. Without a real vision for the future, we will let todays’ development approval process dictate what that future will look like. And we may not like the result.

With so many major projects seeking approvals — Treasure, Woodward, Bonanza and more — it is time to stop, take a serious look at a long-term plan and drive a process that supports that long-term plan.

Jim Arnold
Park City

* * *

City and county leaders say thanks for voter support


Thank you, Summit County and Park City voters; Park City Chamber/Bureau; the lodging and realtor associations; and Deer Valley and Park City Mountain! And thank you to all of the other individuals and businesses who mobilized and supported our “Let’s
Move” transportation ballot propositions!

We are humbled by the trust you have placed in us, and the overwhelming community support for funding transportation and transit improvements in Summit County. This support will bolster our ability to enhance services that better reflect your needs, as well as the needs of our employees and visitors.

We must remember that the transportation challenges facing Summit County and Park City are no accident. In most cases, they are the reward of a decades-long effort by community members working to build a robust resort economy, all the while protecting what makes us special—small-town values and an exceptional quality of life. But success brings challenges. And just like it took decades for our success to bloom, it will require an equal amount of time and hard work to mitigate these challenges.

Moving forward, we encourage you to continue to engage with us about ways to improve your transit and transportation systems. One way to follow our progress and the allocation of your sales tax dollars is to visit http://www.LetsGoSummit.com.

Working together, we are confident we can keep Summit County and Park City moving in the right direction. Thank you, again, for all of your support.

Roger Armstrong
Summit County Council Chair Jack Thomas
Park City Mayor

* * *

Community meeting sends wrong message to Latinos


I suppose it is good and praiseworthy for the mayor and the Park City Police to meet with Latinos in a time of uncertainty, but they have very little of import to say. I found the messages they sent to Latinos in last Friday’s meeting at St. Mary’s Catholic Church — as reported by The Park Record — to be painfully nuanced and fundamentally misleading. Statements such as, Latinos are “members of the community,” or are “fundamental in the operation” of Park City, are truisms. At the same, they are vague and ambiguous. One cannot avoid wondering if the messages sent by the Mayor and Police were meant as much to prop themselves up as to benefit those receiving it. And, at least as reported, the meeting ignored the elephant in the room: what would Park City do if our immigration laws were enforced?

I submit that neither the mayor nor the police are prepared to answer that question. The mayor and the police do not know what enforcement steps, if any, will be taken. It is reckless to promise what might be done should something unspecified happen. It is irresponsible to provide false hope to illegals. Better they should follow the advice of their own Consulate and be prepared. Further, it is irresponsible to threaten those who favor immigration law enforcement. We do not know what shape the future of immigration law enforcement might take.

I give high praise to Mexican consular agent Gabriel Gill, who was reported to say that his office counsels illegals to be prepared and to know the laws of their communities. Illegal Latino immigrants, whom I know, are well aware that knowledge and preparation, not reliance upon vain assertions of good will, is the best course of action.

Rob Baker
Park City

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