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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 19-22, 2015

Teacher lauds Hatch for vote on education bill


With last week’s passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), there is much to celebrate. Thank you Senator Hatch for being our lone vote in a sea of universal bipartisan support. A victory for Utahns, the ESSA begins the process of returning trust and professionalism to the classroom.

As a Utah teacher (and UEA Board of Directors, NEA State Director), I see our education system being overrun by partisan and political conversations that seem to be moving further away from schools and classrooms. The voices of teachers and parents — those closest to our students — have been drowned out by political agendas and excessive regulations coming out of Washington. Students have suffered under the impossible mandates and overemphasis on testing of No Child Left Behind (NCLB). Though not a perfect bill, ESSA changes the federal government’s role in education from one of imposing restrictive mandates to one that empowers decision-making authority to those closest to students.

Thank you, Senator Hatch, for placing students first. Thank you for supporting the ESSA which gives us renewed autonomy to decide what is best for our students and for supporting the removal of most of the federal impositions and mandates we have experienced under NCLB.

Today, we celebrate. Tomorrow, the work begins.

Heidi Matthews M.Ed.

Treasure Mountain Junior High Library Media, UEA Board of Directors

* * *

Before subsidizing bus to Heber, help Silver Creek


I applaud the improvements to the Park City and Summit county bus system and think they are a wonderful improvement. Now there is talk of a bus to Heber. This is also a great improvement.

I see one very large omission in all of this. There is still no bus service to the Silver Creek neighborhood. We pay the same county bus related taxes as everyone else, we have a very large well developed bus stop, we have many residents who would use the bus but still we cannot be given bus services.

We have been told many things including that the busses cannot travel via US 40. With the talk of a Heber bus that appears to be non-issue. This discriminating policy needs to be changed.We should receive the same services as other residents of this area of the county.

Please bring the busses to Silver Creek so that we can use them and help to alleviate our worsening traffic situation.

Garry Vargo

Park City

* * *

Sense of entitlement can cost lives


While I generally appreciate opposing opinion as a subject for healthy debate and dialogue, I take issue with Ms. Hales’ statement that the disciplinary action for her son demonstrated that "Vail is really saying that they cater to tourists and prefer our local teenagers be kicked off the mountain rather than be accountable for their mistakes."


Unfortunately, every year we see mortalities of folks who have skied "out of bounds." Some are not found until the spring thaws. In my opinion, her comments suggest "entitlement" in her opening statement.

Like it or not, the fact is that most of the skier-days in the Park City-Canyon areas in the future will not be locals; they will be "tourists." Mountain operators have an obligation to enforce rules regardless of who (living in Park City or in Boston) they will affect. In that way, the health and safety of all is maximized.

If her sons choose to violate rules, they should seek different venues on alternate terrain rather than have Mom complain the system disenfranchises them.

Scott Martin, MD

Park City and St. Louis, Mo.

Please support funding for Alzheimer’s research


There are a few moments in life when we can be a part of changing history. If you choose, that moment is now knocking at your door. This week a bill was introduced in Congress which includes an historic increase of $350 million per year for Alzheimer’s research. IF this funding is signed into law, hundreds of our nation’s leading Alzheimer’s researchers will have the resources to conduct studies that could yield the missing clues for treatments and care breakthroughs we’ve seen with other diseases. This increase in funding will allow critical work to move forward, bringing us much closer to improvements in care and treatment, and ultimately bring an end to this devastating disease.

Alzheimer’s is the sixth leading cause of death in the US, and takes the lives of 500,000 people each year. It is the only disease among the top 10 killers that cannot be prevented, cured or even slowed. We all know people and families who are struggling with Alzheimer’s or a related dementia. Take time now to contact Senators Lee and Hatch and your Representative Bishop, Stewart, Chaffetz or Love. Ask them to support this funding. Let your voice be heard! Change history today!

Ronnie Daniel, executive director

Alzheimer’s Association, Utah Chapter

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